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  1. Where does my MIM Fender with an early Hard Puncher neck complete with Tokai logo stand? A fake Tokai!
  2. Got our first one this week. I finally get to meet the new guitarist!
  3. First one I can recall hating was Supertramp. Dreamer used to drive me mad. Fast forward about 5 years & an about turn after buying Breakfast In America I ended up buying Crime of the Century complete with Dreamer. I still love the album & song now. Also from the late 70s I couldn't bear anything by Madness. That was until I saw them at Glastonbury in 1986. It completely changed my view & I have seen them about 10 times since.
  4. The guy out of the Leningrad Cowboys
  5. Different one. Cheers anyway!
  6. Out of interest, what was the serial number? I bought one on here a couple of months ago which never got to me as it was lost by Hermes.
  7. Me too except I got close 20 years ago! In the late 90s I found a record I wanted on a stall at Tynemouth Market but they were doing 10 albums for something like £3 - so I randomly picked 9 I'd never heard of before - Lake's first album being one of them. Shortly afterwards I redecorated & the record player went in the loft never to be seen again - until last year. I dug the vinyl out & came across this Lake album still sealed in it's cellophane after 20+ years so I opened it & gave it a listen - it got me on the first song. Great stuff - especially some of the solos on the outro of Between The Lines. Another one I've discovered during lockdown is Max Webster (& Kim Mitchell's solo albums). I recall seeing their albums in the shops when I was 16 or so but had never heard them. A really good band.
  8. I started on bass (after an unsuccessful start on guitar) in early 80s but took up the drums in 1985. I was a drummer for the next 8 years although I regularly played the bass as well. Then a band I joined just wasn't working. We all played other instruments so advertised for guitar, bass, drums or keyboards. We got a drummer, so I went to bass, bass to guitar, guitar to keyboards & keyboards stuck to vocals. It gelled instantly. The next band I joined was on bass - for 20+ years - and I didn't play the drums again until about 5 years ago but I'm back on the bass again now.
  9. They were marketed by Fender below the Squiers - sub £100 if I remember rightly. I think they were made in India, possibly from the same factory as the similar era Encores. They didn't play too badly but the ones I tried were very heavy.
  10. I've got an early 80s Roadster which I love, but my biggest regret is selling the Blazer that preceded it when I got the Roadster in 1985. At the time I didn't have any idea the Blazer was a particularly good bass - bought & sold for £125. I'd just started playing & didn't like the colour (ie it wasn't black) so moved it on, but in retrospect...
  11. Yes it's a Roadster RS824
  12. I played one the same as this right through the 80s. Still got it but doesn't get much use these days.
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