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  1. How much do you want to spend? I heard the traynor 15 " combo is pretty good
  2. I have a Ampeg BA110 that is pretty good. Actually used one at a very small mainly acoustic gig. No drummer.
  3. In July our joint was reopened. Got a couple of good gigs in then hurricane sally came by and damaged the place. No gigs since....
  4. Dont teach him too well, or he will eventually be better than you !
  5. There is one particular brand of bass I think it is ugly. Someone asked what we dont like about xxxxxxx. I said "it's just plain ugly" the moderator must play that brand!! So, I am banned!!
  6. Pappabass


    Same here about talkbass. Finally got banned. Basschat is much better, laid back guys, not snobbed to death. But my British brothers dont quite get Alabama football !!
  7. Haaa!!! I just got banned from talkbass!! Been in talkbass jail 2 or 3 times, this last time I was banned !!
  8. No way !! It is a excuse to own another bass !!
  9. Cool, 1/2 fender 1/2 Stingray, and it is passive! let us know how it sounds !
  10. Practice only amp? I have a Ampeg BA110 latest version. Works great for practice. I even played it at a very small acoustic gig. Not to great for my 5 string
  11. I have always said there is not much difference between a $300 bass and a $1000 bass other than the finish
  12. I hate to ask this, how much is £300 in USA $ ?
  13. Yeah,, looking at a Yamaha BB734. My 60th b-day is in 2021. Sounds like a good present. I thought about a real musicman, I have a Sterling stingray, not 100% sold on the sound. May trade in my Fender p and maybe the stingray toward the 734. (Yeah, trade in the fender. )
  14. We had just started back at our once or twice a month standing gig. Then hurricane Sally damaged our gig joint. So it will be closed for a while. We are looking for another
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