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  1. Sold a pedal to Ian great communication, nice guy, deal with confidence folks!
  2. Sounds good! Although I'm still selling as it's just not getting the use. More reason to buy it now folks 😉
  3. *ON HOLD* A Future Impact pedal in excellent condition with all the original box contents. Postage to UK included in the price. More details here: http://pandamidi.com/bass-guitar-synth Some fantastic sounds available from the 99 presets, and it does so much more. Think Muse, Axel f, Blade Runner, Stranger Things etc.. The pedal runs on a standard 9v power supply (centre negative - not included). *ON HOLD*
  4. Sorry folks, should have included in the description, no trades on this. Sale only. Thanks 😉👍
  5. Totally agree. I can't hear the difference! Price wise, well just check against a new one. In fact I'm even having second thoughts about the price as I've ordered my new bass. So.. if anyone out there wants a bargain now's the time.
  6. Shame you're not looking to buy, my Stingray Classic listed on here has everything you need. Plus it's in mint condition. Good luck with the trade
  7. Last price drop on this because I think it's well worth it for a Stingray Classic in mint condition. Now down to £1200!
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