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  1. MIDI foot keyboard

    [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1501961914' post='3348534'] Yes, it holds. When I do the wall I also sing and play bass, so I just have to jab the pedals every so often when I want to change chord. I have the midi expander, it works fine, but I go straight to an iPad, which uses the korg iM1 for everything, so it is just USB. [/quote] Ace! Perfect. Yeah, the Korg is old, I wish I could get the same sound on an iPad it would be perfect. Thank you very much for that mate!
  2. MIDI foot keyboard

    and they can be set to 'hold' until the next note is played? Thanks for that mate! Now, the Behringer FCB1010 has some aftermarket software I've seen, can that be programmed the same does anyone know? It's just cheaper and if I don't end up getting a mellotron or something similar, I'm not over spending for gear I don't necessarily need. I'd also need to buy the Kieth McMillen midi expander, the footprint is good but dunno if it's worth paying the extra if the fcb1010 covers my needs. Thanks again!
  3. MIDI foot keyboard

    [quote name='hrnn1234' timestamp='1501953594' post='3348473'] I don't know if this resembles what you're looking for, but I fiund it interesting and might give it a go myself http://electronicmelodist.blogspot.co.at/2014/01/one-evening-project-easy-midi-bass.html?m=1 [/quote] Haha I did think about adapting the keyboard and stamping on that, I'll end up stamping too hard! The more I read I have seen you can get editors for the FCB1010 and the 12 step, I'm struggling to understand if I can program the first 3 pedals to hold notes C A & F, the next two pedals to hold notes E & F but an octave up... If it all works out well, I'm going to purchase a mellotron to add strings n' what not to our live shows without employing mr pro tools. Hate bands playing to backing tracks. People pay to see us play our tracks live, not along with backing tracks.
  4. MIDI foot keyboard

    By mp113/7, I was referring to the two models of the studiologic mp113 and mp117. I also got the Keith McMillan product names mixed up. Sorry about that! See, soup already! I found with the 12 step and the studiologic (from videos and other people's written experiences) you have to press select for a period of time, then octave or transpose and then if you want to sift up or down. It sounds like I might need to buy some tap dancing shoes with these two products just to shift octave of the keys. There'll be no pre programmed anything, I want to press the note of 'C' and it play that note on the Korg. BUT hold the note for as long as it lasts so I can prepare to step on the next note with no sound dropping out. be it a single kick drum or a continuous synth string sound. Then the note to change when I press the next note. I thought this may be a feature on a midi foot pedal not the Korg itself. Then be able to just press octave up or down and carry on playing, rather than pressing select, octave up, next note.... I can do it on midi keyboards I have, but finding this in a foot fortmat seems to be rather complicated! Thanks for you time and effort in responding though!!!
  5. MIDI foot keyboard

    'Ow do?! Done as much reading as I can but I physically turn to soup when it comes midi, so any help would be well appreciated! I have a Korg x5d that my band uses 1 sound in 1 song. We wanna get it in live without getting a pissed mate on stage to play it and inevitably f*** it up. I have seen the soft step 12 and studiologic mp-113/7 as options, but I need to change octaves without having to press several keys. Never done this before, I struggle playing bass, never mind singing and keyboards at the same time as well! I have read mixed views on the Behringer FCB1010 have saying no half saying yeah. And that it can be programmed to play whatever notes you want. Not just 1 octave. This would be mint because they are so cheap. If these can trigger continuous notes as well as control my LE Bass, it would be mighty swell. Also, id like to just hit a pedal and it continually play the note until the next pedal is stamped on. Confused.com! Thanks, Dan.
  6. Two Notes Le Bass preamp

    Two Notes have just told me Le Bass for some reason doesn't get along with TRex power supplies. Definitely sticking with the Le Bass too though, it sounds amazing! So versatile, and the cab sim works perfectly when you're running ampless or through a dodgy house bass rig and don't want that sound out front. So anyone wanna buy a TRex chameleon? Ha!
  7. Line6 HD500(x) with the Bass?

    I recently tried one of these out for bass. In the shop through a powered full range pa speaker, it sounded ace. When I got back and ran it through the pa with my band, and into the power amp in on my SVT, it sounded shocking. There are loads of better sounding dedicated pre amps and effects for cheaper imho.
  8. Two Notes Le Bass preamp

    I purchased one from andertons a few days ago, sounds amazing! After one rehearsal and one gig, loads of positive feedback from people. But I'm also experiencing some power problems 😩 With its own power supply it's fine (apart from the headphone out, always noisey, but not a feature I'm fussed about) I have the TRex Chameleon (no current doubler yet to feed its 500ma) so I swapped with our singer for his TRex Classic and plugged into the 12v 500ma output, there's a low constant hum, almost a low feedback tone, never experienced this before (gets louder on channel B and louder still in Hot Fusion) Gutted! I'm off to the USA playing a few gigs next week, and wanted to use the TRex 110volt switch (to also power my tuner) rather than having to buy a step up voltage increaser. Top marks for the tone and cab sim (works amazin to keep the distortion under control when di'ed straight to pa) but read a lot of people having power issues. Lastly, im not athletic on stage, but by no means a shoe gazer. I have had some difficulty with the switching, especially while singing and playing. Something I'm getting used too, but I cut the pedal off rather than going from hot fusion mode to channel B a few times. I wasn't 100% on buying the pedal off the limited videos online and lack of local music shops stocking them, but sound wise, what an amazing pedal! Oh, and I think it's a better idea not having the cab sim (mixture of 8x10 and hartke 4x10 with horn so Two Notes told me) on the Jack output. It won't give you a true sound out your amp to the DI.
  9. Wet/Dry rigs...

    I have thought about chucking a guitar amp in there, but I'm already pushing my luck with moving my Ampeg rig about as I'm the only band member now that doesn't drive! haha im going to just buy bits every now and again and see how far I get. What's the tracking like on the POG2 vs the Little POG on just using the octave up?
  10. Wet/Dry rigs...

    Ahh got my rig, on to Ampeg now from Orange. just a few more peggles to purchase. I'm after tone I got in the studio, plus some pitch trickery. No stereo things goin on, just a mint blend of direct clean, maybe chuck a sansamp in there, and my filthy pedals as a second chain. Maybe a third chain for more control over pitch. If it'll sound like arse through 1 amp though I'm not gonna bother. Don't trust most sound engineers to mix my sound haha.
  11. Wet/Dry rigs...

    If only we could all afford 3 SVT's eh?!
  12. 2 signals into 1

    Palmer Duetto. High quality stuff they do. No signal loss. thinking about getting one myself. They advertise it as 2 guitars into one amp, but I'm thinking about adding it somewhere in my effect chain. They told me it will work without phase issues. You might get this if you use simple Y cables (along with a crapy signal). Unfortunately, something this simple, you don't wanna cheap out on. Or your signal will really suffer.
  13. Wet/Dry rigs...

    How do folks?! Not 100% where this is supposed to be posted BUT, can the 'Royal Blood' sound be created using effectloops with blend control or various signal splitters & mergers through just ONE amp or will it just sound rubbish? I wanna create a wet/dry rig with 1 amp so I san give the sound engineers 1 d.i. signal and I can mix/monitor my clean/dirt/effected sounds through my amp on stage. Worth trying before I spend a fortune on gear only to realise more amps are the war forward? Ta!
  14. Recommend me a DI

    Your tone is only as strong as your weakest link. Buying a £500 + d.i. Won't make much difference to a £20 d.i box through a budget pa. That said, I have an Active Radial J48 on my pedalboard. It's in my tech spec to Studios, festivals and decent venues. My d.i 99 times in 100 is used instead of theirs. Ground lift, -15 DB Pad for high level's through to the desk, polarity switch if you have a mic so both signals are in phase. Can also merge the input and thru for a stereo input to mono out if you really wanted. Better yet, Radail JDX, amp head to JDX to cab. Active line to desk. Done. Has a pad and polarity switch also. Doesn't mess with ohm's. Win.
  15. Ampeg "bridged cable"

    http://youtu.be/iH0kVA-ZvPQ It's actually +1 - +2 Didn't realise it was that simple to make em. Only just found this particular video. Sort of answers my question too. A mono bridged cable from the amp to cab 1, then a normal decent speaker cable will be fine from cab to cab.