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  1. Still for sale! if this doesn't sell soon i might withdraw it and keep it!
  2. It's just been announced that my band Black Atlas will be playing Bloodstock this year on the new blood stage! I can't wait!

  3. I started using a Precision, they seem to just work and be suitable for everything. I still like taking other basses out but i know the P bass tone works for me.
  4. I owned one for about eight years, I couldn't fault it at all, best bass i owned at the time by i country mile, but it was never the bass i picked up first. I could never get the sound i wanted out of it and it took me years to work that out and sell it. I changed the preamp from a 3 band to a 2 band and that did help a lot but it still never got where i wanted to be.
  5. according to the G&L Website: NECK WIDTH AT NUT: 1 1/2" NECK RADIUS: 12" NECK PROFILE: medium C I'd say it's closer to a jazz neck than a precision neck but i haven't played a precision neck in years.
  6. With bathroom scales it’s weighing in at approx 3.85kg or 8.5lbs.
  7. I would recommend Newtone as well. I used to use Kallium but switched to Newtones as easier to get hold of and a better price. I found they sound great and will help you with gauges if needed. In the past i have used light 5 string sets and instead of throwing the E string throw the G string. Link: i have used these from Rotosound.
  8. Yeah the neck is satin. And no I’m not interested in trades sorry! please DM me if you need anything else answering
  9. A tentative for sale of my G&L SB-2 Tribute In Sonic Blue. This is a brilliant bass and unfortunately funds are tight otherwise i would be keeping it. I'll take some more pictures when i can. it has the powerful MFD pickups and no tone control. just two volume controls. Unfortunately i can't currently post as i don't have anyway of packing it safely so collection only. Thanks
  10. I am selling my Barefaced Machinist pedal. its a great condition, has some velcro on the bottom. This pedal is great and very versatile. Here is the info on them: https://barefacedaudio.com/products/machinist Now Sold Thanks
  11. Geezer Butler Al Cisneros Jason Newsted James Lomenzo (met him at a guitar show and genuinely nice bloke, plus i loved Black Label Society at the time) John Deacon Scott Reeder
  12. I’m in Sandy myself so literally just down the road. Practice spaces I would echo what else has been said in this thread, I’ve used London Road studios in Baldock and Soundarc in Shefford for rehearsing for years. There is also a room at Bedford music centre that is available for practicing. Music scene is quite good in Stevenage for pub gigs. Hitchin has a really good metal scene centred around the Club 85 venue. They do Rhythms of the world in hitchin too which is a weekend town takeover festival. Baldock has Balstock as previously mentioned which is a similar affair to ROTW. And uses lots of pubs and places as venues up the high street. Bedford has quite a few pubs that will put live music on and Esquires is the big venue in the town and has a good scene for music.
  13. Artwork was done using Inkscape, printed onto water slide decal paper. It’s a plain box, cleaned. Bit of lacquer on the box and the decal. Then when the decal is slid on lacquer applied over the top.
  14. Yeah I’m running the dod into the megalith. The germanium mod on the dod makes a big difference to the sound. I don’t think I’d get what I want out of it if I didn’t have that mod.
  15. Ha it is Druid but does look like David. yeah the covers are called dust covers but I find them handy as insulation from the pot back touching things.
  16. Built a couple of pedals this past week. I usually use veroboard but bought a couple of pcbs this time instead. I only tend to build them if there difficult to buy or I’m going to modify them a lot. The smaller pedal is a dod 250 with switching between Ge or silicon diodes. I couldn’t find an original to buy/modify. So this was easier. The larger pedal is a megalith fuzz. I wanted a mk1 version but again couldn’t find one for sale.
  17. Thanks fella! the megalith is absolutely bonkers. I think it’s the fuzz sound I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the suggestion on that one! Really works well with my current set up. im running the dod all the time as a always on dirty tone but have had to add back in some bass on the amp.
  18. Bit of a change for me and built myself a couple of pedals. The smaller box is a dod 250 clone with ge diode switch option. The bigger box is a megalith clone. Both sound wonderful. The wah is a Wilson freaker mini wah.
  19. As Fireman changed to Firefighter, can we call them Soundfighters? sounds about right to me. 😀
  20. We had our first one back on Monday. Absolutley loved it, i was a little worried before hand, that for some reason the magic wouldn't be there but after the first song it felt great. I did manage to get a blood blister on my index finger seeing as it's the longest i've played in a long time plus i tend to dig in more when playing with others!
  21. My personal experience with compressors is that i have never spent a lot of money on one. i tend to buy a relatively cheap one, it either doesn't do anything audibly that i like or it is too complex for me to get what i want out of it, so i sell it on. I understand the reasoning behind them but i find them to difficult to use.
  22. Many years ago i let everyone at a gig use my amp as we were on last. When it was our turn to go on stage i found that the input jack had taken a hefty whack and was broken and kept cutting out if not in exactly the right place. from that moment on i have been a "you can use my cab but not my head' kinda guy, and most people are fine with that. My pet peeve is when people just expect to use your stuff (even just the cab) without even asking, if it hasnt already been talked about pre gig night. Whenever i'm not using my own cab i will always find out whose cab it is and ask them directly if they don't mind me using it.
  23. I usually take two basses to gigs but it's mostly as there both in different tunings. one in C and one in C#, i could probably get away with one bass and retune it but it makes my life easier and takes a little amount of stress out of the situation for me. Also means if things do fail i have a backup. I've only had one time at a gig where a bass failed and it was an active which stopped working (battery) when we only had time to line check. I was sure it was a new battery and didnt have a quick release to change it. Ended up quickly changing it, losing screws in the process and being annoyed for the rest of the gig.
  24. If i quit my band and decided to not gig again, i would be inclined to have/keep at least 2 basses. It depends on what you will be doing at home, i tend to gravitate towards playing along with tracks of bands i like. A lot of them downtune but some don't so my preference is to have a standard tuning and one which can live in a lower tuning.
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