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  1. Gigging with my MB4 tonight, taking the Geddy Lee as spare.
  2. Lawyers, estate agents, insurers, they're all Golgafrinchans.
  3. Indeed. My MB4 is on the lighter side of middling.
  4. Youll have to explain that. There are plenty of military applications for AI which do not involve a killer robot. Have you been in the army? Have you even held a gun? I have, and I've been on combat ops. If I could have had an AI system that could distinguish an innocent from an PIRA gunman in the dark then id have been very happy. Ditto air defences that can more reliably distinguish an airliner from a TU95, or systems that scan terrain to detect IEDs. At the moment humans do these jobs, and quite often they f*** it up pretty good, so I don't know why you think AI could do worse. Since WWII there have been remotely operated weapons that kill at range without endagering your own personnel. Everything from mortars to MIRVs. They are not new, they have been a thing for over 7 decades. These systems haven't just suddenly come along with the development of AI. A question back at ya...just suppose it was for the development of terminator like killer robots. If the western allies did not develop them, then how would you propose they be countered when the Chinese or Russians do?
  5. The thread title is innacurate. The man who founded and runs Spotify is investing his own funds into a company that provides, among other things, services to miltary customers. Spotify the company has nothing to do with this. Good luck when their lawyers catch up with you.
  6. Loving my MB4 in all black. Less than a hundred to buy new, Wilkinson tuners improve tuning stability, Warman pickup adds punch without sacrificing tone, skull knobs add panache. Less than a hundred and fiftey sheets and its perhaps the best sounding bass I own, but even in stock form it was an absolute belter. Also got the BeatBass. Comes out the same factory as the Epihone Viola, and it shows in the sound and finish. I looked at the Hofner Icon, but it was twice the price and no better in any tangible way. Another piece of cheapness with great cheer.
  7. Oh aye, its a magnificent anti climax.
  8. My last band just fizzled out. No bookings, vocallist took a sabbatical to train for a new career, then along came covid...it didn't even really fizzle, no one has said 'its over', it just ceased to be. Carlos Fandango and the Super Wide Wheels are simply no longer a thing.
  9. Aha! It's you who keeps stealing the letter C from the local Canal Museum sign!
  10. So all these years Ive used Tortex Triangle 1.0 for the slight give, when all this time I should have been using picks that flex or move within a housing? Ive thrown my life away!
  11. I like the Retrovibe stuff. Its a shame they do so few long scale basses.
  12. Its fine if you use the correct tonecard.
  13. Indeed. In my case I tried 3 x MIM Geddy Lee's, and one was head and shoulders above the other two for finish, feel and tone. I can't see this being 6 times better than whatnis already one of the nicest basses I've ever played.
  14. Don't tell us you've shimmed a neck with a bottle of lemon oil?
  15. Does it play 6 times better than a MIM Geddy Lee, or 3 times better than an MIA?
  16. Hes not even the best bassist in his household.
  17. Ridiculous. Im not even on the list and I know for a damn fact I can play their own songs better than some of them. I'll leave you guessing which ones 🤔
  18. Id sooner shim than shave saddles, any day. Nothing wrong with shimmhng if its done correctly, and done with good reason. Just because some idiots also use shims doesnt mean there is anyrhing wrong with shimming per se.
  19. Whike I don't doubt that jazzists are every bit as good as the next man or woman, I cant help feeling that statement is a little inaccurate. I'm sure plenty good enough to qualify as being up there with the best also indulge in ither types of music.
  20. Inreresting. I do the opposite, middle and 3rd fingers glued to the other side of the pickup. Those are the ones that don't work proper like and that works well for just keeping them out the way. From that position I can pick play. I can use fu gers from there, but because middle finger is so inextricably linked to the 3rd it doesn't always do as I'd like, so im left with playing with forefinger and thumb. I can play like that, but its so limiting and frustrating compared to simply reverting to pick.
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