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  1. Id send a copy of this directly to Ibanez , exactly for this reason . They wont take kindly to a retailer telling customers that their instruments or QC isnt up to it . This is a poor show from Merchant City music as far as Im concerned and in no way should it nullify your warranty by removing the neck . Ive had Fenders and a Jackson that had to have the neck removed right off the bat as it was the only way to adjust the truss rod ! Ie there was no truss rod access at the headstock or where the neck meets body . Some Fender users will know what I mean . Also Ive never heard of people moaning about the fit and finish of Ibanez guitars or basses .
  2. My favourite ever bass . Neck through , 18v active with passive switch , flamed Sycamore top and back with Ash and Nato . 5 piece Mahogany and Maple neck and Ebonol fretboard . Plays like a dream and sounds awesome . Oh its a Harley Benton , even my gear snob band mates love the sound of it . The only thing I dislike is the weight and glossy neck , but I can live with that 😀
  3. If you like the amp then Id say go for it . Its not over the top price wise and imagine what it would cost you to replace it altogether . If your guitar player has used him for years and recommends his work then Id go for it as someone else said , if you find a decent guy , hes worth holding onto .
  4. You may find that a dod of clear silicone will work much better than glue . It wont be effected by heat and if you decide to sell the amp later they will peel off better .
  5. D 'Addario and Fender use the coloured ball ends and Fender use green silk wraps on their flats but not sure about the rounds .
  6. Neotech straps mmn make sure you get the correct one or a waste of time and customer service is lacking . The Hypnotic of Poland looks fantastic value at £25.00 for 4" padded leather . Ive got one of the Leathercraft Softee ones at 4" and padded leather . Its great also and around £21-23 .
  7. The D'Addario tapes are superb . Going on nearly 2 years on one set and still play and sound great .
  8. Put tapes on everything , theyre so damn cool and feel great .
  9. Ive got a set of rounds on a P bass and Tape wound on my active bass and Ive tried Chromes too . Best strings out there for me anyway . I absolutely adore the tapes .
  10. Theyve not had the tapewound in over a year . I tried ordering some to be told via Email that he was having issues with his manufacturer/supplier , but would hopefully have another supplier soon . So far this hasnt happened but Kodiakblair was lucky enough to get 2 or 3 sets that he found later .
  11. Hiscox are superior to most other cases in the £100 -£250 range the not only give amazing protection but help keep your instrument warm and insulated when traveling from your warm home to a gig or rehearsal . I also like Kinsmann cases for value for money and decent build quality .
  12. Ok . To be honest the Toneprint wasnt a selling point for me , I know someone who has the 1x12 and highly recommended them , I was playing through 56ibs of 180watt Behringer before so half the weight with 250watts and a 1x15 made much more sense . It sounds incredible as it is .
  13. Thanks Kodiakblair . I have indeed just not long got the BG250115 . Ive not downloaded any Toneprints to the amp as yet but I have downloaded the app to my phone . If I were to instal say for instance Duff McKagan and Mono Neons tone prints on 1 and 2 on the amp , does this mean then that Im stuck with them ? Or at some point can I delete and add a different tone ?
  14. most of the sr basses ive seen in the last year all have the 5 piece necks maple and walnut
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