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  1. Hi Patrick and thanks for your interest. I can't send it using the PO as they won't insure musical instruments. It would be best if you can arrange a courier to collect from here. I can take Paypal. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Ped. And Two House Points for your help..!
  3. I really need to sell this, please come and take it off my hands... Merci Beaucoup..
  4. I'm sure this is one of those simple to answer questions. As long as you know the answer..! I can edit the text of my ad, but how do I drop the advertised price...? Cheers Graham
  5. **PRICE DROP** NOW £40... I bought this keyboard from Andertons in October 2020 for a project that didn't happen. https://www.andertons.co.uk/alesis-q49-49-key-usb-midi-keyboard-controller I took it out of the box, checked it was working and put it back again. It came out again yesterday for the photographs so it's in 'as new' condition. It comes with the original packaging and documentation. I'd prefer collection in person or by your courier but could deliver, subject to COVID restrictions. I have several appointments in Southampton over the next few weeks so maybe that would work for you.
  6. Selling my Firehawk unit. It's in superb condition and I really cant find any blemishes at all. It works exactly as it should and includes the power supply. I'll also include the printed Pilot's Guide. I've loved using it but now playing more acoustic and I have all the toys I need on my mixer. Collection preferred but willing to drive a reasonable distance. Graham
  7. I'm selling my very rare Washburn Electro-Acoustic Guitar. I'm currently near Southampton and willing to travel a reasonable distance to deliver. It has a solid cedar top and the most fantastic Birdseye Maple back and sides. I have an idea that the back and sides are also solid, but I can't confirm this. The reason it's very rare is because I've never seen another one like it (despite extensive searching) and Washburn have not been able to explain why it has this combination of tonewoods. All others in the range have Rosewood back and sides. Here is a link to their original publicity and on page 10, you can see the technical specifications. https://www.washburn.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Washburn1993Acoutics.pdf Washburn are unable to date it precisely but looking at the serial number, I think it was built in 1994. I bought it around 1995 so that would probably confirm the date. It's in fantastic condition, with just extremely small blemishes which in no way affects the playability or sound of the instrument. If you look very closely at the photo you can just see a very small area where the lacquer has worn between the 12th and 14th fret. There is also a very small area between the pickguard and the cutaway where the lacquer has worn. There is a tiny dent on the top, near the lower bout. It's so small it doesn't show up on a photo...! It is an unusual guitar for several reasons, not least is because it come with a 1/4" output jack, which is post EQ, and an XLR out if you want to go straight to the desk and bypass the Equis ll built in preamp. It comes with a dedicated hard case.
  8. Thanks to Stingray64, I have now solved this problem...
  9. Hi Stingray Thanks very much, if it looks like the one in my photo I'm sure it will be ok. I'll contact you in the morning.. Graham
  10. I have a Line 6 Firehawk FX with the plug adapter for the UK. But as I live in France, it's a pain..! I'd like to swap the adapter part for the European two pin version. I think all Line 6 units ship with both. Would any of you kind BC'ers care to swap...? Thanks in advance Graham
  11. Hi Stewblack.. Where did you find the manual...?
  12. The first multi FX unit from Harley Benton, available from Thomann.... https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_dnafx_git.htm It seems to be their take on the Mooer GE150. It appears to have all the usual stuff we have come to expect from these type of pedals that have become so popular in recent years. This one also comes at a very attractive price. We all know how the HB brand operates and this unit seems to follow the trend It's only just been announced, so I can't find much info about it on the web, not even an owners manual. I've been eying up the Line 6 Pod GO, but this might change my thinking. Anyone have any further info to share...?
  13. Now also £399 at Andertons. That makes the HX Stomp, the HXFX and the Pod Go all around the same price. I've been hankering after the Stomp for a while, but the Pod might be more suited for me...
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. In a previous life, I worked as a sound engineer at a venue in the UK. It would have been mid 90's when a band turned up with four keyboards and a drummer with an electronic kit. As usual, I gave them time to set their stage and then wandered over to cable up. I remember thinking to myself, they're just sat around here relaxed and they haven't even bothered to bring their amps on stage..! This was my first real introduction to IEM. They did their own mix on stage and required only one mic for chatting to the audience, no vocals for the songs. It was one of the easiest gigs I've ever done. I went on stage during the soundcheck (having turned off FOH) and the only noise was the drummer hitting the pads. Quite surreal... And no mike bleed from coughs, sneezes and farts...! Getting back to the thread, I've been using an amp and vocal processor for a couple of years now. I haven't used an amp onstage for years. I recently bought a Line 6 module for amp sim and use it with either my Bose array pa or an RCF powered cab, the ART 310a. I can easily switch from acoustic to electric guitar. OK, time to fess up, I dont play bass.!! It's been a revelation to me, much easier to pack in the car and much more consistency at the gig. It's a million miles from you guys with Kemplers and Helix, but it works for me. Great thread by the way..!
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss produced one of my favourite albums, Raising Sand...
  18. Things may be a bit different here in France as we always get fed before the gig, even if it's just a small bar that doesn't do food themselves. They'll buy in a pizza for the band. So no need to eat during the gig, but I wouldn't anyway as it's just plain rude. As for drink, we always get a free tab but as we all have to drive, we're on water. Being the main vocalist, I see nothing wrong in having a bottle of water on hand. And the same for the rest of the band, as it can get pretty warm here in summer...! As to TV, can't say we've ever been in a position to watch it during a gig. But we did have a regular gig at a bar that had a 50" TV right above the stage. They insisted on playing YouTube concerts (minus the sound) while we played our set and it annoyed the hell out of me. But they paid us well...! So one night, our lead guitarist finished a rather splendid solo and the crowd suddenly went ape... Looking at the stage, cheering, clapping and stamping their feet. I thought, well if they enjoyed it that much, I'll give him another solo after the next chorus...! It was then I noticed the bar owner sprinting across the room, diving over the drummer and between our amps, then flapping wildly at the TV trying to turn it off. I glanced up at the screen and found that some wag had got hold of the remote control and switched to a full on porn channel. But my man still got his solo in....
  19. Being a singist who makes funny noises, I feel well qualified to comment here..! I've been using the Voicelive Play GTX for a few years now and if that's the one he's using, I've found it rather frustrating to set up. There's a hell of a lot of menus and maybe I'm too much of a dinosaur to be able to adapt. I prefer knobs...! I just use the presets but as mentioned above, you can get it to 'listen' to your instrument (which for me is an acoustic guitar) and it will add the harmony style of your choice. I've tried that and ended up looking around for a packet of Gillette.... The presets must be used sparingly like any other effect. Just pop over to YouTube to see the disasters awaiting those who overdo things. But if used properly, you can instantly be in an Eagles tribute band or sound like you have an Everly brother sat alongside you. The harmonies are stunningly good. What exactly goes wrong when he uses it?
  20. Another thing to consider is your audience. If you've built a reputation on the style of music you play, then people come to see you based on what they've seen on your previous gigs. Bit like going to McD's in a new city. You still know what to expect. We've taken several years to get our name known and now people come to see us, because they liked us the last time they saw us at a different venue. That may or may not be an important factor for you. Also, venues think the same way. They know what you do and how many punters you bring with you. A big change in direction might affect regular bookings. A few new songs are good for any band, but too many and you may lose any following that you have built up over the years. Our new guitarist (of two gigs) wants to do a few songs that I think maybe too different from our normal style. I'm happy to try out a few, but it has to be a band decision if you change things too much. As mentioned above, if you're the minority and feel strongly enough, there's only one thing you can do...
  21. Thanks Trevor. That was one of the things I really must have, but I think all the software I've looked at has that facility. So far I've looked at SongBook, Setlist Maker and Mobile Sheets as well as the others mentioned above. It's getting a bit confusing to be honest, trying to asses them on the basis of internet reviews. As they're not too expensive, I think I might just try a few and bin the ones I don't take to...!
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