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  1. chaps.....any idea how to change the LED colour on my Helix LT I've done what the manual says and re-named the snapshot and assigned the led colour, but it doesn't change it? The led works on testing. Am i doing something wrong?
  2. Moving pictures for being the most complete sounding album, but then....power windows coz its just amazing!!
  3. I've read everything......its working now....i didn't do anything different , i just kept switching it on and off and eventually it kicked back to updating. strange!
  4. I have a feeling of impending doom! I tried to update my Helix to the new firmware and it stopped at half way...i waited 4 hrs then switched it off. Now its permanently saying Boot Failure. Entered update mode! its no longer recognised as a device on my PC. Has anyone else had any issues like this...I've got a gig soon too!!
  5. Another Smooth Hound user here. Its just a jack and no pack. It automatically picks a channel so when annoying gitarist comes over with his wireless my signal doesn't drop.
  6. December 1987 in Dalgety Bays local church (Fife Scotland).....not that we were regulars there but they had a stage. I played guitar then......we got payed in juice and crisps that didn't sell (we were all ages 16/17) and i think we were awful but i enjoyed it.
  7. My first disaster was 30 odd years ago with a guitar, after seeing Steve Vai throw his guitar round his head in a video i thought i'd try it. The strap cam off mid fling and it hit the dresser and snapped the head-stock off!! it was 3 days from new! I fixed it though. More recently i packed my new Ibanez in my soft case back pack but zipped it down to the bottom.....it opened over gravel, lots of gravel marks on the back body but luckily nothing on the neck or more serious damage, i now zip it up the way.
  8. years ago i was in an originals band and we auditioned a few singers. This guy had asked for a copy of some songs we had and would put lyrics and vocals on. He turned up with a carry out. Proceeded to attempt a song but stopped about 30 seconds in and said 'Christ, i sound like a donkey!'he then downed about 2 cans and swigged from an unknown brand bottle. He was terrible and to say he sounded like a donkey would be unfair to donkeys. after, he even asked for a lift home!
  9. Recently i saw a Frank Zappa tribute band called Pygmy Twylyte for only 2 nights during the Edinburgh festival they had Ex Zappa plays Zappa singer Ben Thomas guesting. It was incredible! The guitarist can play in the style of Frank and swap to a more Vai impression if needed. I never had the fortune to see Frank but love this band for keeping the music of Zappa going.
  10. Henry's Cellar Bar, Bar Brig, Opium.........smallish places, also just about everywhere in the next few weeks does music as part of the Fringe......I'm busy anyway!
  11. I was told recently that my Trace was too big to play at the small venue we were playing and most of the other small clubs too....so, i bought an ampeg practise amp (here) Also i got myself an acoustic bass so they have no excuse but to invite me along.....
  12. Leen2112


    I bought an Ampeg combo from Nick recently and although the courier gave us the runaround Nick was always on hand and proper gentleman like at all times. Good use of bubble wrap too.
  13. Believe it or not our drummer is possibly the quietest drummer ever heard........or not .......really.
  14. Hello folks, I am looking for a small easy to carry combo. I have recently joined a new outfit who tend to do more open night kind of gigs opposed to full on shows. My trace and Ampeg set ups are too big so i was looking at something like the Ashdown AAA 15 watt or the Ampeg BA-108 20 watt. Both are well priced as i don't really want to spend too much on what will be a third choice amp! Any folks got experience in small gigs with either or is there more out there i've not found?
  15. I used to go see them on the first few tours here, I'd travel over the UK to catch them as i absolutely loved them. They would invite anyone waiting by the stage door for autographs inside while the crew took the stuff down, they would stay for ages talking to us, what a lovely bunch of lads. I kind of lost touch after Dogman but if they had booked a gig in Scotland I'd be there!
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