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  1. No way !! It is a excuse to own another bass !!
  2. Cool, 1/2 fender 1/2 Stingray, and it is passive! let us know how it sounds !
  3. Practice only amp? I have a Ampeg BA110 latest version. Works great for practice. I even played it at a very small acoustic gig. Not to great for my 5 string
  4. I have always said there is not much difference between a $300 bass and a $1000 bass other than the finish
  5. I hate to ask this, how much is £300 in USA $ ?
  6. Yeah,, looking at a Yamaha BB734. My 60th b-day is in 2021. Sounds like a good present. I thought about a real musicman, I have a Sterling stingray, not 100% sold on the sound. May trade in my Fender p and maybe the stingray toward the 734. (Yeah, trade in the fender. )
  7. We had just started back at our once or twice a month standing gig. Then hurricane Sally damaged our gig joint. So it will be closed for a while. We are looking for another
  8. I have always wondered if the same exact Indonesian made bass was made in the USA, same materials, equipment used, same finish, same amount of hands-on labor, how much would it cost?
  9. Not bad looking!! Wonder if they would ship to USA?
  10. Dude, you will get kicked off basschat saying that ! I worked at a mattress manufacturer, they made all brands, cheap, expensive, same tools, same people, some of the same parts. Last guy ironed on the name of the mattress. Like guitars, your $200 (us) bass may have $2000 (us) bass electronics
  11. Yes on this. I was guilty of this. We had to down-play some of our songs because of inexperienced guitar player. I no longer play in church. I play in a small dive along with a acoustic guitar player/singer, playing a mix of oldies. I can say I am better now than when I played in church. I do miss the worship experiences, but dont miss church drama and politics
  12. Yes, I get beat down for saying this. But there is not a lot of difference between a $300 (us) and a $1000(us) basses other than the finish.
  13. I bought the latest Sterling Stingray4 as a beater, after a few adjustments, restringing, it is my main-player! Played it at every gig for over a year! How about you guys?
  14. We had started back our gig, but Hurricane Sally (south Alabama) damaged our gig joint a few weeks ago. So no gigs until further notice. Looking for another joint or another group to play with. The guy who I play for is more of a 1 man show. So, small stuff he does alone.
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