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  1. Nice review. Exactly how I feel about this bass. If I had cash and space in abundance, I’d keep it
  2. Price drop - £325 - Almost £200 off the price of a new one in this colour and comes with a gig bag.
  3. Hi all - This is a Yamaha TRBX505 which I bought brand new in late Jan this year. I’ve gigged it a lot in the last year but it’s still in great condition with only a few small marks. Still looks very fresh. Here are the specs - Mahogany body Maple/ mahogany five-piece neck with rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays (satin finish on the back) Satin white finish with matching headstock Two humbuckers 18mm string spacing 34” scale Three-band onboard preamp Active/ passive switch Powered by a brand new 9v battery (low battery indicator located on rear control cover) Strung with D’addario nickel wound 45-130 with lots of life left Recently setup Tourtech Gig bag included - I believe this is Anderton's own brand? It's a budget gig bag but has a neck support, good zips and lots of padding. Plenty of pocket space too. Great condition. I used it to transport the bass inside an SKB Bass Safe. Everything you’d expect from a Yamaha instrument - punches way above it’s price-point, plays beautifully and sounds great. A real work horse. I really like this thing but the arrival of a new custom Sandberg and the need for a new preamp pedal means it needs to go. Based in Linslade but I travel all over. I also still have the box the new Sandberg came in so postage would be very easy at this point. £350 £325
  4. I think I was reading about these a few months back. Very cool. Needs to be a pedal or DI box unfortunately.
  5. Thanks. I spent about an hour looking at AMT Bricks last night too. You know where all the good stuff is!
  6. Thanks - just bid on a VT1 pro on eBay. It's just over a hundred quid so might be well worth a go.
  7. Thanks so much for all the info. Any idea why you haven't been charged import and/ or VAT on the Shift Line pedals you bought in the past? If I could order an Olympic III without fear of getting hit with 20% VAT and import charges, that may well be the way to go for me. I'm now lusting after the Audio Kitchen stuff, no thanks to you! I love the simplicity and I bet they sound the nuts. To be honest, for the price of The Small Trees DI, I could just about get the full blown DI version of the WR Goliath. Similarly, for the price of the non DI version of The Small Trees, I could get the WR Gnome (basically a Goliath without the EQ section). Both of the WR pedals use a Lehle DI and all the audio examples I've heard sound wonderful. WR is also based in Europe so I doubt I'd have to pay any charges. I also like the fact that their products are bass-specific (the Goliath anyway). The Jule stuff is mega. I tried the Monique Dove Cage in the Gallery recently and loved it. I bet the Simone pedal sounds the nuts but is way above what I want to spend. Also interested in the Lehle Sonic Spark, which claims to add harmonic content similar to a tube amp. The audio examples sound great, it's sub £200 and I could stick it before my Radial DI. I guess I'm asking for the impossible - something like we've been talking about for £300 or less once it reaches my pedal board. Thanks again for taking the time to help.
  8. Anyone have any experience with these? I guess I’m hoping it’ll behave like a noble pre but for less than half the price and without the pesky import charges! Would love to hear from anyone who’s tried this. Also any recommendations for similar valve DI pedals that won’t brake the bank. I’m aware of the Olympic MKIII and The WR Goliath. Again, these come with import charges and/or very high purchase price.
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