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  1. I,ve always done it,you alter eq to taste or stick a pedal/multi fx/preamp and go through send /return and just use the power side of the amp. it will only work if you,ve got send /return but there might be other ways like just stick effects in front of amp.
  2. Hiho,Iuse my used sets of Dunlop super brights steels on my acoustic bass.
  3. Hiho,glad you like it.21 years of fun for me and still out giggin. Initial set up then another set up for bridge when Hipshot went in and no other adjustments. I would of had triggers broom with a £$&%!* by now. Enjoy
  4. Hiho,here,s my tupence worth-Orange bass terror 500. I use the original fixed one,they fixed a few issues that the first batch had.they fitted better valves and fixed the hot DI.500 watts into 8 or 4 ohm that the reissue does not have. More than enough volume.I use an OBC115 or a SP 212,A few times I have hooked up both cabs , it sounded fabulous but the volume and heft was insane, i loved it but band was bulldozered by Orange power.Not happy bunnies hee hee.
  5. hiho,Great basses got mine in 2003.It now has a carbon fibre scratch plate . Hold on this time n no sell.
  6. Hiho,Andy built me a thumper with a wee tweek after he asked for 3 examples of the sound I was after.Yup it,s a guid yin n he told me if you pull the volume back to 8 it,ll do the vintage sound,crank it up and extra presence will kick in and it would be a nice aggresive tone and the tone control will be more usable/ musical. Yup he was a Wizard after all. I would have liked to have got a pair of Pups from Andy for my Ricky but hey ho.
  7. Hiho been using Dunlop superbright steel exclusively for years and they last a long time.I buy them in boxes of 6 sets at a time.Best sounding strings for me,all my basses come alive with them.I,ve used almost everything over the decades including Optima/Maxima gold strings. Not for everyone but they do nickle as well.
  8. Hiho, Have you thought about an Epiphone t-bird pro iv. The neck through one which is active and has the schaller 3D type bridge. Discontinued now so might get a deal S/H. I have a transparent black one had it for years,great bass with plenty thunder.
  9. Peavey Foundation 5 string or a TL5,they get rave reviews on the usa peavey group the other bass site
  10. Hiho,Well I,ll muddy the water a bit. After years(decades) of trying to get on with a jazz bass I took the plunge on a Peavey Foundation.Instantly here it was,what I,d been after. get a decent one,the earlier ones are the best to me.I now have 2.They have handcrafted in USA on them.
  11. Hiho, I,m a happy SP212 user. They are loud with my first generation Terror 500 head-full power at 4 or 8 ohm. I also use an OBC115 which is my favourite-special edition 2009 in white. SP212 is great for space and one hand lift,put the 2 cabs together and it can get silly loud so I usually just use one cab.I used the SP212 for years on it,s own and never been short of grunt. Terror head SP212 no PA support.
  12. Hiho,fantastic customer service,great company to deal with
  13. I had a problem with jack over a decade ago. It was the connections on the PCB,the solder had cracked. resoldered and never had a problem since and that was about 16 years ago.
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