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  1. Started watching, love em of course but that reunion tour just seemed lame somehow....Blackmore throwing water at stage hands...not cool....switched to Beeb4 Boy George...his voice has gone but he's a cultural icon rarely seen live, it wins the night for me, grt tunes too.
  2. Oh forgot mention even tho Im a die hard funkster soul type....that Ampegy intro to the Damneds Love Song......full of clangy goodness. Peachy.
  3. Now you've gone and done it and your dead right....That's Y forums like this are kinda odd really constantly worrying bout this and that. As you say no-one on the floor cares....all they know is that that mushy low drone they can hear is neither here nor there...its just a bassy drone.
  4. Hate to tell the truth but to a certain degree this is the only thing that matters. Ive played in bands where no one really cared to much what I was playing and we were doing tasty funky poppy stuff...As long as I hit some key notes, played a confident groove and chucked in any old lines I deemed appropriate all was well......Never go to an audition thinking you need to impress unless the band ask for it.. What counts is attitude and personality and a modicum of ability
  5. Total thread hijack...I make no apology....That flippin solo is up there with anything anyone ever wrote including Beethoven tho I do wish Mr Pratt would quietly stand back as per his band mates, its the Dave show not the Guy show.
  6. Bang on. I some times think how scary it is that we have all these fancy bass companies getting peeps to part with massive wads of cash...yet when the dirt hits the fan and the joint is pumping everyone is gonna dig that simple tone, whether ur playing clangy rounds or like me cold dead old flats a P will fill the air with thunder.
  7. Me too. Beautifully made instruments, Bought one in 1980 played it all thru the eighties....the usual summer hols, summer camp hotel type gigs...funky pop etc...but it always felt like eating chocolate without any sugar or fat....needless to say a dive into P bass world cured my cravings. I've tried this and that over the years thinking I need to spend more too but I always drift back to a P bass...currently playing a 70's CV and never been happier.
  8. Band leader has just thrown There It Is by Shalamar my way and a lot of fun to play it is too...Beautiful chunky bass line all over open strings...Cant thing of another tune I play using open strings.
  9. I've agonised over this for decades buying this and that, then I bought a CV 70' P bass last year which is grt...but I dont like maple necks so I swapped the skinny little neck off my VM P and presto I think I may have the best P bass I've ever owned. Something about the heavyish body coupled with a super light skinny neck just feels incredible and sounds very good too.... and all for a few quid.
  10. Reading some of the band names quoted here is scaring the beejeezus outta me, what next? ffs....Anyway what happened to nice cosy names like Deep Purple, Robin Trower, Pat Travers, AC/DC, Free, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy....you younguns! haha
  11. Total legend. Oh and she owns a very clean 57 P bass which she's had for ever.
  12. I cannot put this simpler....you had to be there. I was an ardent Philly Soul Motown nut. The first time I heard Pretty Vacant...my mind literally re-booted itself. I'm still a soul groove nut but Johnny Rotten Esq changed everything.
  13. Well I played a 77 Stingray all thru the 80's cause it was the done thing and I never felt satisfied, comfortable. Cutting yes but I always felt something was missing. Anyway rectified the situation in the 90's with a P bass.
  14. I really had no idea this was a rock orientated bass site, wonder why? Anyway, love DC, Stones et al but I need my soul, pop, old school chart groovers just to get through the day...Gonna stick some O'Jays on now followed by Marvin Gayes live album....mmm. YMMV.
  15. Don't get too excited...if all you've played is active this and that then a P bass if not considered carefully may seem extremely dull indeed....... I tend to find they sound flabby and mid weak fresh out of the box or with a new set of rounds.....but chuck a set of old anything on and bingo they tighten up beautifully. (I play with 20 year old chromes and get a very mid focused tight dry tone....works with everything. Yep P's, Id struggle to play anything else, bit of an aquired taste but once figured....just beautiful.
  16. As above really....and the main thing is to stay musical, u dont need to start shedding....compliment the guitarist/drummer. A good example of a bassist keeping it cool and not panicking, chk this out. @3.10
  17. This. Done it many times cause too many peeps think they can sing and they can't. I never like to quit if the music is fun and the band is tight and sounds good....A good band can often bury a so-so singer,
  18. Ronnie Woods bass playing in Maggie May....including that delicious little fluff in the middle.
  19. What to say. A frontman who sounds like the totaly original and utterly unique Mr J Rotten so nowt original there and a format that is just plain weird with a programmer? stood there dancing?.....you youngans......
  20. Good luck with the IEM's...ur all gonna have tinnitus in ur old age squirting noise straight into the ears....Im happy with any old combo/rig and ear plugs and if Im lucky some sort of personal monitor.
  21. Why? What are u trying to prove that u want everyone to sound the same like a symphony of drones......no wonder original musics gone down the tubes.
  22. I liked it back in the day when just a handful of great players did it......Mark King, Freddie Washington, the Wham guy and the American TV talent guy, forget his name, et al.....now it seems the goal is to play a million notes a second.......no thks.
  23. And the one single case which totally dispels the case for autotune? 'BOY GEORGE'.. Haha the most out of tune singer ever recorded but doesn't he sound great.....full of individual character.
  24. Look at Maggie May by Rod Stewart, loose and full of little hiccups....its so organic as to be unreal....feels live, sounds as fresh today as it did back in 71
  25. I dont think that argument works anymore. My dear old mum hated pop music and thght that Glenn Miller was the biz....but she was never part of the "pop" generation...she was pre-war, completely different cultural makeup. I on the other hand grew up with 70's pop, heavy metal, reggae , The Damned and Johnny Rotten..... So I am of the stuff it in there faces pop generation......but what Im hearing now?.....do me a favour?.....its so acceptable and lame I reckon my dear old mum would actually like it....and that sadly is saying something.
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