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  1. That’s what Spotify is for. You can listen to those six CD extended sets of a 40 minute album without a huge investment. I agree, those demo versions are usually a one listen experience.
  2. Be careful. It’s a one click bid, with no prompt to confirm or cancel. I accidentally bid on a bass.
  3. I particularly like my Pino.
  4. Have you thought about an eight string Ric? Or a double neck Ric - one two string, one three string.
  5. But you couldn’t. The Shergold bass 6 has been very hard to get for a long time. My point isn’t that I was right. At the time, you said I was an idiot for suggesting a Shergold, and you’ve talked about how people do not understand the Eastwood business model. The business model is to reissue quirky designs that are no longer generally available. The Shergold is a perfect example. x
  6. To be fair, you said the same about the Shergold Bass 6, which is now available from Eastwood. I think they would make a 4005 if it wasn’t for the legal problems.
  7. I think you only need 10 purchasers to get an Eastwood bass made. I still think the bass mandola twin neck is the only thing we will all agree on.
  8. Apparently, these were not popular when available. I wonder what the manufacturing cost would be. Obviously never going to happen. Let’s get back to that Basschat bass. How about and 8 string acoustic? Twin neck bass / mandola?
  9. Turns out this wasn’t that dumb a question after all. https://eastwoodguitars.com/collections/bass/products/hooky-bass-6-pro
  10. This CD changer jukebox holds 400 CDs. CDs and individual tracks can be with the included smart remote control. Each CD can be labelled with an artist and title. You can even plug it in to your TV to display your collection. Plays standard CDs, CD R, and MP3 CD. Note that there are some scratches on the back and sides. Functions perfectly.
  11. Easily switch between two basses, or two amps. £5 postage.
  12. It’s a little battered and a little scratched; the knobs are not original, the battery cover is taped on; there’s some writing on it...but it works just fine. £25 plus £5 shipping.
  13. I do this too. I also use the standard compressor and one of the bass eq settings c
  14. Why is this skulduggery? There are two people playing bass on this song. They are standing next to each other. It sounds good.
  15. Sercet


    But if you buy the Pino, you'll be able to play as good as Pino.
  16. Sercet


    I bought mine for £1,800 11 years ago. Worth every penny, Not totally sure about 4,000 Euro though.
  17. I love my Pino bass. That’s all I know.
  18. I love my Pino bass. That’s all I know.
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