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  1. The OP is talking about going between 4 and 5 string due to adjusting to different spacing. I refer you to this: " I am now considering selling/swapping the 5 string for the SRH500 four string fretless with 19mm spacing.". This is what I'm referring to, not to the difference in string spacing of basses of the same number of strings.
  2. Better is quite a vague word open to interpretation. It doesn't make you better in that you will automatically mentally absorb scales and modes like a boss and become magically adept at walking basslines by playing it, but it will mean that it helps force your mental processes stay alert as you have to remap the fretboard for your playing. Better than becoming a 5 string box squatter.
  3. It's always good to stay fluid so that you can switch between different basses more easily. It makes you a better and more versatile bassist.
  4. I've still got the box set up in the loft of all the CDs he'd ever released. That was shortly before I started using streaming.for a while.
  5. Is it neoprene? Not sure if you're asking about the type of foam or what.
  6. It could be fret buzz on the next fret up. If you raise the saddle slightly then the buzz will 'travel' up the fretboard until saddles are high enough. May indicate frets that aren't as level as they could be but I'm not entirely sure.
  7. Without the pickguard, I would think it's only half a ray. I assume that's why people buy them - for their iconic nature.
  8. I don't suppose you have a link to it, do you?
  9. If he had a bass in the shape of a flower, things may have been different. Bez was a curiosity as there weren't many bands with front stage maracas. Perhaps more people remember them for Bez than they do Shaun Ryder.
  10. I used to be into the Mondays in my younger days along with much of the Madchester scene. I went to see(technically correct, if it wasn't for the size of the venue and were I was) them in the Midlands in the 90s. I used to have a pills thrills n bellyache poster on my wall. They were always a lot more funky than the other more rock based Madchester scene, and may have been the reason why they were among my faves. Almost literally down the road from there in the Newland Av area, there lived(at least while they were drinking) that guy from the Beautiful South on Grafton St.
  11. Use floating thumb. It means your technique stays consistent for when you change between basses of different strings.
  12. Nice! I was considering the MM M2 when I was looking out for a replacement for my main 4 string, but opted for the HB B-450 instead. The Sire M2 are good value for money and really lightweight
  13. I prefer to add essence of TLD. I don't really like to copy word for word and note for note because it's worthless if it's the same, but has value if it's given a slant. The whole point of me playing someone else's track is to learn from it in some way, so if I play it exactly then I'm no better than a robot doing a perfect rendition.
  14. That was addressed in the first post: both camps are each half right. It's nuanced, not one or the other.
  15. I'm not getting ads, but when I enable javascript I see ads for Elixir "bass arpeggios".
  16. I'm surprised the serial number is shown.
  17. I thought about that, but I came to the conclusion that I didn't. I have a 4 string fretless and a 6 string fretless, so a 5 string fretless is a waste because it adds nothing of value. I can't think of even one situation where I would ever need to choose a 5 string fretless above a 4 or 6 string. Money saved 🏧🚫
  18. I don't need any more basses. I have 2 six strings (fretted and fretless), 1 five string fretted, now 4 four strings (1 fretted, 1 fretless, 1 long in the tooth and the other, a boat anchor to be sold after covid). I may buy an inexpensive HB or Gear4Music short scale for experimental purposes sometime. Other than that, no potential GAS. There could still be some purchases on the horizon, such as some recording equipment.
  19. Some people in the street behind me having it out
  20. I briefly used those Olympia flatwounds for around £15, but while the G, D, and A were consistent in tone, the E was decidedly off and dead in tone. May have just been some QC with my set.
  21. I guess for the same reason why some couples divorce rather than having a temporary separation. Lots of musicians want to go and do their own thing or they've got other irons in the fire.
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