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  1. *wades in* I've personally never owned a Mac but I have used them in the past for some light video editing. My experience was good, but the cost will always be higher than the equivalent hardware in a Windows machine. THAT SAID, if I could afford/justify it, I would definitely buy in to the Apple ecosystem - the components might not be bleeding edge (technically) but the overall package of hardware, aesthetics and simple software will deliver an experience that's much more pleasing than the most expensive Windows machines. This post was written by a Windows system builder from an Android smartphone (before you get any ideas!!)
  2. Really was an excellent set. Hearing FOD on the BBC's coverage made my evening.
  3. I'm currently torn between the CV and VM Precisions. Played both, the CV felt incredibly solid and well put together, but the pickup in the VM had a real growl to the tone that wasn't quite there with the CV! Decisions decisions!
  4. +1 on the white/maple version. Looks great. The body is still a huge slab of ash so I doubt the weight will have changed much!
  5. So it arrived, looks great (can't post photos from mobile?!) but I think the input is dodgy - two or three times I've fired it up and not been able to get any output, despite there being an obvious hum. Tried 3 leads and two basses (and my bass through a different amp to make sure it wasn't that) and no dice. It's oddly intermittent because other times it's powered up just fine. Needless to say it's going back this week...
  6. Thanks for all your responses! I've actually managed to get hold of an ex-display (practically mint) BA110 for £130 from Gear4Music! Problem solved.
  7. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1376335536' post='2172425'] It depends entirely on what you've been eating. ...Sorry. [/quote] Regretted that the second I hit post! Easy target! David - thanks for the comprehensive reply, I would ideally like to know I had enough headroom to keep up with an acoustic guitar, but not a lot more than that.
  8. Hello! I'm in the midst of researching practice combos as I need to pick one up for home use (currently ampless!) and I've boiled my search down to the Ampeg BA range. Herein lies the dilemma - I'm unsure as to whether the 8" model would be sufficient for fart-free practice at home (bearing in mind I'm running an active bass with pretty hot pickups) or whether trading up to the 10" model would be worthwhile. Budget is not too great a concern (as long as I stay sub-£150) but space is, hence the 8" model is still a consideration. I would greatly appreciate your advice and input whether it be more generally around speaker performance or specifically around the Ampeg BA range so that I can feel as though I'm making a more informed purchase decision! Cheers, Dave
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Speculative PM because I'm not sure if this has sold yet
  11. [quote name='fender73' timestamp='1370964947' post='2108031'] Squier CV Jazz. Case closed. I lust after high end gear, but when it comes down to it, I gig my CV weekly and it does evrrything I need. Its all in the set up for me. [/quote] This! I was on Denmark St with my guitarist friend (we all have one, right?) and we were both blown away by the CV Precision I tried. To echo a few other posts as much as I would love an £xk bass, there's as much joy to be found in discovering a 'diamond in the rough'!
  12. Thought I should pop in and say hi! I'm Dave, 24, live and work in London, have been a member of the fraternity of Bass for nearly a decade, but have spent the last three years neglecting my instrument(s) whilst focussing on my career in The Big Smoke. I am pleased to say that I've seen the error of my ways, cleaned up my bass and picked up with some walking lines to get the fingers moving again. Outside of playing music I enjoy a bit of casual gaming, expanding my vinyl collection, consuming more than my fair share of caffeine and keeping abreast with all the latest developments in the world of mobile tech. So, that's me!
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