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  2. Juniper Nights are super duper excited to announce the release of a BRAND NEW SINGLE called "Future Spring" this month!! We'll be playing a show at The Wheatsheaf Oxford on Saturday November 24th to celebrate the release, so get the date in your diaries and calendars cos its gonna be huge! Advance tickets are outrageously cheap (£3.85) so grab one while you can: https://www.wegottickets.com/ More details on the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/559791074444051/ Listen to Juniper Nights previously released EP ‘Human Rush’ here on Spotify: ...Music video to ‘All at Once’ here on You Tube:
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    *Urgent sale* Down to £120 for reasons that we’ve all been in! BILLS!
  4. RedSlap


    Price drop! £300
  5. RedSlap


    Up for sale is my COG custom build. Designed to be a one pedal solution to getting a live Royal Blood sound. From the COG webpage- "Built as the basis of Royal Blood/Death From Above 1979 style bass-and-faux-guitar rig, this pedal features a rehoused Electro-Harmonix Micro POG and two Fuzz Face/Mastotron-based fuzz circuits, with additional routing circuitry to provide a great deal of flexibility. The signal is split after the input, with one signal sent through the POG and then the fuzz circuits, and another uneffected signal sent to the Kill footswitch before the output. Each signal is then split again, and sent to both their own output jack and also to a mixer with Wet and Dry level knobs to send to a third output with the blend of both the bass and faux guitar signal." Signal Path diagram below. I can post the pedal and will consider any offers and possibly trades. Thanks!
  6. Get your offers in on another of Toms creations! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COG-Effects-CMM00-Custom-Dual-Fuzz-Octave/142887519984?hash=item2144c286f0:g:sHIAAOSwCFNbXf2u
  7. I would still have it! The more scratches the better for me
  8. *Fingers crossed* See you there! Thank you for voting
  9. Cheers for the vote We're local to Oxford so have experienced the festival more times than we can remember!
  10. Would you sell the brass pick-guard separate?
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