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  1. I hope so! Sorry for any confusion! £400 for cab and the Elf seems a fair price to me 👍
  2. Please ignore the £1000! That was part of some other equipment that has now sold! It's £400 for the pair. Thanks 😀
  3. I've had plenty of accidents over the years that weren't my fault. The amount of bitter I've had this evening, I'll probably have a few more 😂 If I hadn't just acquired a compressor, this would be heading ny way. £4.50 posted in the U.K sounds a terrific deal to me too! GLWTS
  4. A mate of mine has one of these, it’s lovely and sounds absolutely great. Live, it sounds like it’s been recorded. I’m all sorted for MM but I’m still very tempted. GLWTS
  5. Decided to keep hold of this rig for a wee while longer. I need to gig the frfr setup really before I can decide properly. Thanks for all the the interest. Please ignore the £1000 price. It's £400 for both. Mini stack consists of - virtually new Trace Elliot Elf. Soft case and original box. Had it a while but it's only had minimal use. Cab in good condition with odd marks here and there. Virtually zero use in the last 2 years apart from to test. i can't imagine a smaller rig that is this compact and yet still giggable. No offers as I might change my mind and keep it as a backup though. May trade - Fender or Squier 4 string Precision or maybe Jazz. May add cash. Headrush 112 RCF active cab Other active cabs Consider a MacBook Pro. Collection preferred from BB22SH or arrange your own courier. Will be well packed.
  6. Oh! That makes me long for the days when I could stand upright! Great cabs. GLWTS
  7. Good news there Clarky. I found it made a good stand in for a Jazz or Precision 👍
  8. 😂 She's funny. Sorry to derail the thread but I had a 50kg Bully called Gibson and a 32kg Bully called Fender. They've both sadly passed now and so in keeping with the theme, this ones called Jazz 😂😂
  9. Sorry to hear that you're not getting on with it Clarky. If it had gone up for sale last week, I'd have bought it back. I rather miss it. It's a great bass too. Stupid me bought a dog instead though! Who knows what tomorrow may bring (hopefully enough for a Shergold 😁). GLWTS
  10. Impressive looking setup. I'm waiting for the day that the rest of the band members don't rely on me for the PA 😂 I'll then try out my RCF 745's in the same setup. I once did a gig where the bass player in the main band used 3 monitors. Two in front and one behind. I sound checked with it and it was fabulous. B'trds turned them off when we played! GLWTS.
  11. Had a pair of their 12's. Great lightweight cabs. Still miss them and regret moving them on. GLWTS.
  12. The cat may have had some industrial dental work 😂 I would have bought the bass (don't need the cat) last week. Unfortunately, I'm all bassed up now. GLWTS
  13. Well, Jeff supports free markets and in this instance, the case is greatly inflated in price obviously because Jeff is famous. Notorious it seems. It's a scandal really. Jeff obviously gave this away in good spirit and the capitalists are profiteering via his good will. As if any BC'er could afford the asking price anyway! It's tantamount to cruelty really. The world doesn't know what it's on about anymore and neither do I. I love beer me 😂
  14. I got one of these combos (the Warfedale version). It's great for the money. Warm and creamy and loud as it should be. The 30% mode works really well for bedroom and recording.
  15. Now that explains it 😂 - https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/mark--------phillips/201443/
  16. I bought Andy's SUB bass. Great fella to deal with. It arrived when he said it would and totally as described. I wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Thanks again Andy. Cheers Dunc
  17. I bought John's Bennett semi bass. Arrived when he said it would and exactly as described. Top bloke to deal with. Thanks again John. Cheers Dunc
  18. Fabulous basses. Went from Precision to one of these. Can't see me going back, although I miss my P immensely. GLWTS
  19. Bought a strap from Paul. Arrived quickly and totally as described. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. Thanks again Paul. Cheers Dunc
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