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  1. Theres one on ebay from the Warman shop, last one though.
  2. £20 eh? I`ll have it, I`m looking for a new headless project.
  3. Wrap the plate like I did, costs a fiver and is reversible, try a Warman pup in it, I love mine with one in.
  4. And reversible, wrapped my tort one on the matt black HB
  5. Could be tempted to sell my 70`s Vintera at some point, can`t see it ever getting used to be fair!
  6. Nice that, I would leave the bridge though it would match the Hipshot tuners
  7. I have to say, having played mine almost exclusively since putting the Warman pup in, my bitsa P with the Warmoth neck (that cost over twice as much as the HB on its own) will be going up for sale, possibly parting it out. They are that damn good!
  8. Quite a bit, much more aggressive sounding which is more to my taste but not everyone's and they've good balance across the strings.
  9. Stew, what is the neck like on the P Bass compared to the MM chunk wise?
  10. I had a the 5 string sunburst and it had a monster neck on it, I`m thinking for the black ones they may have revised the profile of the necks, certainly the 4 string I`ve now got is really comfortable and quite shallow, maybe some extra weight is coming from the chunky neck?
  11. Is it one of the black ones or sunburst?
  12. Looks like mine might have just had a dodgy set on, good to know for others.
  13. I think I've got a set of dodgy strings, I've only seen this once before when Chris from Alpher posted a video on facebook about a bass that had very low output, turned out the strings weren't magnetic and I've just tried mine and they're the same. First string is just a random string and it sticks to the pickup, second is the one off the HB all 4 are the same and it doesn't! 20201129_181424.mp4
  14. There you go. The Warman has a slightly bigger casing and needs a little filing to make it fit but it`s worth it.
  15. Did another little mod yesterday and found out the bass's weakness, installed the Warman pickup and expected it to instantly have more output and grunt.....but no! Wired it in just as a humbucker and it was a little better than standard but still disappointing compared to other basses I have with the same pup. I noticed a bit of fluffyness to the sound, put a set of strings on that I had lying around and voila it's the monster it was meant to be, the standard strings are rubbish! Just need now to give it a couple of weeks till I get the Kiogon loom and switch and my mods are done!
  16. Well after 20 minutes with a Stanley blade and some good old sticky back plastic (get down Shep!) for anyone who wanted to know how it looks in stealth mode, here it is and isn't it sexy!
  17. As an owner of the MB4 and former owner of the old P/bass style with baseball bat neck, I can categorically state `this ain`t no baseball bat`! I hate baseball bat type necks with a passion but this is extremely comfortable and very similar in fact to My 4 string Alpher.
  18. I thought that about the guard but it`s actually growing on me, I might vinyl wrap it black at some point though just to check as there won`t be an off the shelf replacement available.
  19. My mods are starting next week, new Warman pup and kiogon loom with 3 pos toggle.
  20. I had a Retrovibe Tele a few years ago that I traded with someone from this site, was full scale with 2 mm humbuckers and a cracking birdseye maple neck, unfortunately it was slab bodied and killed my arm so I got rid of it, would have been a keeper if it wasnt for the sharp edges.
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