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  1. I'd always recommend a Loop switch when using multiple stompboxes.. once-upon-a-time I had a Carl Martin Octaswitch 2, which was different gravy (in terms of the sound quality/clarity), but for the money, the dip switch options were limited. And the size!! The one I use now and recommend is by One Control - which also has a separate Tuner out. For around £100. https://www.thomann.de/gb/one_control_3_channel_loop_switcher.htm As per thread, I'm also looking at aquiring a dry/wet "blender" pedal, and this one by Lazy-Bear effects could be the one.. :- https://www.lazy-bear.co.uk/product-page/active-blender
  2. New year January sales shopping! Picked up this Brainworx SSL 4000 G console emulation up for less than $20 - with an incredible discount voucher. Obviously, you had to sign up with Plugin Alliance prior, because these are crazily expensive at any other time.. You never know.. I might actually finish some new music this year, with this at the front end. Of everything.
  3. SimonEdward


    This is an interesting post - and one that could run and run! I never thought I needed any kind of buffer. I've always had active Basses, and used a BOSS OC-2 early on in my effects chain.. An opportunity came up recently to acquire a pre loved JHS Pedals "Little Black Buffer" for around £40. Worth a punt. And it's made a noticeable difference to my tone; with a brighter top end - certainly. It's the very last pedal > before going into the amp. I'm now looking to upgrade my tuner to the Polytune 3, to have a buffer at the front end as well.
  4. I didn't think I'd brought in that much gear in 2020! .. And then I checked my Instagram 😮 The Winners: JHS "Tidewater" tremolo (by Josh Heath Scott); "Westwood" Overdrive (by Earthquaker Devices); Runners up: HOF 2 by TC; Xenagama Tail loop 2 (by One Control); Neo Series "Wavelength" (by Alexander pedals); OC-10 Octave (by Valeton); Not great: Delayla vintage echo pedal (by Carl Martin). Just not my cup of tea.
  5. It's been a slow but steady transition, from "happy shopper" type gear to "boutique" or custom upgrades - over a period of about 30 years. It's something THEY don't tell you at the beginning. It's THEM !! It's all THEIR fault - ALL of it................ 😎
  6. Slight tangent. Increasingly, there's been signs of pre-Brexit activity with some on-line suppliers. On more than one occassion this year, I've been led to believe that I was ordering gear from a supplier and distributor (with a UK address). Only to experience fairly significant delays in shipping - from Europe. The first, turned out to be shipping from Holland, and the other from Poland. Unless you can establish they have what you require IN STOCK (or a prepared to wait, with all the anxiety that entails), then buyer beware!!
  7. Yes, I'm 47 and still (after all these years') have a SoundCloud account to not only host my own music, but also to listen to, and occasionally share/promote other artists tracks - via my own curated playlists. I've never really got along with Spotify, on either desktop or mobile. The *new* music I tend to "like" (and save for later), usually features recorded instruments - guitars, drums, Bass and keys - and not what is modern R&B or ultra EDM genres. There are still plenty of Bands and solo artists out there, that I'd never heard of, writing decent, well crafted music. It will be interesting to see over the next 18-months just what effect the various global crisis have had on bands/artists, and what the longer term effects on writing/producing music will be? I hope everything will be alright...
  8. I'm quite into Phil Jones Bass.. so I'd have a couple of these C8 cabinets, with something more powerful than my current D-400 (!) Then, I might phone J D and ask him nicely to re-create my 1st "Roadie" Bass - in tobacco sunburst - and pay him literally MILLIONS to build it in less than 18-months...
  9. These day's, most "radio" broadcasts can also viewed Live via the internet.. which also means there are Webcams in the studio. All I can say is, they had better be very, very careful. Else, it's all pre-recorded and edited to death! "Oooo look, there's a lady swimming naked in the pool.. but only on the radio".
  10. No. I listen to quite a lot of new music.. but not the mainsteam "R&B" and "Indie" acts/bands that the populist media outlets circulate. Now don't shoot me! 🔫 I host my own music on that orange cloud - whom I've had a marmite relationship over many years'; ring any bells? Also, (over many years') I've struggled with my weight - but i've found music to be one of the key's - no pun intended. I put on my walking shoes, grab my mobile, put on a pair of wireless headphones and hit the pavement.. not the road - because that would be dangerous (!) This is compilation No. 11 of eight tracks from mainly new-ish, independent and mostly unsigned musicians posting their music "out there". I'd never heard before; why not give them 30 seconds:- https://soundcloud.com/simonedward/sets/indie-pop-2020-winter-playlist
  11. My comment was not in the context of loopers which only play WAV files...
  12. If you have VLC media player, and have just been converted to WAV - then you might also like FLAC files? They are a lossless format, which take up less space than WAV.
  13. Yes - I'm an active Bass owner, and record a lot with preamp's / DI's into interfaces (pedals or rack versions). For me, they are mandatory. Although the EQ's on my basses are comprehensive enough, and the Bass pre-amps run at 18 volts, sometimes there's a lack of gain/headroom. The only preamp I've ever had a problem with was the V1 Sansamp (20 years' ago?) - which my active Basses didn't appear to get along with.
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