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  1. Would it not be possible for supporting members to have a thread to exchange/ trade gear? I can understand why, in the wanted ad thing, that BC doesn't want trades etc allowed in there. But if a subscription has already been paid, maybe it's fair to allow those members to advertise for trades directly? Just a thought 😁
  2. I tried to react to this with a like but it keeps on putting a confused face!
  3. In the previous version, my iPad used to glitch. If I had written something and tried to correct it with the backspace erase thing, it would go mad and delete most of what I'd written 😂 Since the new version, that hasn't happened! Fingers crossed 😁
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Apologies to anyone who has shown interest in the rig. I'm having a change of heart plus I've been asked to do some work that I'll need the set up for. If things change, I'll PM those who have shown interest first and then re-advertise. Apologies once again. I’m on holiday at the moment looking out to the beautiful sea in complete tranquility pondering bass gear 😂😂 Boogie in great condition, comes with carry bag. One of the 110’s has a bit of tolex peel. Otherwise, it’s all it good condition. I love this little rig. It sounds great and it’s loud and sounds full for it’s size. I really can’t fault it but I’ve realised that I really miss my Orange Terror bass and Barefaced Compact and Midget set up that I foolishly sold quite a while ago. I like the guts and drive I got from it. So, I’m looking to go back to the same or similar. However, if I can't get the right rig, I'd consider going FRFR. RCF or similar please. Would prefer a trade but would listen to offers or trades for the head and the cabs separately. I’m ideally looking for an Orange Terror head and a Barefaced cab/cabs set up or active FRFR cab. RCF etc. Plus cash my way if applicable. May consider a lightweight Ampeg head solution. Possible interest in a MB Multiamp too. Try me with anything lightweight really. I can only decline 😁 I’m not home until next Thursday so, I can’t post pics until then. Please PM with any offers.
  6. I’ve got a feeling this may have been mine a good few years back. To be honest I can’t remember the colour of mine but I remember it having a ding like that on the lower edge of the body. A bit of pitting. Even the bits in the neck seem familiar. I’ve always regretted selling it really. Unfortunately no cash but may have some stuff to trade. I’m away at the moment but live in Blackburn and if I think of anything you might be interested in, I’ll PM you. That’s if it’s still for sale of course!
  7. It’s supposed to say we’ll done that man! 😂😂😂😂 Sounds like I’m likening you to Ghandi! 😂😂
  8. Fab! Well done hat ma. My eyes will last years longer now 😁
  9. I wish to "Identify" as a Basschat Legend today but not tomorrow. Well, maybe part of tomorrow morning would be nice but I'm reserving my "Right" to cancel just in case. How will this be achieved without me being intentionally offended? Will there be a "Right Geek" badge for members who know about Ohms and that other hard stuff like that too? 😂
  10. Really like the look of this. Looks bob on for me. Skintio at the moment though unfortunately. I’ve got a USA Sterling with a maple neck funnily enough and this looks like the ideal partner for it. What more would a player need? The Sterling’s are are top notch as I’m sure this is too. Good luck.
  11. I’ve got a pair of 745’s and they are great. To be honest, due to Covid, they are the best ever unused active cabs in human history. I’ve owned the same pair twice! Geddy’s Nose (BC name) bought them, then bought some Evox 12’s and so sold the 745’s to me. Covid came and Geddy missed them so he bought them back. I missed them then and so I bought them back. To and fro like a wayward partner 😂 They now lie under my desk, exactly where they lay the first time and they lay under Geddy’s desk the twice that he owned them too. John Wayne saw more action 😂 However, hopefully things will change very soon!
  12. I think that was the very bass that Admiral Nelson designed and built for a bit of noodling and a spare paddle 😂
  13. Deep breath’s everyone. Keep calm. Talk to someone if needs be but please try not to overwhelm the Samaritans. There could be a guitarist trying to get through admitting that he doesn’t know everything….. about everything 😂
  14. I have two weeks holiday coming up and a Spear and Jackson number 5 with a gilt handle shovel itching to dig a basement 😂
  15. I had written a lengthy reply but scrapped it for this - You aren't broken! Once a room is filled and the band is playing the dynamics change. Plus, singers know nothing about sound 😂
  16. Bought a tuner from Patrick, it arrived quickly, safe and as described. Great communications too. Thanks again Patrick. Cheers Dunc
  17. The JV 57's had strap buttons on the headstock. My JV 57 did not have any dating on the heel but there was no question that it wasn't a JV. I don't get why the dating on that heel can still be seen although the lacquer has gone? It must have been pencilled on by a man with a heavy heavy hand 😂
  18. The singer in one of the bands I used to play in didn't have a clue. He persisted until he got things right though. Once in rehearsals the guitarist and I were working something out and we asked the singers opinion. He said "Don't ask me, how am I supposed to know? I'm a singer. My job is to shout and look pretty" 😂😂😂😂
  19. I'm sure Hooky used to have one of these (or very similar) at Suite 16 in the early 90's. GLWTS
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