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  1. Very talented lass. It's funny, from her singing voice I always pictured her as looking like Bernard Manning in a skirt but the reality is quite the opposite.
  2. Cliff Richard Val Doonican. Roger Whittaker. Pure smut, filth and bucketmouth language the lot of them.
  3. Might as well ask "how long is a piece of string?" With literally different dozens of profiles and sizes across both sources its not really possible to say that one is thinner, or shallower, or whatever. Then there are the signature models for further muddy the wayers, particularly as they often differ themselves from Mex to US. You're going to need to find a real life shop and handle a few to find the one that suits you as theres no sensible, short answer to that one im afraid. The good news is youre going to have fun finding out.
  4. I'm going with fake, but may be wrong. The cavern models with both pickups near the neck were Chinese made...?
  5. I don't know when it ended, but into the 60's there was quite a hefty taxon foreign made instruments imported into the UK, so stuff for sale on German soil would have been relatively inexpensive. Of course, that to tax is long gone and is but one of the many reasons instruments to a today are so much more affordable.
  6. My favourite such video is a rapper listening to Thick as a Brick. To say he was stunned would be putting it mildly.
  7. You don't state how much they own, but its presumably a good few hundred sovs. Send them a formal final request for payment, describing your attempts to use their sheety system and how you did include your name and address andnthey ignored it, and include a reasonable but very clear deadline. Send recorded delovery, keep copies of everything, If that doesn't work send them the small claims court form (its mainly done online now but you can still apply with the paper form) and give them a reasonable period to respond. In my experience companies usually cough up at that point - the small claims court is a track or the county court, and the last thing any supposedly reputable organisstion wants is a CCJ against their name. And if they don't, then submit the form. Provided your case is clear cut and youve documented everything then you can also sting them for the court fees and a reasonable charge for your time and any costs their late payment mqy have incurred. Only been this far once, and they settled the debt and the court fees before it got as far as a hearing. We've agreed as a band we won't accept any gigs from Greene King because of their very poor reputation for utilising this system, and we've turned down one or two because of this and told the pubs why. If everyone followed suit they might start managing the process more diligently, or move to a different pricess entirely.
  8. I got the Harley Benton Beat Bass. Was looking at the Hofner ignition, Hofners own cheap copy of the original, but the HB sounded so similar as made no difference, was easily as well finished and was, most importantly, half the price. I like to think that Cheapskate McCartney would approve of that! It's not really my thing, but every Beatles fan bassist should own a violin bass. I whip it out live (and the BeatBass) to play I Want To Hold Your Hand and thats about the only times it sees the light of day.
  9. Me in the studio today, warming up before recording. Note how the 6"5" amateur powerlifter makes the Steinberger look like a toy in his hands. You've doubtless heard of Hafthor Bjornsson, the Mountain? My friends call me the Hillock.
  10. Another good reason to either... A) Insist upon cash. Not always possible, but still the bulk go thst way. B) Don't boast about it on Faecesbook, and definitely not with your full name C) Make sure there are enough band members to divide the cash up so you never reach a grand. Wives and girfriends can take an equal cut by for doing publicity, organising, restringing instruments, anything vaguely legitimate and necessary, and thus my £1000 suddenly becomes £500 yet still remains under my roof. Ditto my band chums and their other halves. So many ways and means, you're just fine if you're cautious and clever.
  11. He must've joined the Catholic church to earn that kind of money.
  12. I was taught to be cautious.
  13. We've had a couple of people express surprise at how inexpensive we are (we start at 300 sheets for a pub, but will do 250 for very local ones, or one we like). That prompted us to ask around what pubs are paying other bands, and as a result our fees are going to now start at 500 quid for pubs and clubs. The day after we decided this we got a booking and they didn't raise an eyebrow.
  14. This thread has gone full circle.
  15. I use an Orange Crush 100 for small venues, and larger venues just go into the PA. We have a sound engineer so I don't even need to think about it. My days of lugging round 4 x 15 cabs for no real sonic benefit are long gone.
  16. Looks like they're either slave traders, or else trying to create the next Monkees. Some might argue thats the same thing.
  17. Bassfinger

    NBD 70s P

    Ah, an early attempt by Fender to rip off Steinberger. Part of their Anne Boleyn range.
  18. It is possible to pretty much emulate the tone with a pick, if you know where you're at. It seems not everyone can do it, or even want to, but I can and know other players who do. Play with fingers because it feels better, or its more dextrous for you, or whatever, but the idea of a unique finger tone that can't be replicated is simply incorrect. Indeed, the available tonal palette from a pick is far, far wider in range. My band member chums can tell from a recording whether I'd gone at it with a pick (which is more usual) or fingers. Sometimes I myself have to check my own written notes to establish that one, because when I want to no bugger can tell the difference. Im on the fence. Im mainly a pick player because of injury, but do play fingers from some parts and would play a bit more if my missing dexterity would let me. Do either because feels right for you, but this idea of a unique finger tone is pretty much a nonsense.
  19. Ive been laying low in Windsor Castle since I hit the news.
  20. I think I get that. Go on, I'm in. I'm retired with little else to either do or spend my lolly on so I'm expecting an appalling score, but Inp ought to try and be sensible. I can only play one at a time, after all.
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