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  1. I find it odd that there is such a strong reaction to pitch correction but not to quantising. One is to correct imperfections in pitch and the other to correct imperfections in timing. Arguably, fixing the timing has a much bigger impact on the groove and feel of a song so could be considered the bigger sin. By the same token, we use dozen of effects on guitar and bass, so why shouldn't vocalists? Sure, it's a matter of taste and some consider that it gets overused, so why isn't distortion/overdrive considered overused when it is far more prevalent? I'm not entirely sure of my own feelings on the matter, so I am just trying to keep an open mind.
  2. I used to have the same problem, but now I use the EarSoft Level plugin, it is a compressor/limiter for your browser.
  3. I have one of these and agree that it is a great amp but it was a long time before I read the manual properly and found out about the unusual eq controls. The bass and treble are active but the mids are passive only, so when the control are all set the flat the response is nothing like flat.
  4. I saw the Rolling Clones a few years back. I don't know if they are still gigging.
  5. They're not free everywhere, but you'll never have to pay more than £1. However, they don't fold up so hard to get in the back of a Fiesta
  6. I was in a band that switched to the Behringer version of these on top of mic stands. There were 2 main benefits: 1. Getting them closer to your ears mean they don't need to be so loud reducing overall stage volume. 2. You get loads of floor space back. They are both off the floor and tiny. In my view, spot monitors are the best solution if you don't want to go with IEM.
  7. I use a combination of Mobile Sheets and iRealPro on my Android tablet. If it is just chord charts then I prefer iRealPro, because it is dead easy to transpose songs at the drop of a hat. But for stuff that has to be PDF then that's when I break out Mobile sheets.
  8. I know this is too late now, but has anyone tried these?: https://www.thomann.de/gb/doepfer_mbp25_elektronik_mit_1_pedal.htm
  9. [quote name='Delberthot' timestamp='1501666762' post='3346325'] ... no one wants to go to a pub and hear Sex On Fire or All right Now every week. [/quote] Actually, yes they do. It's us that don't want to play it every week in every band we play in and hear it again when we have a night off and go to see a band
  10. We play it, it is an easy crowd pleaser. And yes, it changes key 2 times, each time up a semitone.
  11. I would try plugging into one amp, then taking the effects send of that amp and plugging into the other either through the input or the effect return depending on if you want to use the preamp section of the second amp. Of course this only works if your amps have effects loops.
  12. I really like the aesthetics of that unit, shame they had to ruin it with those 6 massive screws.
  13. Not a book, but I found this website very helpful when I did my Grade 5 theory. https://www.mymusictheory.com/
  14. I think if used to refer to all guitarists then it is disrespectful at the least, although I've always thought it referred to the specific type of guitarist that has no awareness of the rest of the band. What I find much more offensive is the ginger bashing that seems so prevelant these days. It's almost as if people have finally accepted that it is wrong to abuse people based on the colour of their skin so have moved on to the colour of their hair. Where next, the colour of their eyes?
  15. [quote name='Nicko' timestamp='1489668467' post='3258783'] Done. Was anyone else surprised by the proposed charging structure or more to the point the percentage cut proposed to maintain the service? [/quote] Done, but agree with Nicko. The options seem to be paying commission AND a monthly fee, in my mind it should be one or the other but the options did not allow for this.
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