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  1. I have used the Super Compact in various bands & been fine but I did play in one band where it wasn't enough. They were way too loud with no monitoring & a very loud drummer. Solution was to use a second Super Compact. I don't play with them anymore!
  2. Been a couple of mentions of Quo's Telecasters but none of Alan Lancaster - in the main he played the same Mustang from the early 70s & then during the FF tours, having been sunburst, natural & now a purplish black. Talking of the FF tours, I saw Wilko supporting them & mid set he had to stop playing while the tech fixed his Tele - apparently he doesn't carry a spare. Was a great opportunity to see Norman solo for a few minutes though - him & Dylan Howe just carried on playing. Another one was Dan Baird, who toured with a 1950s Fender Esquire for many years that had previously belonged to Steve Marriott. He retired it a couple of years ago then, sadly, retired himself.
  3. I need to get some more of Deke's books as I always like these snippets. I bought Rhinos when it came out and enjoyed it. I've got an early signed copy (55/109) - why 109 I don't know - there's probably a very good reason!
  4. McCartney did it as well
  5. I never realised the French version of Trust's Antisocial was so different. At around the same time I was listening to Ocean, another French band. I still like the album now. It never really occurred to me that I didn't know what he was singing about.
  6. You've got me thinking now !!
  7. He actually sold that on here a few years ago. I was going to put a link on but the pictures have gone - blame Photobucket. I first saw it in a magazine article in the early 90s and at one time looked at building a similar one but I couldn't get the proportions right with a long scale P body . Pre internet I didn't have much to refer to.
  8. I was going to see Reverend Horton Heat on Monday - been put back a year. I was really looking forward to that. Next up was The Legendary Shack Shakers - also put back a year
  9. Not sure if I posted on this 8 years ago but here goes again if I did - probably with a variation on the facts as it was longer ago! I used a 70s rig in the mid 90s for about 18 months. It was a 1971 Marshall Artiste 100W guitar head through an early 70s White 4x12 . It was very loud and had a lot of low end. Actually there wasn't much else. I played a lot of gigs with it (we were playing about 100 a year at that point) and only stopped using it as my brother, who owned the head, wanted it back. I replaced it with a Peavey MkVI & 1x15 which got some abuse but took it all. Earlier I had a Stingray head in the mid 80s through the same White 4x12 and was quite happy with it. Incredibly the speakers out of the White (25W Celestions) are still going strong to this day in a friend's Marshall 4x12!
  10. Got a Hohner L60 (Korean Samick made). I would take a picture but I can't remember where it is! It's the same as this one I would like a Tele but can't justify as I never really play the guitar - maybe I'll build one one day.
  11. It was these two for me - John McCoy & Gerry McAvoy - I aspired to a white/tort Precision & they both played them. At the time I wouldn't have believed I would never get to own one - a white one anyway 😀 Still it's never too late...
  12. New music - well new to me - Max Webster
  13. Just had a flashback to one of my earliest examples of GAS. I had just started playing in 1982 and bought a US guitar magazine with this ad in it. It obviously made an impression as 38 years later I instantly thought of it!
  14. Surprisingly I can't see that anyone has mentioned Dusty Hill. I then just randomly picked this as a live video & realised I can see myself on it - I'm in the crowd!!
  15. Me too. I'd just got myself playing again after a 2 year hiatus with learning a full set of songs for a dep that's looking increasingly unlikely to happen. Then I wanted to find myself a new band. Got a new amp 3 weeks ago and haven't been able to try it out properly yet!
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