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  1. My bands website https://www.jacksabbath.co.uk Created by our singer,no idea how or what with but I think he's done a damn good job. The post below jolted my memory. Our was made with Wix too & apparently was easy to do plus is cheap to run.
  2. Do you use a compressor ? I find my EBS MULTICOMP really fattens up the tone,especially on its tube sim mode. My G&L jazz has really meaty sounding pickups & gives me a lovely warm vintage P ish tone which is perfect in my black sabbath tribute band. I run the neck pickup on full,bridge pickup on 3/4 & tone rolled off to 3/4. I always play close to the neck & never further back than over the neck pickup. My GK MB800 Fusion I run totally flat with the contour rolled fully anti clockwise,with gain up to give a little dirt.
  3. Any thing made by G&L is always a good bet too.
  4. Norman Watt Roy blew the speaker in my Ashdown 1x15 cabinet many years ago when my old band supported Wilco at Fibbers in York.
  5. Nickel wound Elixir's for me in my Sabbath tribute band,great tone & easy players. Never been to keen on flat wound strings & I have tried lots of brands over the years.
  6. Not in the UK but Duke basses are very good indeed & do some lovely custom work. I had a very nice one that I compared to another BC members blast cult & mine was a much nicer bass,even the other guy agreed with me on that.
  7. Hope you sort it matey. My 3 stingrays where over an 11 year period going through 3 different rigs & I never managed to sort it out with eq adjustments,but I didn't use a compressor then so hopefully that will fix it for you.
  8. [quote name='petetexas' timestamp='1503584148' post='3359395'] Hi artisan.................. Just purchased a used Sytingray ( made 2015 ), and it also has the quiet G sting ( Tried Eball , Fender, Rotosound stings ) still quiet . What is the pickup pole piece mod ? Pete [/quote] Hi Pete Basically you just push the pole pieces on the A & D strings down so they are level with the others. If you type it into YouTube there are a couple of videos on there. I was a bit rougher though & just pushed them down with the pick-up still mounted in the bass. It helped a little but not enough for me,so away it went. The Nordstrand pick-up didn't make any real difference either. It's a real shame as they are beautiful basses,judicious compressor use may help a bit too but I have only just discovered how useful they are. Hope you get sorted Neil
  9. I love stingrays & have owned three,a 2 band,a 3 band & recently a classic. All where lovely to play & beautifully made but each one had a very week G string that sounded fine solo but got lost in a live mix. Tried the pick-up pole piece mod & even changed to a Nordstrand pick-up,all to no avail. Maybe it's just me,but I never have this problem with anything else.
  10. [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1503560477' post='3359081'] The boy's not wrong! [/quote] Indeed he isn't. It's a revelation to me after 38 years of playing & also being one of the "I don't use pedals" crew. I always struggled to get the bass tone I was looking for only to find it's in a pedal. You live & learn,never say never 😁
  11. I'm using a Gallien Krueger MB800 Fusion into a single Barefaced Big Baby 2 & couldn't be happier. The only thing I'd like to add is another BB2 some time. This combination is the best rig I have ever played through & I certainly don't want for power in my black sabbath tribute band.
  12. Just got in from rehearsal & I have to say "Wow" The EBS multicomp has totally amazed me,I just love the fat punchy tone I had through the studios well hammered Ashdown MAG300 combo. Usually it sounds sh*te but tonight it sounded great,love this compressor to bits. I was playing classic black sabbath tunes & nailed it,every note far punchier than i have ever had. Highly recommended,I really wish I'd bought one years ago. If anyone cares my settings were 😁 Comp/limit just past 2 o'clock Gain at 10 o'clock Tube sim Rich warm bass bliss
  13. I tried a couple of compressors out at gear4music on Saturday & ended up buying an EBS multicomp. I really like the tube sim setting but won't find out how it works in a band situation until tomorrow evening. I'm hoping it all make my live sound more clear & punchy,it certainly sounded good in the store
  14. Nowt wrong with my BB2,I'm still loving it to bits. In fact it still amazes me every time I use it.
  15. Just got back in from rehersal & my word this thing kicks ass,where some jazz basses can sound a little thin this baby has a really meaty punch,you'd almost think it was active. For me it just blows my old stingray classic away & I can now hear every note I play,including the G string. Happy me. I'll try & post some pics tomorrow evening
  16. I'm glad I got this on Saturday then,otherwise you may have nabbed it first 😀
  17. [quote name='gthyni' timestamp='1502576979' post='3352333'] lovely. Love my old L1000 and are craving for a better Jazz Bass. How is the neck profile on those compared to a Fender American Professional (which I feel very confy with)? [/quote] Hi I've never played a fender american professional so I can't compare,sorry. It is a very nice neck though,G&L #8,it reminds me of an overwater jazz bass I had a while back.( except the G&L has a perfect body to neck joint,unlike the shoddy amateurish one on the overwater "hand made" bass)
  18. [quote name='scalpy' timestamp='1502576213' post='3352323'] Congratulations, can't wait to see the pics. Drew sold me my lb100 a few months back and I can't put it down still! [/quote] The red one I remember drooling over that bass,I was frantically trying to sell my double bass at the time so I could buy it. Congrats to you on your lovely bass
  19. Ok I know,I'll post some pics when I can 😁 Just been to see Drew at GBBL to trade my stingray classic for his beautiful USA G&L JB. Finished in 3tsb/rosewood + tort' By 'eck it's lovely,So easy to play compared to the stingray & sounds really good. They really nailed that vintage J bass tone & the build quality is exemplary,I mean it's perfect. Can't wait to get home a play with it (I may even play my bass too 😁) So chuffed
  20. I had a Kilo & while it sounded immense, sadly it didn't do so for long. Had it repaired' then a couple of gigs later it died again. The most unreliable amp I have ever owned,zero backup from hartke ( it was brand new) so not for me.
  21. [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1502289222' post='3350487'] Well its a question of where you would move it to. BD has a small car-park shared with some other units. My experience of the place is that it's basically gridlock during the week (vehicles on grass verges, delivery trucks blocking the narrow roads etc). Moving beyond the shop's slots means leaving. Asking a customer to move out of the customer parking doesn't seem like much of a business strategy. [/quote] +1 Especially when that customer is likely to drop a large wedge on a new bass. Totally unacceptable,if I did that to a customer here I'd get a proper bollocking. It's just bad manners
  22. Trades? I have a nice musicman stingray classic 4
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