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  1. hiho, if there are no issues with the bass it,s a good deal they are fabulous basses .Had mine since 2003.
  2. Hiho,happy Foundation day.I,ll put up pics of my pair-83 body,92 neck black n maple and 84 all original sunburst n maple with obligatory missing TRC.
  3. After 2 years of pain,spinal surgery,1 year off work,failed physio ,one simple x-ray identified problem and 20 minute procedure - bingo -sorted,oh almost forgot heart attack after surgery.
  4. hiho I went for physio and ended up with a paralysed arm,ended up being calcific tendonitis
  5. Hiho,Know how you feel.I know it took me a long time to realise that how can anybody know how I feel but there is a lot of us who do.15 years of the roller coaster ride free falling into the darkness is hard work dragging yourself up all the time is very tiring,dislocating and destructive.Keep on keepin on,turn your face to the sun and let your shadows fall behind you.
  6. Hiho,I got flung off Rickenbacker forum for asking John Hall why they didn,t fit Hipshot bridge as standard-oops. Ihad wobbly saddles but a email to hipshot and new non wobbly ones were sent very swiftly at no cost.Great customer service . I love that I can palm mute without my palms getting shredded along with intonation etc and it looks so cool.
  7. Hiho,I,ve had a hipshot bridge on my 4003 for a decade-Brilliant piece of kit.
  8. Hiho,I remember Yasuki guitars they had the same stuff on them
  9. Hiho ,I,m similar,SP212 for space and OBC115 everywhere else and can use both when you want to level buildings.It,s the original head I,ve got ,full power 8 or 4 ohm and the Fixed DI.
  10. Hiho,I use a Hercules transformer-the dogs nads
  11. Hiho, it might be an idea to crimp the string and cut to length above the crimp to stop it unravelling.
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