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  1. He's called Michael O'Leary. The Ryan Air founder was Tony Ryan who died about 10 years ago. I've made the same mistake before!!
  2. My current 3 (I'm getting very intolerant as I get older and could make a much longer list!) would be Summer of 69 - never liked it much Hotel California - just heard it way too many times Sweet Child o Mine - on my first listen of the album I commented that I didn't like that song much - 30 odd years later I still hear the damn thing every few days...aarrrgghh
  3. I have various things i have owned since the early 80s - a couple of pedals - a Shin-Ei fuzz box & a 60s Vox Wah Swell a Tama Flexi Flyer which is still my go to pedal whenever I get behind the kit Two brass knobs off a 1980ish Ibanez Blazer 6 string which have been on my bitsa P for the last few years
  4. They probably got away with the name as well, claiming it stood for Epsom Mad Funkers but the B side of Unbelievable was called EMF and featured the lyrics E Ecstacy, M Mot***f**ers, F From us to you, or something along those lines. I still hear Unbelievable on the radio now - they still haven't noticed !!
  5. The Skids were better than I was expecting. Really good gig. Nick Lowe & Los Straitjackets up next.
  6. I worked in a place a few years ago where Absolute was on every day. It drove me up the wall - the same playlist day in day out. Apparently each band only recorded one song. One girl campaigned for Radio 1 on a Friday and despite me not liking most of the music it was a welcome relief!
  7. I haven't tried a 2012-16 neck so unsure what they are like. I do though have two bitsas with USA P necks, one from 2001/2, the other 2007/8. They are both identical in size and very slim, in fact not far off my similar age Jazz, and much more playable than my 62 reissue. Worth comparing if you can find a bass from that era.
  8. I started on an Ibanez Blazer bass identical to this one through a WEM Dominator. My amp sounded bad though, possibly why it was free! My current goto bitsa features the brass bridge & knobs from a Blazer. I never realised how good the bass was at the time - I "upgraded" to a Roadster - but looking back it was just a sideways move from a P to a PJ. It was black though which seemed to make a huge difference back then 😄
  9. The Cure headlined last time I was there - in 1986!! They were very good - it was raining so we sat in the tent & watched them in the days when you could camp overlooking the stage.
  10. Hendrix, Funk, Psychedelia, Rock?? Dr Phibes & the House of Wax Equations??
  11. Wild Willy Barratt had a few completely impractical ones - this is the only picture I can find.
  12. I seem to remember that Integra was the name of the IGB series at one time.
  13. Freddie Mercury's death I remember well although I have never particularly been a Queen fan. The radio alarm woke me on the hour and the first words I heard on the news were "Freddie Mercury is dead" Two that hit me more as I liked their music were Rory Gallagher & Rick Parfitt.
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