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  1. I've still got a Saxon 7" picture disc which is a mispressing. It has the A side, The Bands Played On, on both sides (it's not supposed to). Whether it has any rarity I have no idea, but I doubt it has much value as I cant see Saxon singles being in great demand. At the time I did go back to the shop. They said they hadn't come across any others so I kept it.
  2. A year or two back I saved one of those early 70s MIJ Epiphone EA260 hollow body basses from going in a skip. I thought it would make an interesting project but it was an absolute dog. It was almost unplayable whatever I tried. Additionally half the binding was missing and the body was split & warped. I stuck it on ebay for a £20 start price, spares or repairs thinking it might make £20-£30 I didn't have before. It sold for nearly £300 😲
  3. To update, the Ibanez was a no go - arrived damaged so went straight back. Shame as it played quite nicely. After spending hours looking at all sorts of options - not much S/H was available with postage & I was by then leaning towards the smaller bodies - I went for a new Vintage Statesboro Parlour guitar. It's not bad at all - it played OK straight out of the box - with lowish action and the only things I did were to change the strings, polish the frets & tidy the fret ends up. I spent a couple of days playing it myself & it's now away to it's happy new owner. Cheers for advice & ideas The search has rekindled my interest in acoustic guitar & made me dig out my APX after what has to be 12+ years languishing unloved in it's case. I was probably gigging it last time it saw the light of day & it needs work, not to mention a good clean!
  4. Royal Mail being one of those. Happy to take your insurance money but it's not covered!
  5. I was watching this on ebay and was amazed to see it sell at more than new price (£165 with free postage). I suppose it's got some copper tape in it & the original is admittedly not currently in stock but still...
  6. I played hundreds of gigs with one of those through the 90s but I used a Peavey Mark VI. It didn't seem heavy at the time - it wasn't compared to the 139lb Hisys 4 cabs 😱
  7. Already got an Ibanez AW10 on order. See what it's like when it arrives although before that I was veering towards the smaller body Parlour type guitars. He's not that big so might have been a help. It's going to be hard work with him though - yesterday he was telling me about a mnemonic to remember the tuning & insisting it was EADGEB & that I was wrong...I suppose you could but don't expect me to help!!🤨
  8. I started on a pick then after about 8/9 years switched to fingers when I joined a new band. I couldn't actually play with my fingers at that point but just persevered & nobody noticed in the meantime! About 10 years ago I started to use a pick again for the odd song & now I am almost entirely back to using a pick. Herco Gold or Silver - I alternate between the two every so often.
  9. A lot of great advice there. Give me a day or two to do some research based on it & I'll update with what I eventually get. Budget unfortunately won't go up - I had to push to get him that far. At least doing this means I'm not looking at basses I don't need although I have seen one or two acoustics I'm tempted by!!😁 Cheers
  10. Cheers guys, Some good advice & a couple of different names to look out for. I do remember the Yamahas being very consistent - I've still got an old APX myself. Good thinking about the tuner as well. He can have my old one.
  11. A friend has asked me for help buying a cheap (sub £100) steel string acoustic (6 string) to learn on, an area in which I have no recent knowledge - I'm 30 years out of date! I was initially looking at 2nd hand but knowing the quality you can get on basses at the low end of the market nowadays I have started looking at new ones. It also avoids having to visit anyone's house which I shouldn't be doing anyway. There's the likes of J&D, Stagg & Vintage - gak have Ibanez & Fender - all under the £100 mark. I imagine most of them are perfectly playable with a little tweaking but does anyone have any recommendations? I also know there's a Harley Benton for £51 but seems to be issues with ordering from Thomann (or any EU based) at the minute
  12. Another shout for Hey Bulldog - this time by Boxer, one of my favourite bands. A bit more rocky than the previously posted version & an Ollie Halsall solo.
  13. I get this - it's pretty close - but don't hold me to it! The live versions vary a little bit but don't stray far from it. Trying hard to find, find the answer to your call Got to lose my mind, but I'm no wiser from the fall Ain't got nothing to choose, Got those 20th Century blues Don't want day to come, don't want to face reality Trying to find someone and maybe keep my sanity Ain't got nothing to choose, Got those 20th Century blues I'm not made of stone so don't be stepping in my way Cut me to the bone cos you don't hear a word I say Ain't got nothing to choose, Got those 20th Century blues
  14. That's what I have. I play mainly Ps but every so often I'm tempted by hearing someone play a J or a Stingray (like listening to AC/DC's new album earlier today). I just get them out of the case for a short time, maybe a rehearsal or a couple of gigs then go back to the P! The only thing that spoils the simplicity of my 3 bass system is that they make Ps in different colours 😄
  15. I'm terrible. I even started out in my first band as the singer & I used to often repeat verses or make them up as I just couldn't remember them. Nobody noticed until we got a second singer & she couldn't follow what I was singing! Although I don't sing these days I still regularly have problems associating song titles with how the song goes.
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