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  1. Hiya everyone, I really appreciate the help with this. As tempting as not splurging out on some kind of y wire was, I elected for the GR dual preamp and believe I was right to do so. Being able to control each pick up is really important. I even sent Billy Sheehan a message over Facebook and he was kind enough to get back. What a good egg! The reason I elected for the pre amp and not the amp was I also have my pedal board and dual linking up each one of ,y pedals out to an amp seemed like too much of a headache. I’m also often using someone else’s amp or going straight into a PA, having previously used just my fender downtown pre amp when this occurred, I now use it in conjunction with grbass pre because of the tubey goodness it provides. I’ve achieved total happiness with my rig, tone and bass now! For those of you who may be curious about the bass, I’ve attempted to attach a picture. Lord knows if it’ll work until I post this. You’ll notice a few differences to Sheehans bass. The colour, the 51 p neck as a-posed to the telecaster neck and moving the control knobs further away from the pickup which is pure;y a comfort thing. I’m dead happy with i! So thank you everyone for the help
  2. I think this is what I’m after. You put it far more succinctly than I
  3. Any dual input amps out there that will handle a billy Sheehan "the wife" style bass with dual output for each pickup? Or will something like a trs dual mono splitter wire work? I basically want my dual output bass to go into one amp. Ta
  4. Hi everyone, I’m after a preamp that will go well with my precision style bass. Ideally as cheap as possible but I will cough up if need be. My bass has dimarzio dp123 pickups and goes through an terror which I really like the sound of which I guess I’m trying to recreate with my preamp tone. The closest tone I can compare my current tone to is in the link. Could this tone or similar be achieved through a preamp with my current set up?
  5. Hello, I'm recording an EP via my IPad using GarageBand. I don’t Know how well this topic has been covered but I’d like to seek some advice and share with you my experiences so far. Firstly, I’m using a focusrite 2i2 3rd gen as my interface and the mic that came with it to record into mu iPad. All the drums are programmed through the GarageBand app and me playing my electric drum kit into the focusrite, have worked well. I’ve also had my guitarist go straight through the Focusrite and he’s really happy so far with the noise he’s made. Here come the tricky bit: The bass! This was recorded with the focusrite mic over my orange amp and orange terror direct in. It’s a good tone but I’m left wanting after extensively trying to eq and play with different amp settings on the amp. i guess my question would be does anyone have any tips or use any gear that enable bass to be recorded well in GarageBand on an iPad? Ta
  6. Eh up! Hello. I’m John from Lancashire. Can you imagine I joined this forum back in 2013 and have only just posted now? I’ve lurked for years and have found many post very useful, but now I’m looking to contribute a bit and maybe even find out more. That was at the end of a period 0f -laying which lay dormant until about 18 months ago, where I’ve got back into the swing of laying bass again.what do I play? A buzz Horent bass with DiMarzio dp123 pickups as seen in the picture below (picture not taken by me or in my home) with an orange terror head and amp to boot. Sounds ma they through it. I play in an instrumental band called The Ombudsmen as well as a couple of paid gigs in covers acts. The ombudsmen are currently recording and that’s the main reason I’ve come back here; to find out how to get a certain tone whilst recording as well as finding out which Di/preampto buy.
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