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  1. Thanks man. Sounds like a winner!
  2. Cool! Where did you buy it please?
  3. Thanks everyone - I’ll be playing with an acoustic guitar, a snare drum or cajon and three singers. Sounds like an acoustic bass won’t cut it. I have a U-bass. Maybe I should look in to portable battery-powered amps?
  4. Hi all - I need to buy an acoustic fretted bass (not an upright). It’s for a strolling band and won’t be plugged in so it has to be acoustically loud. A nice comfy design and easy player would be a bonus too. This is just for a trial gig so the budget is low. £300 max but even less would be better. If you have any experience on the subject or a suitable bass for sale, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Would he prefer to be called Bagsy?
  6. Does anybody know this guy personally? Can’t seem to get a response from him. Perhaps he’s away somewhere
  7. Hi all - I have a fully functional Boss OC2 which I’ve been using for the last year or so. Really love it but I’ve always been curious to try the bass octave deluxe. If you have a similar curiosity (but the other way around) please get in touch. My OC2 is a little marked up as you can see in the pic but has been reliable and functions perfectly.
  8. I imagine the input level is more of a gain thing, like the front end of an amp. It allows you to get the input level right depending on what bass you’re using. The output level would be how much volume you send to the amp and/or desk.
  9. Really? Wow. You would have thought the two pedals had similar guts. Great news about the colour switch on channel 2 though 🙂
  10. Mahogany body Five-piece maple/ mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard 34" Scale 18mm spacing Yamaha pickups and pre - vol, balance, bass, treble five-way eq preset toggle switch (slap/pick/flat/fingers/solo) Nearly new D'addario nickel wound 45-130 One knob missing - pot still works fine. Priced to sell. Based in Gloucester but I'm often in London
  11. This set was put on by The Gallery a couple of weeks ago. I collected it, did one gig and then removed them. As many of you will know, these tend to sound new even after a couple of months of regular gigging. These will feel and play like new because they practically are. They were fitted to a medium scale 5 string (32") but they left the strings long so they could be wound round the string posts as much as possible to increase the break-angle. I'm pretty confident they'll fit most long scale basses for that reason. I offered them up to my long scale Yamaha 5 string (3+2 headstock) and they look good for length. £25 posted. B is around 40.5 inches E is between 44-45 inches A is between 47-48 inches D is between 48-49 inches G is between 46-47 inches I measured as carefully as I could. The end of the string is coiled as it was you round the post when it was on the bass. I didn't want to force them straight incase it put too much stress on the string.
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