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  1. Adam a top bloke drove all the way to Nantwich to deliver my now ibby 6 string bass , great bass , top bloke πŸ‘πŸ˜€
  2. Ovi bought the trace elf off me is a top bass chatter and payed straight away a credit to the forum, hope you enjoy it mate
  3. Hiya lovely people of bass chat, just a quick one I'm seriously looking at buying a six string bass as fours just don't do it for me no more, I've got a fiver which is great and my weapon of choice for rehearsals and home use the 4s don't get a look in no more, I'm willing too invest about £400 to 500 into one to see if it's for me any which I think it will be I don't have hands like pan shovels so 2foot wide neck out of the question and I'm going down chordal impro route suggestion please😌, cheers kev
  4. If you wasn't so far away I'd have this, glwts
  5. Great little amp as new [email protected] 4ohms, I'm moving house soon so , it was purchased of Wayneworld of this very parish new and boxed up anything I'm not using got to go as I'm moving house this year comes with all packaging and kettle lead think it's still got some warranty left on it also
  6. They really are superb, I traded mine because I couldn't justify keeping them proberly my fave cabs ever and I've had most of them over the years someone buy it before temptation gets the better of me
  7. Pics defo on later, I'm been busy and forgot all about this, sorry people
  8. I'm a sucker for bright colors, if it was something else yes but no thanks, sorry to all bf lovers yes I've had bf cabs before anyone jumps in , I just couldn't get on with them. I'll stick to my glockenklang cab for now till gas takes hold again which it often does
  9. Have a bump, it was mine, it was built by the bass doc if my memory serves me well I think it's also got kiogon wiring loom also, and I fitted standard tuners, it did have a drop D tuner also sounds like a flat battery, I'm very tempted, this was very Marcus Miller sounding and it wasn't a pertculiar heavy bass, hope that helps a bit, glwts
  10. Hiya Jeff ,a very worm welcome,OMG it's Jeff Berlin ,sorry I tried to keep my cool and failed miserably 😱
  11. It was very painful, even my dog left the the room in disgust 🀒
  12. Reminds me of my pet budgie Rocky , bless her gone but not forgotten , I don't think she could play double bass , but oh boy could she hold her own with that bell in her cage and hold a note , each to their own πŸ€”
  13. Sure this was one of mine at some point, beautiful beast it's sounds great if the one I had and plays like a dream if it was a 5 stringer this would now be sold to me, glwts
  14. I'm loving the old girl , great in a band situation too 😍
  15. Ha ha no worries, Karl, I've got a glockenklang space cab on the way from our very own the Greek
  16. Bump, if my Schroeders would sell I'd be buying these quick as you like
  17. Just met, Wayne's and his lovely wife Sue, to pick my now trace elf up, what a great fella he is, I love those hartke cabs and that bass OMG it just beautiful, tell Sue very good choice of bass. Deal with confidence people, Waynes a top guy Thanks wayne
  18. Hiya people, as above great bass, bought of this very parish a few months back think these are now discontinued,30inch scale fitted with flats I can't really tell you anything about it really bit swirling on the pick guard, bod is mint I can't find any flaws, I only used this a couple times at home it's really punchy and a pleasure to play no trades on this folks as I'm gonna culll the Hurd and more basses to follow as I'm only using a couple of my fave basses so Surplus to requirements, spec later will only post to anywhere at buyers expense collection or meet up,oh it's more of a orangey red than the pic portrays Cheers kev
  19. Bumb, cort really are great basses come on people show some love, if I hadn't switched to 5 stringes I'd snapped this up straight away glwts
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