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  1. Most Obscure Bass Claim to Fame?

    Just remembered another nice obscure one. About 35 years ago when the bass player in NWOBHM band Raven left his day job to turn pro, I was brought in as his replacement. Apparently he used to practice every lunchtime in the stationery cupboard. Maybe that's how he turned pro and I didn't - I was never that dedicated!
  2. What bass guitar is this please?

    [quote name='casapete' timestamp='1508590669' post='3393141'] +1, beat me to it! Eko ( or possibly Kawai copy of one?) [attachment=255969:rokes_large.jpg] [/quote] Of course - I'd forgotten about those.
  3. What bass guitar is this please?

    Eko Rokes I reckon
  4. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    Jetglo Rick 4001 - I persevered for 20 years but eventually gave up, Still love the look and sound (and still regularly tempted) but so uncomfortable to play.
  5. Help me Basschat people, you're my only hope...

    I learnt to use the mouse with my left hand and now use two. A combination of right hand, left hand and sometimes both together, moving with right hand clicking with left or vice versa. Works for me.
  6. Flat strings no silk?

    You sound like me. My response to everyone being ordered to gig dressed in black and only play black guitars (so we looked like a serious band) was to turn up in a red shirt with a Capri Orange bass - I didn't last long in that band! String silk colour has never really bothered me although I seem to remember quite liking the pale blue of Dean Markley Blue Steels (I think) at one time.
  7. Cab Conundrum...

    I use the GK with 2 x Barefaced 112s and am quite happy with it. One was enough with one of my bands but the other band needed two (they were too loud though). Alternatively TKS are in your neck of the woods and could be worth a look.
  8. Some people just don't get it

    And cars, although that ones harder to explain to the other half. I once had six - now only three!!
  9. tolerable Christmas songs

    [quote name='interpol52' timestamp='1507303460' post='3384657'] Always been my favourite Christmas song. Great bassline too. [/quote] I think it was Tracy Wormworth - now in the B52s Most of the classic xmas songs were from the 60's and 70's. That was 40/50 years ago. People in retirement homes were still relatively young then so the songs are probably from their era.
  10. Your first ever gig

    Location: A church hall near Gateshead Age 20 in 1984 Bass: Ibanez Blazer - I played some bass but mainly sang Amp: Marshall 2195 100 watt Lead & Bass Head through a 4x12 which I'm sure was called a Silicon Blue but can't find anything on Google Set List: Mainly own songs starting with a 10 minute long Hawkwind-like instrumental (for some reason called Tarzan ) The only cover I can remember was Ashton Gardner & Dyke's Resurrection Shuffle The keyboard player only agreed to do the gig if he could do a solo trumpet spot in the middle of the set. He got up and played the Last Post!
  11. Classic gear, how good was it really.

    [quote name='pfretrock' timestamp='1506507487' post='3379181'] John Shuttleworth? [/quote] He's updated to an Austin Ambassador Y Reg these days I believe
  12. Small body semi acoustics

    Are the Aria TA series still available? I swapped an early Sheraton for one in the 90s as the Sheraton was just too big for me. It was like going to a 7/8 size and I loved it til it was stolen
  13. Still for sale ? if so I would like to see pics as well.
  14. Stingray volume loss

    [quote name='malcolm.mcintyre' timestamp='1491514464' post='3273711'] I am sure it will be a problem with the connection between the battery and pre-amp board. [/quote] Much delayed reply (I only got round to fixing it a couple of weeks ago) but it turned out to be a bad soldered joint on the battery box. Cheers!