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  1. It's a cool looking thing, just not my style. My main working band's colour scheme is strictly monochrome too. More importantly I bet it sounds the nuts!
  2. Thanks for the offer man. If it’s the cherry sunburst one, I’m really not into that finish. Only 22 frets too. Want 24 ideally (unless it’s a four string P). Thanks again.
  3. I’ve owned a couple of Stingray 5s in my time. Great basses. Not what I’m looking for though. Thanks for the offer 👍🏽
  4. Found my man. Robbie McDade at rimcustombasses is nice and local and is on the case. Thanks all!
  5. Cheers Gary. I think I’ve got it sorted but I’ll remember you in future.
  6. It’s such a good’un for the money. It was my first five-string and is still one of the most comfy basses I’ve ever played.
  7. Hi all. Anyone know of any luthiers still operating during this time? I'm based in Bucks so would need to be fairly close. Need some fret levelling and possible installation of some electronics. Thanks
  8. Adjustable from 18 - 19.5mm. Currently set to 18. Thanks for the question. Have added this to the post.
  9. Here we go again! This is a Sandberg VM5 in satin Virgin White which I custom ordered through Bass Direct. I took delivery just before Christmas so it’s only a few months old. I’m sure there are one or two tiny knocks but nothing I can see really. I’d give it a solid 9.8 out of 10 for condition. I still have the original Sandberg box and everything. - Virgin White Satin (special order) with matched headstock - Alder body, maple neck, pau ferro fingerboard - Black hardware - 34” scale - Sandberg MM and P pickups - 2 band Sandberg preamp, active/passive push/pull. - Sandberg gigbag - Nice and light at 3.78kg/ 8.3lbs - Sandberg bridge - adjustable between 18 - 19.5mm Price drop to £1195 Would prefer a sale and might accept a near offer but also... Interested in other five strings preferably with 24 frets, 34” scale and 18mm spacing (or bridge that can be adjusted for spacing). Fairly open minded though so try me. May also consider a good old four-string P Bass. Please DM for sale or trade enquiries. I drive and could deliver/meet within reason
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