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*£999 Special* Modulus Quantum 5SS (w/Mono Case) *£999 SPECIAL*

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Hello, everyone. 1f642.png

Have you been wanting a Modulus but don't want to pay a silly amount for one? Looking for that famed and sweet sound (quite literally in the name) that cuts through any mix like a hot knife through butter? This Modulus is up for sale and could be yours. The Mono case in the pictures is also included in the price. The bass itself is in near mint condition and of course, I'd be happy to supply additional photos at your request since Imgur compresses the living bejeeesus out of these ones. I'll supply much better quality pictures if you so wish.

International shipping and all of that fun can be arranged. If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask. I'm open to offers and some trades (Yamaha TRB5PII, Sadowsky M24, other tasty 5 string etc). I'm based out of West Sussex and would be happy to arrange to meet up. Thanks for reading, y'all! 




35" Scale Length

65/66mm bridge string spacing










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I have no need for another bass, but if I did a Modulus at this price point is a steal, cracking deal.

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I agree . I'm a real Modulus fan boy , but I think that the string spacings are too narrow for me on these Quantum 5's - I like 18-19 mm

Killer bass , and killer deal

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19 hours ago, owen said:

Ummm.... why is this still here?

Indeed, at this price this should have flown out the door. 

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Might sound daft/obvious but how do you set the intonation?  It doesn't look like there is a adjuster bolt; do you slide them forward back and then string tension holds the string in place?

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