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  1. Just bought some flatwound strings from Dan - exactly as described and posted lightning fast. A pleasure to deal with, thanks very much!
  2. Just bought a bass from Dave - exactly as described, very well packed for shipping and arrived super quickly. A pleasure to deal with, wouldn't hesitate to do so again. Thanks Dave! 👍
  3. Just bought some strings from Paul - exactly as described, good comms, no probs Thanks!
  4. Sounds super close to me on both K702's and decent studio monitors. And nice track choice! 🙂
  5. If you don't want to go down the IEM route, you could look into something like a Pulse ... not tried one myself but seems a way less intrusive way to feel a tempo than blasting beeps into your ears 😆
  6. I have one and I agree 100%... someone's in for a treat 🙂
  7. Just bought an ACG Custom J bass from Mike who was very accommodating of my flying visit, despite short notice from me, with good comms throughout the day to arrange a meetup. Bass was exactly as described in great condition and offered at a very fair price. Lots of good background info about the bass also offered up. I'd have no hesitation dealing with Mike again in the future - a very quick, no hassle transaction and a pleasure to meet. Thanks 👍
  8. Adam just bought a bass from me and everything went very smoothly - good comms, everything straight forward and a pleasure to meet. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with Adam again. Thanks!
  9. Great idea! Maybe add a bit.ly link to the Basschat post that the image comes from to each description? Then if our interest is piqued we can find out more about it. Would have to be a plain text link rather than a clickable url (I think) but still useful.
  10. Thanks Lee! Have just had a quick measure as I wasn't sure of pickup placement - the gap between pole piece centres is 3.8mm. Given that (I think) the measurement for '60's position' is 3.6mm and '70's position' is 4mm, that puts it smack in the middle I reckon. That does seem to tally with my experience of the passive tone of the bass (although I think it gets a bit academic once active EQ is involved IMO). Here's a bit more noodling I recorded to help answer a PM question about B string definition and balance (recorded straight with no compression, flat EQ, 50% blend of pickups). This should give some idea of the 'standard' tone of the bass: elwood2.mp3 Thanks, Dan
  11. A couple of PM enquiries but still here - price drop to £750 inc. Case and P&P if that helps. £700 without case and collected from Nottingham is also an option.
  12. A small update with some extra info (from PM questions) which I thought I'd share. Strings are DR Fat Beams 45-125, barely played. A quick sound sample to show how 'noiseless' the single coil pickups are on their own - this is a straight-up 'into an interface' recording in four parts with me changing settings between bits, all with flat EQ: Neck Active, Neck Passive, Bridge Active, Bridge Passive. Did this very quickly so playing is a bit rough and could use some compression but I think it shows the nice 'woody' resonant raw tone. Also, how quiet the switching and pots are... elwood1.mp3 And the included hard case is a Gator ABS job in brand new condition (still has barcode tag on handle!), see pics below: Any further q's, let me know! Thanks, Dan
  13. Tobias just bought a guitar from me with no hint of a bother. Communication was good, payment super fast. Extremely smooth transaction, wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks!
  14. Thanks - they really are great basses for the money I think!
  15. Excellent condition Maruszczyk Elwood 5a with the following specs: Ash body in Red Satin finish (hard to capture in photo, it's a 'dark red') with matching headstock 21 Frets plus Zero fret, Rosewood fingerboard with blocks / binding, 34" scale with 19mm string spacing at bridge Häussel JJ pickups, Delano 2-band active preamp (switchable via push-pull to passive mode) Weight: 4.45kg (according to digital scales) Bass has had a full setup from Jack's in Manchester, plays and sounds great. Really great bass in cracking condition. Only selling as I don't play 5's that often (and my ACG is my go to) which means that this has been gathering dust of late. Priced at £800 £750 including Hard Case and postage. No trade offers please! NOW SOLD Thanks, Dan
  16. Hagstrom Deluxe-F, single cut chambered electric with upgraded Entwistle 'HDN' pickups (original pickups included) - serial number identifies it as built in 2007. In overall excellent condition, with the two little dings on the back edge of the headstock (pictured) being the only marks I can see on it. Plays and looks great, more details can be found here. Any other questions, let me know. Can get more photos and some sound samples together if needed. £220 collected from Nottingham - UK postage possible at buyer's cost. Reduced: £180 collected (Nottingham) or £200 posted. SOLD Cheers, Dan
  17. Just bought a pedal from Phil - exactly as described, well packaged and quickly posted. A pleasingly straightforward transaction - would have no hesitation dealing with Phil again. Thanks!
  18. That is one good looking bass! Anything specific you're after in the way of trades?
  19. Efra just bought an MM Stingray from me - a genuine pleasure to deal with: honest straightforward and quick communication throughout and organised collection/delivery exactly as requested. Had no problems whatsoever - highly recommended!
  20. Just bought a DHA VT1 pedal from Jamie - quick communication and item arrived as described, both quickly and well packed. A pleasure to deal with, great stuff. Thanks Jamie!
  21. [quote name='tobiewharton' timestamp='1501076384' post='3342295'] Excellent combos and great price [/quote] Agreed, still rocking the one I bought from you Tobie! GLWTS
  22. [quote name='bakerster135' timestamp='1500838835' post='3340544'] i.e. photos pur-lease! Also, does it come with the original Non-J Retro control panel, knobs, electronics, etc.? [/quote] what he said!
  23. [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1499120681' post='3329415'] Cataldo. I've got one, it's superb. [/quote] I've witnessed that bass in action - can confirm its superbness!
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