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  1. Not so much spots but a very light misting on the lacquer looks like dust..you cant feel it its just annoying knowing its there. I've got some T cut so i'll give it a go...thanks very much 👍
  2. Christine, what do you use for cutting back prior to a final polish ? One bass i have looks as tho theres a bit over spray when the light catches it...cheers
  3. Love wearing a hat me..
  4. Dov65


    Sold Nick some pups & preamp for a project, good hassle free sale...cheers bud
  5. Cant help looking @ this...gorgeous
  6. Switchcraft stereo barrel jack...thats what i stuck in a Legend when i gutted it. Sure it was only a ten spot, like you i had to ask some Spector guru on here...
  7. Dov65

    MB1 Feedback

    Martin bought a Ipad mini 4 from me, he patiently waited till i had time to answer a few questions about it & then paid when he said he would, all in a hassle free deal...cheers Dave
  8. Dov65

    Neck swap

    Cheers for the replys gents, thought that would be the way👍
  9. My Roger Waters bass made it out the gig bag today for a quick play about...plugged it in and the tone is just brilliant i forgot how good it sounds (G/B pups) the down side is the size off the neck. I can play my Legend no prob even with a gnarly thumb joint thats where the problem is..Now, i'm in two minds either sell complete bass or fit a Jazz neck which i manage fine and it'll save me buying something else, i dunno i've probably answered my own question here..some gas don't help either
  10. Serrated washer found, just needs plain washer sure its 1/4 inch...price includes p&p
  11. Spector ssd inc pickups & TonePump JR preamp removed from Legend. Everything workes fine, just gutted bass out and upgraded pups & preamp. Only thing needed is one serated washer and one plain washer dunno what happened to them -all nuts are there, obviously i kept the jack. Don't have a clue about wiring up i got a shop to do it for me, s'ppose it'll be online somewhere, cheers
  12. Barts are made to Ibanez spec, i dunno how to add web links but go to Barts home page and stick ibanez in search engine theres info about them..
  13. Cracking bass for the money, i had the deep twilight model which was flawless very slim fast neck and adjustable string spacing bridge. The Barts "i"m sure" are spec built for Ibanez dont know how they compare to american versions but plenty tones to play with i thought. All in cant go wrong -only downside is the resale price they don't seem to keep their value for some reason, cheers
  14. 👆 what he said up there. The Dee Dee's a cracking bass..foolishly sold mine a while ago..never mind..glwts bud
  15. Stayed overnight in Colditz 2 years ago heading down towards Brno for MotoGP. Some very clever p.o.w in what they made especially the glider upstairs, worth a look & makes you wonder
  16. Send me your address bud & i'll get it sent
  17. Dov65


    Try Air bnb. Used it many a time working away from home
  18. Dov65

    Dov65 feedback

    No worries Russ, glad you can use them.
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  20. 4 Black Spector 3/8th machine heads 2r+2l plus screws..ideal for a build or spares, just having a clear out nothing wrong with them, 5 quid should cover p&p...cheers
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