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  1. [font=Arial][color=#3C3241]This 600W tc electronic RS410 cab is in mint condition and has never been gigged. I have only used it in rehearsals. Those familiar with the Rebel Stack will know that it contains 4 x 10" Eminence drivers and a 1" tweeter. [/color] [color=#3C3241]I know that not everyone likes tc electonic gear. I personally never got on with the RH450 amp, but I have always liked these cabs. I had the whole set, 2 x 10, 2 x 12 and this.The cab provides plenty of low-end definition, and an adjustable high-performance tweeter control at the back lets you add just the right amount of high-frequency detail. It has a robust construction and quality speakON connectors. When I have used it in rehearsal I liked the big-sounding performance and it allowed me to instantly get the loudness and tight response I wanted from my Ashdown amp, [/color][/font] [font=Arial][color=#3C3241]It comes with a tc electronic dust cover to protect it.[/color] [color=#3C3241]My reasons for selling it are that I am no longer playing as seriously as I used to, so only need the RS212 which I will keep,[/color][/font][color=#3C3241][font=Arial]and I am moving house and won't have the room for it anyway. So it has to go. For that reason I am looking for a sale rather than a trade for another cab. [/font][/color] [font=Arial][color=#3C3241][b][u]RS410 Tech Specs[/u][/b] [/color] [color=#3C3241]Dimensions: W x H x D 664 x 596 x 427mm [/color] [color=#3C3241]Weight: 37 kg / 82 lbs [/color] [color=#3C3241]Power handling: 600 Watt [/color] [color=#3C3241]Enclosure: 18mm plywood side panels, 18mm rounded carved hardwood corners [/color] [color=#3C3241]Surface treatment: 'Anti-skid' dual component surface [/color] [color=#3C3241]Porting: Dual front porting [/color] [color=#3C3241]Woofer: Eminence custom 10" [/color] [color=#3C3241]Tweeter: Eminence 33mm voicecoil, titanium diaphragm [/color] [color=#3C3241]Tweeter adjustment: L-pad (off - 0dB) [/color] [color=#3C3241]Impedance: 8 Ohm [/color] [color=#3C3241]The buyer can collect from Tunbridge Wells if convenient or I will send it by courier at the cost of £28 to be paid by the buyer. [/color][/font] [attachment=210816:IMG_20160127_145421.jpg] [attachment=210817:IMG_20160127_145445.jpg] [attachment=210818:IMG_20160127_145529.jpg] [attachment=210819:RS410-medium.jpg] [attachment=210820:IMG_20160127_145506.jpg] [attachment=210821:IMG_20160127_145356.jpg] [font=Arial][color=#3C3241][b]Thank you very much for looking. [/b][/color][/font]
  2. THIS IS NOW SOLD [size=4]I am selling my[b] tc electronic RH450 bass amp/head.[/b] I have owned it since I bought it new just under 2 years ago. It is in very good condition cosmetically and functionally. I have used it for rehearsals and a few gigs but there is hardly a mark on it and all control knobs are present and working. It also comes with the RC4 footswitch. [size=5]Price £320 [size=4](not £510 but editor won't let me change it for some reason) [/size][/size][/size] Sale only, I'm not looking to trade. This is a bass players' site so I assume most will know all about this piece of kit. For those who maybe don't here are some details. It is a wonderful little amp, with a fantastic sound and which is very light and easy to transport. The RH450 amp is rated at 450W into 8Ohms. It has an input that accepts passive or active instruments, 4 semi-parametric tone controls with light rings around each knob that make your settings visible even on dark stages, and with tone centers that can be adjusted. Other features include an integrated tuner that is precise and extremely easy to use and which is on all the time so you can check your tuning at any time whilst performing. It has 3 user-memory (pre-set) locations which let you store your favorite set-ups. A TubeTone circuit affects both the preamp and the output for realistic valve/tube-amp character. SpectraComp technology provides multi-band compression that is even across all strings. I/O is comprehensive and includes an AES/EBU connection. Presets, Mute, and Tuner can be selected remotely with the RC4 floor controller which is included (tc electronic sell this separately for about £160). There is also a rear panel-mounted Rehearsal Input which allows you to plug in your iPod, phone, computer or MP3 player for easy practicing and playing along with recorded music. The headphone amp is of high quality and includes a speaker filter on the bass signal. I don't have a tc electronic case for it but have made my own which works pretty well.. It will cost about £25 to send by courier or the buyer can collect from Tunbridge Wells if preferred. Many thanks for looking. [attachment=207555:IMG_20151211_154512.jpg] [attachment=207556:IMG_20151211_154555.jpg] [attachment=207557:IMG_20151211_154617.jpg] It is advertised elsewhere so will be removed if it sells.
  3. Hi, is this still for sale? Last post was over a month ago. Cheers S
  4. As I have had no interest in this I have decided to withdraw it and keep it.
  5. Thanks Glen. It is in really good condition, but hey ho, times are hard financially so I guess people are short of cash. Sorry it's not a 5-string! Cheers S
  6. Still no interest in my Thumb Bolt-On. I'm not really desperate to sell and think that £800 is a fair price so will leave it here for another week. If it doesn't sell I will remove it and keep it. A really lovely guitar for someone though! Cheers S
  7. This is still for sale. As a newbie I'm amazed at the number of basses for sale here so maybe it is a bad time to sell as I have had no interest at all. Maybe someone will make me an offer?
  8. Thanks very much Nick. Good to hear from you. Hope all ok with you and the family. All the very best Stefan
  9. [size=6][b]WITHDRAWN - [/b][size=4]as I've had no interest I will hang on to it. (Please delete)[/size][/size] [size=6][b][color=#333333]Warwick Thumb, Bolt-on neck, 4 string. [/color][/b][/size] [size=5][color=#333333]German made. [size=4]I think it is a [size=5]2001[/size] model (the serial no. ends in 01)[/size][/color][/size] [color=#333333]This is a truly lovely bass; superb quality German craftsmanship and in almost perfect condition, with only a couple of the tiniest marks which are very hard to see. Although gigged regularly, I have really looked after this beauty. [/color] [color=#333333]For those not familiar with this bass, the body has an arched top and concave back for playing comfort, and has a three-piece ovangkol long-scale neck, a wenge fingerboard with 24 ultra-hard jumbo brass frets. [/color] [color=#333333]It has amazing attack and that well-defined Warwick mid growl. You can vary the timbre with the superb active electronics, 2-band EQ controls, all fully working. [/color] [color=#333333]It comes with Hipshot Extender (drop D) tuner (original Warwick machine head included), new Elixir strings, security strap locks, Warwick Rockbag and truss rod key. [/color] [color=#333333]I am not interested in trading for another bass, I am [/color][color=#333333]selling because I have too many bass guitars - a lot of money hagning prettily on the wall! - and I am finding that I am using my Streamer and Corvette fretless more than the Thumb. [/color] [color=#333333]Description: [/color] [color=#333333]Thumb Bolt-On, 4-string [/color] [color=#333333]Natural oil finish [/color] [color=#333333]Ovangkol body [/color] [color=#333333]34" (long scale) ovangkol neck [/color] [color=#333333]Wenge fingerboard [/color] [color=#333333]24 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard) frets [/color] [color=#333333]Black hardware [/color] [color=#333333]Warwick tuners + Hipshot Drop D Extender[/color] [color=#333333]2-piece Warwick bridge [/color] [color=#333333]Active MEC J/J Pickups [/color] [color=#333333]Active MEC 2-way electronics [/color] [color=#333333]2-band EQ [/color] [color=#333333]I am happy to send this by courier. I am guessing it would cost £30-35 with insurance, but would have to confirm that on purchase. Or the buyer can collect it if they are prepared to come to Tunbridge Wells.[/color] [color=#333333]If you want any further information j[/color][color=#333333]ust ask, and thanks for looking.[/color] [color=#333333]PS [/color][color=#333333]This bass is advertised elsewhere so will be removed if sold [/color] [attachment=189799:P4170215.JPG][attachment=189802:P3290339.JPG][attachment=189803:P3290337.JPG][attachment=189804:P3290338.JPG][attachment=189805:P4170218.JPG][attachment=189806:P3290333.JPG] [attachment=189807:P4170216.JPG][attachment=189808:P3290328.JPG][attachment=189809:P4170220.JPG][attachment=189811:headstock front.jpg]
  10. I bought Nick's Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman. A beautiful instrument and an easy transaction with a lovely guy. Excellent communication and extremely helpful. I know you were sorry to part with it but it has gone to a good home where it will be lovingly cared for! Thanks very much dude all the best to you and your family. Keep on rockin'
  11. Many thanks again to everyone for your thoughts and comments. Sounds like they are a good bet. I will go and try some out. S
  12. A big hanks to everyone for their replies and comments. Really helpful. So it seems the consensus is that they are good bases throughout the range, well built and good tone (but not for everyone), with thin necks, so easy to play but not to everyone's taste, and buy second hand because they loose their value quickly (even though they are good). All great advice. I will go and try some out. Huge thanks again. S
  13. [size=4]Are there any Ibanez owners, out there? What do you think of them? Ibanez have been recommended to me by a few musicians generally but I want other opinions, especially from bass players who own, or have owned them. I know there are many models so some advice as to what to look for would be useful. Advice on build quality, sound quality, and any known problems/faults etc would also be helpful. [/size] [size=4]I'm looking for a 4-string fretless, preferably active. For example is the SDGR 300DXF any good?[/size] [size=4]Cheers[/size] [size=4]S[/size]
  14. It is actually brand new not second hand. But I think I have sold it to someone else anyway. They are offering my asking price.
  15. Yes, I suppose you are right. I'll give it a while longer. Thanks S
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