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  1. Mmm know that feeling all to well ,good luck with your ongoing quest 👍
  2. Well it's another one for the chop spec 35" scale 5 piece maple neck/walnut neck Rosewood finger board Basswood body's w/quilted maple top 24 medium frets Mono rail ll bridge vari mid lll18 v pre amp ibanez pups string spacing 17 mm Made in Korea Fitted with Thomastik flats ,and a set of spares used strings worth a £100 pounds,screw on marvel strap locks it a brilliant bass I've used it at home but wasted with me to be honest small hand syndrome , if it was a 5 or a 4. I'd kept it , it's sounds and play great more info to follow the pics are rubbish and don't show its true loveliness ,I'd consider trades for a short scale medium scale bass or a headless bass money either way
  3. So when I get one change the strings , probably the ones I've tried in the past the strings could of been letting it down
  4. Thanks people ,I'll have a look at some shorties over the wknd I've looked at Scott Whitley basses but I'm not sure without playing one , operations on my hands is not a option really as industrial related
  5. Ok people I have a on going problem with hands /fingers ,I posted a thread a few years back on this subject .it's a condition called hand held vibration,or havs or white finger it's brought about by using heavy plant with my job,now I've been looking at short scale basses ,I currently own all long scale basses but unfortunately I think the times come to swap ,only thing that worries me is I love my j bass and my p the others I could live without .I know macca and the late great jack Bruce used shorties in their carears ,I've tried a couple didn't like them any recommendations on a decent one which will be a seriously good one and will give me what I'm after sound wise,cheers
  6. Your best off getting a band together with your mates , I have met some great people from jmb,but unfortunately I've met all the pink torpedo heads as well 😕
  7. A thing of beauty and legends glwts👍
  8. Hear,hear .Guitar wombler of 80s doing a 20 minute solo who had more make up on than a beautician and bigger hair ,oh deary me,wombler what a wombler do they collect rubbish lmfao🤣
  9. Thanks guys much appreciated as always ,I'm going back and I'll nail it next time👍
  10. It's a strange one indeed,the punks all gravited towards new wave and turned into some fine bands,even Johnny rotten went on to form public image ,so definition of genres is a odd one just saying
  11. L7 there's another one for you
  12. Thanks blue ,words of wisdom has always 👍
  13. One gig some smart derrière came upto to me ,oi mate do you know any cliff Richard ,so we did the young ones,,followed by Lionel Richie all night long with a salsa vibe ,the look on his face was priceless 😁😂
  14. That's it lozz ,oh bugger forgot the parrot 😂
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