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  1. There is also a new mix of George Harrisons All Things Must Pass. I quite like it. The dependable Klaus dropped a clanger at 2.00 min in this new mix. I had never noticed this before, buried under Spectors reverb.
  2. This is is a sad picture. One year later - Jan 1970, The Beatles are finished. Macca records his debut solo album at home. He borrows Ringos drum kit, as the famous drum head lies forelornly on the floor, no longer required.
  3. Once John hooked up with Yoko so intensely he had found his new soulmate and had no need for the other three guys. In fact, nine months later, Lennon quit the band.
  4. I thought they gave it to Phil Spector to produce? Maybe they might let him out on licence to remix it.
  5. Is Giles Martin doing a remix in the same way as he did for Sgt Pepper, White Album and Abbey Road to co-incide with this release? On the other hand, George Martin had nothing to do with the original album (Athough he features in the above video)
  6. Can I presume everybody has their straplocks by now?
  7. They have wacked the price up a bit. Mine was only £77 back in March. It only needed a minor tweak and was great out of the box. No sharp frets or crackly electronics either!
  8. I dont know the song, but had a guess from the above chord sequence.
  9. Unlocked to any network. Black Good Cond. Cant find the box but USB wire included.
  10. I would say C major. No sharps. E major has 4 of them.
  11. Tom Bornemann is my go to You Tuber. Anything I want to have a go at, theres a good chance he's got it!
  12. Sonic blue and basschat orange? 🤔
  13. Sounds like someones digging the road up.
  14. Stevie Nicks. Sounds like a Nanny Goat that stepped on a nail.
  15. Ironic then that he played that 1965 Fender Precision (That he painted himself) and not a Hofner.
  16. Possibly REM. However, Their first album 'Murmur' is fantastic and I still play it today.
  17. Tenuous link time. The famous badabump, badabump, badabump bass intro was in fact played by Klaus Voormann who also played bass on 'How Do You Sleep' in the OP. He also designed the cover of the Beatles Album 'Revolver' a few years earlier.
  18. I think he was singing for Squeeze round about this time. I think he appeared on 'Tempted'.
  19. This one is quite sad. It tells the story of a young man being stood up at his wedding by his bride. His father then passed away leaving his mother to die of a broken heart.
  20. Well, thats put me right off my pot noodle that has.
  21. John Mc Vie. Always melodic and in the pocket, and quite happy to stand at the back.
  22. I would have to agree with Jaco. Its just a lot of notes played very fast in my opinion.
  23. Oddly enough, Its the opposite with me. Both our guitarists are always asking me for help in working out the chords and licks etc. And none of them play bass so my job is safe at the moment.
  24. I have the blue one. It only cost £77 back in March. Played great out of the box with little or no tweaking.
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