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  1. Postage added, open to offers around asking price..cheers
  2. Willing to post, trade or offers welcome..cheers
  3. No trades but open to offers & willing to post cheers
  4. Cheers gents..its the Fender Roger Waters P
  5. How do you relist a bass after the sale fell through ? I need to renew my yearly subscription but thats no problem i've got some other gear aswell..cheers
  6. BC Rich Mockingbird..excellent condition fitted with Gotoh bridge as original fitted with minute grub screws done a runner. Willing to trade for pedals. Based in Fife..cheers Dave
  7. Spector Chris Kael signature in excellent condition, bought October last year at bass direct includes Spector gig bag which was another 55 quid, plenty growl in the emg pickups and plays as it should do. Based in Fife happy to meet up or come have a look...cheers Dave...knuckle duster can be removed (3 screws) if needed
  8. Fender R/W precision bass in excellent condition fitted with G/B emg's the solderles type. Have original Duncans aswell which will be included easy enough to change over. I've had this bass for a month bought online from Guitar Guitar, I hoped it would be easier with a chunky neck as I've got athritis in thumb joint but it ain't working. Fender gig bag included. Based in Fife willing to meet up or come for a look yourself..cheers Dave
  9. Fender G/L Jazz Bass in excellent condition, I've had this for around 8 months if that bought new from Guitar Centre Southampton. I'm based in Fife would prefer either a meet up or come have a look for yourself. Fender bag included.....cheers Dave
  10. Truthfully i never read half the replys, the Free English Comment was enough for me then the smiley face, i never seen the Snowflake bit. I'd probably be barred from this forum if i replyed but i find it a good source of info. As for having a beer i'll gladly take you up on that as a Scot. Hopefully meet you @ London Bass Guitar show cheers Dave
  11. Thank you very mutch gents its made my day, cheers for the good vibes.
  12. Ok first time seller on ebay put on a Ricky everything fine several messages then 1 geezur starts telling me about his life and troubles (aint we all) sooo we agree on a price and the deals done..he buys it at the buy now price and i msg him saying i'll refund the difference..BUT as a new seller on ebay funds are held for 21 days so told him and said i'll nip down to the bank in morning and square him up as he said he was over drawn...next thing a msg (4 infact) him saying he felt bad about the way things had been done and the paypal carry on and i was within my rights to cancel the deal and from him bidding again..SO i did and relisted the bass blocked him and received a msg today saying he's not happy as in very not happy and as he's a retired legality expert i aint heard the last off this..now on the very same day as the deal was done i had offers greater than his but kept it right..anyway spoke 2 some woman on ebay tonight very nice but couldnt understand half what i was saying most o the time ( Jocky Wilson lingo here) but bottom line is i've stuck by Ebay rules not broken any and THEY will protect me...my derrière first and last time 4 me
  13. Dov65

    BreadBin Feedback

    Sold a Warwick Streamer to Brendon, no hassles nice and easy cheers bud
  14. Dont know if this is any good to you but i suffer from white finger vibration/ tendonitis in the base of my thumbs. I've been using CBD oil from Holland & Barret and do notice an improvement, i'm not saying its a cure but does take the edge off things, for me anyway
  15. Thats a breach of contract then surely, if you pay for a specific service thats what you should get or should be
  16. Parcelforce do insure musical instruments i sent a bass away today 6 pound odds on top off delivery fee, obviously the dearer the item the more it costs insurance wise, first time i've done it but no hassle
  17. Weighs in @ a mighty 11 and a quarter pounds
  18. Willing to post or meet half way or there abouts..cheers Dave
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