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  1. If your order does come from within the EU, as long as it’s under £135 you shouldn’t get collared with any extra fees. Amazon charge VAT at point of purchase for UK customers on non-UK EU sites. Bought a new frying pan from Amazon.de early January and I didn’t get copped with any additional fees when it was delivered by UPS. My order was about €45 including delivery fees.
  2. Shoulda been a lot cheaper considering you had to endure Kiss for 2 hours 😂 I’ve seen SP a few times now, last was in Cardiff a few years ago. Didn’t quite feel the same to me without Cory Henry there sadly. Though like the person above I’d definitely pay more to see a good band in an intimate venue so £50/£75 seems quite reasonable to me.
  3. Went to a sort of celebration of the 50 years last night! Zakk Wylde’s “Zakk Sabbath” played in Birmingham. It was a blast, didn’t change much to the songs but just added his own flair. A fitting tribute to Brums finest!
  4. Casino were somewhat local legends here in Brum when they were together, seen ‘em a few times and they were always on point. Never a bad show! Their guitarist is actually in the ‘phonics now, it’s Adam Zindani!
  5. I was only a newbie to bass back then, I just thought it was step on and go. Had no clue it could do that 😂
  6. These both are quite funky & punky I think, killer chorus on Knifeman!
  7. Did a recording session with my old band and we all used my TU-3 to tune up to Drop-D, or so we thought. Turns out it has a function where it’ll still display it’s standard but it’s actual half tone flat. So we’d actually recorded in half a tone lower yet the tuner displayed DADGBe for everyone. Happened on a gig too, thought my brand new bass couldn’t hold it’s tuning and was knackered on its first outing!
  8. Doesn’t half love his walnut and maple! Wonder if I’ll get a peek of it at Desertfest this year! 😄
  9. I can post outside the UK, though postage costs would be on top as it’ll be more expensive. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested!
  10. Stripping down my pedalboard to something smaller so this is no longer needed. Brought back in 2013 from Andertons and used on my board since, does have some scratches on it but functions perfectly. Comes with the original box and all the original wires. Collection from Birmingham or Mainland post for £5. Price ONO, No Trades please!
  11. Lefty BT-1 Hipshot Extender in Black. For Musicman or US G&L. *SOLD*
  12. Set of Schaller Strap Locks, surplus to requirements. £10 inc postage or collection from South Birmingham.
  13. Just a couple pedals I rarely use; *SOLD* 3Leaf GR2 Envelope Filter - £145 *SOLD* *SOLD* Boss DS-1 Distortion - £20 *SOLD* *SOLD* Line6 Otto Filter Envelope - £20 *SOLD* *SOLD* Digitech Grunge - £20 *SOLD* No trades please! Any questions, shoot me a message! Collection South Birmingham but will post for £5.
  14. Price: *SOLD* Originally from BassDirect and brought and shipped to Sweden, I then bought it in 2015 where it was advertised on LeftyBass. Has been my main bass since. I've played 20/30 gigs with it and all rehearsals in between, as such it's in what i'd call players condition. There are a few dings and chips on the bass, these were with the bass when I brought it so must of been done by the previous owner. I still have his original photos should you want to see them. It still looks very smart on stage and this is reflected in the price. I couldn't get on with the Bartolini pre that it came with so I had a Sadowsky pre installed professionally by Jaydee Custom Guitars in Birmingham. I have the original Bartolini pre and knobs so this can be professionally fitted back if you'd prefer or I can provide the Bartolini with the bass for an additional charge. The orange sticker denotes the live battery compartment, the Sadowsky pre is only 9v where as the Bart is 18v. Specs below; Swamp Ash Body Black/White/Black pickguard Pearlescent White finish Matching headstock option Maple one piece graphite reinforced neck Contoured neck/heel Rosewood fingerboard, 12" radius 21 frets Bone nut, 1 7/8" width at nut 35" scale Seymour Duncan 5 string pickups Full electrostatic shielding Hipshot ultralight tuners in chrome Instrument fully Pleck'd Weight: 9lb 4oz/4.2kg Does come with the Mike Lull gig bag but this is pretty beat up. Some of the zip tabs have broken off and stitching internally and externally is starting to fail in places (wouldn't recommend these Protec bags!). I can provide pictures if you want. Would prefer a straight sale but would consider trades for the right bass (4 string only please!) Any questions let me know, will take more pics on request! Located in Birmingham. Will ship at buyers risk and expense.
  15. +1 on Bad Flowers, seen ‘em in Birmingham a few times around 5/6 years ago. I think they were called Greenwood Park back then, always put on a decent set though. I went to see Elder in Cov last night, 4th or 5th time I’ve seen them and they just keep getting better and better! Just mesmerising to watch, can’t get enough of them!
  16. Price - £825 Up for sale is my Sandberg TT4 Passive with maple fingerboard. hardcore aged finish and black block inlays. The latter 2 being extra up-charges. It's also the Fender inspired old shape which is unobtainable from new now. Cracking bass, vintage style with a slight modern edge. A bit more zingy than the Fender stuff I've found. Handmade in Germany! It's in great nick, some slight blemishes on the back of the neck (pictured). The neck is close to a Fender B neck - Jazz width nut but slightly chunkier in the hand. The bass is on the heavier side. All Sandbergs get plek'd so super lower action is easier to achieve (I prefer it a bit higher, which is how it is now). I've got the hang tags and the receipt from when I collected it from the shop, those will be in the bag. I ordered it from PMT Birmingham at the tail end of 2012, got it March time 2013. Only gigged a handful of times as I'd moved up to 5 string soon after. It's pretty much been collecting dust in the bag since, hence the sale... it needs a new home! Will include the Sandberg gig bag in the sale. Would prefer collection but can post at buyers risk. South Birmingham UK based. No Trades Please. Price is negotiable. Happy to answer any questions! 😊
  17. Bit of a stretch to say they’re ripping Gojira off IMO. OT: Saw Earthless on Sunday night, gutted I missed them earlier in the year but there wasn’t a b’ham date and I couldn’t make it to the other gigs. They made up for it though, Isaiah Mitchell is something else!
  18. Another strike for DR from me, though I use Nickel Lo-Riders now I was a big user of Fat Beams a few years ago. Last an age too! Only downside I’ve found is that DRs are generally more pricey !
  19. I saw Temperance Movement a couple of years ago and it was probably the best live sound I’ve heard from a bass. P bass & Hofner into a Fender Bassman stack with a REDDI. Was studio like clarity! Nick is a fantastic musician though, plays to the song brilliantly!
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