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  1. Yes indeedy, im thinking of putting one at either end of the board, and/ or having the option to simplify switching a bit
  2. My Pickle Pie B had gone intermittent at the switch. It appears to have fixed itself, so back on the board with a rebuild and removal of 18 months worth of foot-crap, and 80 more pedals in the new zoom firmware update
  3. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1504939713' post='3368385'] It can ;-) [/quote] Apologies are in order - have i missed this? Im on the phone browser version
  4. Interesting idea, im going to sign up. Itd be good if the site could filter pedals by type rather, than manufacturer?
  5. Deal me in. Some of you may have spotted this sexy beast on social media. She came home today, courtesy of Mark and Co at Bass Direct (thank you Mark!). General spec: Alder body Quilt maple top (I had a choice of quilt maple blanks via email, which was ace) Blue burst finish Rock maple neck, lacquered Birds eye maple fretboard Hipshot tuners Luminlay blue side dots (amazing!) Delano alnico P/J pups Delano Sonar 3 MSE 3 band pre w/ pull to toggle passive on the volume pot She's beautifully assembled and finished. Sounds great! Very very light, too, and not the faintest hint of neck dive... 5 years in the making, I'd been thinking of ordering this bass from Carvin, but having mostly lurked on BC for some years, I'd totally missed Maruszczyk. I never went with Carvin as I just couldn't take a punt unseen - I'd gone into Bass Direct to try a nice blue/ black Spector - only to find i didn't like the neck or the sound at all (sorry, Spector fans!). Then Mark put a stock P/J in my hands, and this is what we came up with...
  6. You can also switch off the mute in the tuner mode, at which point it's bypassed. Just remember to time your switch just a second or two before you need the clean again.
  7. Some thoughts after giving it some beans. It shifts at least as much air as the Peavey 210 TX it replaced. I'm chucking 350W at it, so I was a little reticent to give it [i]all[/i] of the gain/ loud dial, and took a little care with low end, but the power and bass output both seem more than ample anyway. Clarity is very good, as you would expect. Otherwise really pleased with the weight and size; I can get to the gig on public transport, or one-trip a schlep down the road from a car park to a bar, and the heaviest thing in hand is the pedal board.
  8. [attachment=201892:20151002_185516-1.jpg] another one. More than enough power to be *really* antisocial here. The acid test is Sunday's rehearsal... I'm hoping to deploy this as a gig rig, more or less all of the venues we play have FOH sound so portability and a decent stage volume is all I need out of it. Besides which, Mrs subrob has granted a free pass for it to live in the front room. Build quality looks really good. And it smells nice.
  9. Hello. Asking the forum's thoughts and experiences with the earlier SVT3PROs, please Situation in brief is that a drummer friend has proposed a trade. My nice drum set, for his nice bass amp*. I have an idea of what my drum set is worth to me, but this, less so. Scouring google, the modern faceplate model seems ubiquitous and this older model (which appears to be 2000 ish? USA made) is relatively rare. Does any citizen of this parish have any experience with the generational changes in the SVT3PRO? Any electronic or spec differences? Any specific things to look out for with these older models? Also, while the pics are not the clearest, any help identifying the cab? Is it a HLF? It's certainly a 4x10, looks to be ported. As I say, my friend is a drummer by trade, so not ([s]bright[/s]) 100% conversant with the subtler differences. ;-) Also, I've studied past sales on here and fleabay but this older model seems rare. Is that more or less valuable? Can I ask what sort of value others would place on these bits? Pics here: [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4ii4gw7p8p8eo6/11650896_10153520707681454_974179885_n.jpg?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/b4ii4gw7p8p8eo6/11650896_10153520707681454_974179885_n.jpg?dl=0[/url] [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/wwkajg7t9dvbr45/11280411_10153520707111454_829526324_n.jpg?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/wwkajg7t9dvbr45/11280411_10153520707111454_829526324_n.jpg?dl=0[/url] [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/janqofwwbjp93v3/11650899_10153520707916454_1721809544_n.jpg?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/janqofwwbjp93v3/11650899_10153520707916454_1721809544_n.jpg?dl=0[/url] [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgr6acy2p04218w/11275516_10153520707971454_1219186504_n.jpg?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgr6acy2p04218w/11275516_10153520707971454_1219186504_n.jpg?dl=0[/url] [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/yoiynhl3ixn4e8n/11541094_10153520706471454_1012855897_n.jpg?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/yoiynhl3ixn4e8n/11541094_10153520706471454_1012855897_n.jpg?dl=0[/url] [url="https://www.dropbox.com/s/v15jil56pcxjpdd/11427895_10153520706726454_1135838505_n.jpg?dl=0"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/v15jil56pcxjpdd/11427895_10153520706726454_1135838505_n.jpg?dl=0[/url] Thanks in advance :-) * To be clear, this enquiry is totally unrelated to any BC member or marketplace advert. Ta to Sibob.
  10. I bought a Sansamp bass driver DI from Paulo. Very pleased, and happy to recommend.
  11. MB Fusion and a Peavey 2x10 on a couple of milk crates is my gig rig versus 3 guitars and the drummer from that dairy milk advert. It'll be working closer to capacity than the guitar amps but it's loud enough, for now. Sounds good, to me. 9 out of 10 gigs it's just a stage monitor, but seemed to carry a pub sized room, too.
  12. It took me 4 years to figure out that rolling the bass off stopped the mids getting buried. Don't worry about trying flats either if the fancy ever takes. It's vintage P thump territory but the mid presence sits a bit lower.
  13. [url="http://www.soundbroker.com/dynImage/?listingPicid=20377"]http://www.soundbroker.com/dynImage/?listingPicid=20377[/url] If you've seen one of these things in the flesh. They're not the last word in clarity but they don't half make a din. Lifting not recommended. But, as a light 4 x 12 and the addition of what? Another 12? For mid and top drive, and we're behemothically cooking. Next stop? Danley Matterhorn. Does anyone make a lightweight shipping container?
  14. I re - shod my sub a couple of months ago, I'd never had flats before. It changed my life, for what I do with it. Really warm, tempering the top end and bringing the mid range to life. With the compressor it sounds to me like a good studio sound straight from the amp.
  15. I'd be interested. Redbridge Studios in Bolton could give 2/3 rehearsal sized rooms and they have kitchenette type facilities. Only a couple of miles from the bass lounge, too, if I'm not mistaken.
  16. If anyone is interested in a shared permanent room/ lock up in central Manchester, drop me a message.
  17. Mooer noise killer received with thanks. All as described. Spot on.
  18. [quote name='essexbasscat' timestamp='1427534326' post='2731453'] Are there multi channel limiters out there that can be used for multiple PA desk inputs ? [/quote] Yep, plenty, see DBX or Behringer. 4 channels of comp/ limit/ gate in 1U is common for live drums processing, amongst other things
  19. If any of you casually use the word 'brought', as in to bring, when you mean 'bought', as in to buy, please take a moment to place your head into a lavatory and operate the flush mechanism. Repeat as necessary until such time as a life-changing urge to permanently stop that misuse overcomes you. Cheers
  20. Low threshold 4:1 compression is always on for me. But, in the metal context I'm up against fairly compressed distorted guitars (3 of). My sonic box is about big enough for a pair of trainers, so the objective must be to fill it... In the other band, AIC covers (vs 1 distorted guitar, I actually really enjoy the control and fullness it seems to lend.
  21. What you're experiencing is an electromagnetic feedback loop. An inductive loop system is intended to take an audio feed and fill the room with it. A hearing aid has a 'T' position for use with a phone. In brief, it's a small coil of wire, designed to induce electromagnetic current. Where else do we see these coils? Ah yes, wrapped around the pole pieces in our pick ups. Be alert to any dynamic mic also exhibiting the same behaviour, or (any mic) being the means by which your instrument is interacting with the loop. It is a feedback loop, so any steps you can take to break it, I.e getting guitars away from the loop routing, should help. If the loop is fed from the main out of a mixer, or fed from the mixer on a basic mixer amp, then breaking the link might be tricky. Turning the loop amp down or off might be the only option. Unless someone has ££s to spend on a newly installed low spill array loop system, and you can get under the church floor to cable it.
  22. My earliest gas was an Iceman bass, that I'd all but forgotten. It's back. Thanks, thread. ;-)
  23. I bought a white progressive series 5 er. I had to do a lot of work on the neck to get it playable, I shimmed it in fact. But Thomann were pretty good about it when I wrote to them with my comments. The fit and finish are as you'd expect, pretty functional. The sound is pretty good, kinda P bass, I thought, maybe a bit thicker, and more variety, too, when rolling towards the bridge pick up. Band liked it. I too found that it eats batteries in days, so I found myself having to remember (with natural hit and miss) to take the battery out. It's gone back in its bag tbh, I can't say if it's the bass, the tighter 5 string spacing, or poor technique on my part, but I found that my right hand cramped up solidly after an hour or two at practice. At this point I'd consider selling it. Happy to have tried it, non the less.
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