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  1. Cancellations have left me bereft of Bristol bassists for my videos. If anybody fancies doing one and can drag a drummer along let me know.... 

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    2. ThePapabull


      I'm in Newport (25 miles away) and would be up for it. I don't have one of your basses (although Ive always fancied one).They have such a good vibe about them. I'm guessing you'd have one i could use for the recording. also I've got a few ideas that could help showcase your basses in a different context too.

      Let me know your thoughts.


      cheers paul

      mobile : 07590 025414

    3. funkyjimbob


      Well, I am in Cardiff most weeks Monday to Thursday for work so that's even closer? I am able to help if you need me to. :)

    4. jebroad


      I'm more than happy to leave school and commute by train from derby daily.