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  1. Might be worth mentioning that the head is easily removable and so can be used on its own at venues where cabs are already supplied etc.
  2. Still one of my favourite bands. Care, Oil and Gold, the list goes on and on. My Spine is the Bassline is repetitive bass bliss.
  3. Absolutely great little combos. Mine was loud enough for rehearsals and small gigs on its own or larger venues with PA support. I got the matching extension cab too to get the full 500w. To be honest, I didn't really need the extension. GLWTS.
  4. Sorry, Logic 10.4.2 I'm running on an older machine than this. The accessories added definitely make this a no brainer!
  5. Great machines. I'm using a mid 2011 with 16gb ram with Logic X 10.2 something.and it's great. My Same year MacBook Pro with 8gb ram did the same. 2012 is an advantage too. Only 2 things stopping me buying this. You won't post and I've no cash 😂. Otherwise, it would be mine. GLWTS
  6. itsmedunc

    MB1 Feedback

    Bought one of them there straps from Martin. Great thing. Just the ticket really. Fast delivery and unopening the packaging entertained me for ages! 😂 Have no reservations, Martins a great bloke to deal with. Thanks again. Cheers Dunc
  7. Didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The characters definitely grew on me and I've paid good money to watch far far worse bands!
  8. It's a lot of money to ask for anything with the information provided.
  9. A pair of RCF 745's will cope with virtually anything. Keep a sub just in case.
  10. A " Those of who spend a stinky poo load of money on gear but are never happy with it" 😁
  11. Another one here for Barefaced. Two 110's and a Mesa Subway 800. Cracking rig. The Mesa has headphone and aux connections so you can play along to tracks silently.
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll scour the article tomorrow when sober. I've been offered a tour in the USA and Japan. A bit of an oddball set up really. The financial side is supposed to be sorted but there's so much to consider it's near impossible to set a date. Any info is greatly appreciated. Hopefully it will all happen 😁
  13. I used to worry about things like that. Fortunately (for me) my worries were mainly unfounded. If I do have a blank, (where applicable) I sustain the last note played until my brain catches up. Enjoy yourself when you play and don't worry too much about stuff you already know. Always remember that in the main that the audience will be too drunk to remember 😂 Good luck, you probably won't need it though ,
  14. A pair of BF 110's and a Boogie Subway 800 make enough noise for me and to cart around. Undoubtedly, a great sound too. Although another pair of 10's to add would certainly float my boat!
  15. Bought some strings from Steve. Great comms, nice guy and super fast delivery. They arrived before I knew I wanted them 😂 Wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Thanks again Steve. Cheers Dunc
  16. Ohm RW2 cab. It works (horn disconnected) but I thought it might be ok for a more powerful 12" speaker replacement. Sturdy well made wedge shaped cab. The cab is £25 and the fitted speaker is a bonus really. Hence the price. Postage could be costly and so collection is probably the best bet.
  17. Shure 55SH Series 2 mic £70 (used but no damage) NOW SOLD. OBBM speaker cabinet serialiser box £15 (I used it to connect 2x8ohm cabs to a valve head that only had 8 and 16 ohm capability) Millenium headphone monitor amp £15 (never used) SOLD. Behringer Power Play P2 personal monitor amp (like new) SOLD Everything has been lying in a drawer for a few years and so I can't say I'll miss any of them. All plus postage and insurance if applicable. I won't use Hermes etc so postage may be a little more than expected. However, if you choose to use them or any other cheap firm, then postage is at your risk. Collection from BB22SH
  18. Boss mini rack chorus ensemble RCE 10 £55 Boss mini rack comp/limiter RCL 10 £30 (crackle on output knob. Fine when it's set though. Sounds like a switch cleaner job, maybe a dry joint? Both from the 80's. Signs of wear commensurate with age. SOLD Boxed Boss RC-1 Loop Station pedal £40 SOLD Pending SOLD Boxed Boss SYB-3. £45 SOLD Pending Mooer Black Secret.Distortion (very RAT). £22 Boxed EHX Clone Theory stereo chorus £60 Korg Pitchblack mini tuner white £35 Pedaltrain Metro 20 with hard case £45 (has signs of use) Everything 100% working and in good condition or like new. Pics to follow. Please note - I tested positive for Covid the other day and so cannot take photos of the rest of the items just yet. They are in my home studio that I have not been in for almost a week now. As soon as I am clear, I'll upload the pics. Same goes for postage of the items. The soonest I'd imagine I could post would be Tuesday. Postage extra plus insurance where applicable. I won't use the budget firms to send but if you choose to use one of them, then postage is at your own risk. Collection from BB22SH
  19. I did a few gigs in Belgium and Luxembourg a few years back. The first few gigs one of these was supplied. I loved it. After that was an Ampeg Classic and an Ampeg 8x10. I loved that too but can honestly say that I had no preference between the two. Top kit. GLWTS.
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