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  1. I have never purchased any bass strings before, not sure what size and type I need to buy. My bass is a strange 2003 Squire pj with 22 frets and 2 tuners each side headstock. Are new strings all the same length. I play punk rock style stuff.
  2. I would like to replace the volume and control pots on my Vintage branded bass as electrical cleaner no longer stops them crackling. They are also so slack that they turn themselves. Can somebody reccomend a brand they know is reliable so i dont end up buying rubbish.
  3. I think most combos and cheap cabs are a fair low volume compromise but suffer from a less than ideal cab design or speaker choice to go loud. I opened one brand new well known make of cab and found a 100 watt speaker in a cab rated at 200 watts at 8 ohms. When I contacted the maker they said if the speaker failed they would replace but it never did and I never had trouble with it at medium volume. I reckon your combo is ok for most uses? Changing any speaker in a combo is very hit and miss but may be ok for low and medium volume. I have used a few less than perfectly designed combos in the past and managed. Do you have a decent extension cab that is great quality and a keeper? I am a fan of Bills diy cabs and it always surprised me how much volume comes out of ones i made using just a single Beta 10 speaker compared to cheap commercial cabs i used.
  4. When I started as a power guy my boss told me the head sparky and bands would be really polite. In all honesty the bass players always were.
  5. For me Babymetal saved the tv feed from Glastonbury 2019 from tumbleweed. Sure there is the odd backing track but they are all brilliant performers and the singer does a great job no matter what is going on with backing tracks in some songs. Plus one to them from me. Very tight.
  6. Transmission a joy division cover band at Corby Tallisman 28 march.
  7. The last time I plugged into a affects pedal for bass guitar was 37 years ago. I had no choice , as a support bands bass player i was told not to bring my bass amp on stage (at least we were allowed to play on the stage this gig but that's another story) not to touch a thing except the main band bass players jack plug and stick it in my bass and play which meant i was playing punk rock through a flanger which I dare not switch off nor knew how into a Trace Elliot set for slap by a Nick Karn sounding outfit.. I sounded strange. Fast forward to this week when I purchased a mint used boss obd3. I heard it can be quite subtle which I wanted and have got. I didn't expect to be able to do Slipknot with it though but who knows what you might cover next?. I think it's good for the money and hopefully one more distraction for the grandchild from video games. Here , dial in some gain boy.
  8. I recently cut the head off a hh studio amp even though it was small and did the same on my ex Baron Knights B100 Yamaha combo. On the Trace i would just rack the amp and sell three of the great speakers and use one in a homemade cab for practice then buy a lightweight cab for gigs. But that's just me.
  9. My only job is preparing the generators that some of you may have had the dubious pleasure of plugging into at events or festivals. I know bass players are generally considerate people so you will know where the power comes from at outdoor gigs. I don't usually attend events (except for breakdowns) to set up, or tours as I am depo based to carry out the initial servicing and cable prep. the worst power generator failure i saw was when power went down during a U2 gig at mk bowl. Bad because somebody found Bono a live mike to talk into during the temporary outage. The only money i made from a gig was a fiver which played for my quater share of our demo tape, in 1982.
  10. The jury is still out as this could be my beat or worst purchase of 2019. It may sound ok with bass (yea, i know) but for 30 quid new/old stock from pmt northampton it was worth a punt and is older than most of the staff who work there. The quality mains transformer and cable adapters that come with it are worth as much as 30 I recon. It also weighed more to carry out the shop at the same time as the Id core 10 I bought for the grandkids to mess around on. (I know, also guitar)
  11. If anyone wants this cab for free you can come and fetch it from Kettering today nn15. tomorrow It's in the skip like a lot of my families stuff will be. Tuff luv today. It's still as is in the photos, unfinished but works. I am not playing at the moment and am clearing the garage out. Phil.
  12. I am intrigued now and want to try some. I have used foam plugs since 1981 after a Ramones gig broke the camels back. I have used them for playing, going out, gigs, sleeping if there is noise and 5 days a week all day in industry and the teenage tinnitus has faded slightly over the years. But not much.
  13. Sorry to hear that. My dad says interest rates went to over 20% at that time.
  14. The speaker is mounted back a touch . I presume a small gap forces the sound out quicker and the flared horn disperses the sound better.
  15. Must be oxygen free don't forget. He he. I use those one metre lengths of immersion heater cable you can get from Screwfix.
  16. Olney thread, cool. Posh as ..... Many happy childhood memories at Emberton park then off into Olney to lower the tone.Welcome to the forum.
  17. It's in a useable state now. There seems much more volume at number 2 and not dead anymore with this speaker now in its new home with the same 60 watt HH amp as before. It sounds very colourful almost too much , musical and has more bass like a very expensive 12" speaker does. There are no unwanted noises. I know it's a general purpose old HH 100 watt 4 ohm cone I am using for impatient testing but I am convinced they were good quality originally. Strangely it is not breaking up using the gain knob at low volume anymore like in its old home it just adds more volume. Would be interesting to hear it at decent levels but it's bank holiday Monday. Good fun though.
  18. Does anyone on here own a Trace Brightbox? I think the 4x5 horizontal cab was called that.
  19. Location. Windmill club, Kettering. 1981. Age. 18. Band. Kinddeed. Bass. Antoria short scale semi. Amp. V Amp 60 with Marshalll 30w guitar combo for back up. All through a proper locally hired p.a.... Sorted. Setlist. Punk rock originals and Wardance by Killing Joke. There was a good amount of people to watch who also were punks but had a lot of apathy for local bands. The venue did not let us re-book as they did not realise we were a punk band that brought in a nasty punk audience etc. Great fun though.
  20. Cashconverters online last week had two Roland 20 bass cube with with all the built in cab/amp simulations and effects . 100 and 120 quid with warranty.
  21. One thing about this build. The horn sides have a forty and fifty degree angle cut. It's critical to get these right. The rest is simple.
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