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  1. My main 5-string bass right now...one of the few 5-strings that have a classic P-sound...to my ears...
  2. Can you say something about the Minnow? How does it compare to an API tranzformer or basscis bpa? I am looking for a clean, dynamic pedal preamp that sounds musical...
  3. Great basses - I have one and it rings like crazy. Just as background info: the heavier weight is due to the maple core in the body construction, i.e. somewhat inherent from the construction of the bass.
  4. xroads


    Thats a cool color!
  5. Great color! Love the darker kind of sunburst...
  6. I run mine flat as well, except with certain cabs I dial out some mids around 500Hz with the parametric EQ in order to remove a certain tubbiness in the sound. Sometimes I also use the Contour up to one quarter in order to get a different flavor.
  7. No - the cab changes the frequency range (mostly cuts off lows and highs), and adds some sponginess to the attack (like in the real world..). I have given up cab IR filters, as it adds too much mud to the band sound. Experts split the signal and go in parallel with one channel DI sound and one channel cab IR sound...
  8. This is exactly the reason why I haven't tried the Helix yet - I have a good preamp with some pedals going into the PA and power amp/cabs for the rock band (Mesa Subway), and for the studio I use a good tube preamp. That's all I need. However, if the Helix stomp could replace my entire pedal board (envelope/octave/vol pedal/comp) that would be something to think about...
  9. I would get a good preamp, which has all the connectivity you need (for in-ear, DI etc.), and has a great basic sound. This is IMHO the most important factor. Then I would add a booster/eq pedal in front to change to the slap sound. There are many out there (BB, MXR, Moer...).
  10. ...that is too bad...Good luck with the sale!!
  11. Where are you located? Is the neck straight? Have you checked the trussrod?
  12. The NYC basses nowadays are chambered to achieve that kind of weight....I wonder if this one is as well?
  13. Is the finish/lacquer original? Thanks!
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