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  1. For sale is my road worn BOSS TU-3 Chromatic Tuner. Indestructible and does what it says on the tin. Surplus to requirements now that I have perfect pitch (joke, I just use a clip on tuner instead), so moving this on to top up the GAS fund! Original box included. Yours for £35 and free postage to UK
  2. Purchased on BC back in January. Not been gigged in that time (unsurprisingly!), but I'm working with a different sound now and have an eye on some other gear, so needs must. The pedal is designed by BJF, and the sound is similar to the Bearfoot Blueberry. Tubey, creamy goodness. Compatible with 9V-18V power supplies (not included). Velcro on back from being attached to pedal board. Comes with original box. Postage included.
  3. What a beauty! Is the Nordstrand pickup their standard single coil one or the hum cancelling one?
  4. Hi Lee, Is this pedal still for sale? Cheers, Paul
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