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  1. I was looking forward to y those puns I guess this is the wrong plaice
  2. Dano longhorn or 59, squire 50s p, squire 60s p, Epiphone embassy, orange o bass, west one thunder and aria csb 380? you can also add any fish puns you want here
  3. Oh my cod you guys have a lot of fish puns there should be a separate forum for them
  4. I should have just made some pun about Bass the fish
  5. You seem to be confused the fish church isn’t a church for fish it’s a religion that worships fish
  6. What happens if you get a 5 string...
  7. I have a very cheap and bad Gear4music jazz bass half of the neck finish has been rubbed off after only a year of playing I also have a 15w subzero amp as you can probably tell I like extremely expensive gear and only buy basses with the finest tonewoods.
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