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  1. Well I ain’t doing it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Try playing When The Huntsman Comes A Marching by Chris T T in front of a field full of young farmers and pro-hunting Countryside Alliance members.... that went well.
  3. I have tix for Truck. Consider yourselves voted for
  4. My Jazz spends more time plummeting to the floor than it does round my neck. Luckily it's basically bullet proof
  5. Wolf Alice in Brum last Thursday. Didn't kniw much about them but they were superb. The place was rocking from start to finish. Shame the support bands (Superfood and Sunflower Bean) suffered from slightly iffy sound, though.
  6. I have a massive chunk of finish missing by the next pocket under the upper horn on my Jazz. But it still sounds the same so why worry?
  7. I needed a name that wasn't the same as the Australian Mr Versatile country and western superstar.
  8. Dresden Dolls version of Warpigs is f***ing insane.
  9. Two gigs this weekend. Saturday was the Greedy Goose Fair out in the Gloucestershire countryside. Rum, piratical shenanigans and more rum. Then on Sunday, my regular gig down the Wheatsheaf in Oxford which went from a solo gig to a cajon assisted mass singalong. Splendid.
  10. Played Love Like A Man on Leo Lyons' jazz bass (with the whole band watching). Pressure much?
  11. Steve Miller's short but sweet solo on Young Boy by Paul McCartney
  12. I have a MIM Jazz (2006) and it is a f***ing beast.
  13. Ed Tudor Pole was in a season 2 episode as well.
  14. I do Turtle Power and the fresh Prince theme in my solo set...
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