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  1. Freedom of speech ,it's called they haven't taken that away from us just yet!!!
  2. Thanks peeps ,nice to be back😁
  3. Agreed I wouldn't give any artist the time of day who airs there political views, and especially those who are extremist, with their outdated Victorian views on life this we don't want at all in any shape or form, and if you do put in your music, but whining about you've run out of caviar for breakfast probably isn't a strong selling point for music!!!
  4. i know she was discovered by Dave gilmour or something like that ,my opinion is purely my own and my older brother would agree with you she a genius ,I have a very open mind but I just don't get it people
  5. Well I had a listern to her earlier on, I lasted 2 songs, it was like a cats choir only not as entertaining, I've had a lie down with some Chopin I'm all better now thanks for asking😱
  6. I appreciate people admiration for Kate Bush my older brother always liked her and still does I remember in 80s that's hounds of love album he played it to me Errr no thanks, I then retired to my pit and put on Thearte of hate, followed by some, anthrax, PS she was good eye candy 🍬
  7. Just heard Kate Bush on the radio is it just me I can't understand a word she sings, some xmas dribble of a song, awful pure torture
  8. Thanks, done the band thing to many times I love playing live but not lthe ate nights, it's my age 😱
  9. Having been messing about on my acoustic guitar for a few weeks, I picked one my basses up last night and you know what I actually enjoyed playing for me and playing stuff I enjoy it was great with a drum machine and lot of different effects
  10. Cheers people ,you're a lovely bunch and all your posts are much appreciated as always ,I won't stray far from the fold , I've met some of you over the years and some I haven't,all of you a lovely bunch ,big love too you all ❀️
  11. Well I've been pondering for a while now ,no proper band and only jamming now and then ,me and my musical journey on bass have finally come to a end .its a sad day indeed ,the band scene is not great around here either no more , so I'm gonna concentrate on my first love which is acoustic guitar ,take care everyone , over and out πŸ‘
  12. Thanks chris I think it's my way forward with some lessons
  13. Thanks peeps, much appreciated as always for all your advice, I do have a Fretless and six stringer and 5,think I'll concentrate on those babies for now, I'm definitely getting more into jazz and funk these days think that's answered my own self doubt really, cheers
  14. I can nail it live , when put on the spot , perhaps I miss the gigging, ,all my theory I learnt as a guitar player seems of gone out of the window ,perhaps I'm not loving bass as much these days and I may take a break and concentrate on my acoustic guitar for now or learn keys think the break will do me good to be honest as mentioned by Crawford 13 drums!!!
  15. Dear Deirdre I mean basschat ,Well I've finally admitted too myself my playing gone stale stuff ,I used find easy to play and study just doesn't happen no more and it's getting me down , I used know my circle of fifths , major scale , minor scale .and everything inbetween it become quit embarrassing I've even forgotten what key I'm in oh bugger ,My brain turns to mush ,I've even thought about lessons but finding someone near me in Nantwich in Cheshire is like looking for a needle in a haystack plenty of guitar tutors but no dedicated bass tutors , not really into Skype type of lessons any suggestions much appreciated πŸ˜•
  16. Oh whay, what a beautiful beast it is, if I could I would have it myself, ibanez build some beautiful instruments, glwts
  17. I really can relate with this, my Mrs calls me delboy because I shift gear all the while and this, really has me questioning my commitment to playing, and my current situation a jam a couple of times a month is hardly worth my effort or time even tho the rest of the band are great I don't reckon its going anywhere, I could sell and buy a nice motorbike and may do sooner rather than later, keep your fave bass Andy and shift the rest on and have some time away from it all and book your holiday, good luck matey on whatever you decide, PS amps and stuff can be replaced.
  18. Bach cello suite I'm still working on that one it's a swine it's probably gonna haunt me till I get it spot on, which could take some time!!!!!
  19. We've recently started playing ,run to the hills, number of beast,Steve Harris is monster bass player ,and it's hell of a workout for your fingers and there's no one to touch him in his style of playing, and we all love playing them as none of us have for years πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  20. I'm kicking it back in Mexico for a couple of weeks ,and more I visit the more the music is really coming into my life there's a great band on at the moment playing salsa and very upbeat jazz , , I'm going do some serious studying of this genre when I get back home, there's a chapter in the bass bible on this ,no I've not been at the tequila either not yet
  21. Welcome indeed sir ,if it hadn't been for learning guitar I'd never of gone onto bass ,but love playing flamenco guitar still , ukelele do both after all variety is the spice of life
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