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How about a Spector thread...


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[quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1499558257' post='3332226']

Guys, can you run your eyes over this please - seems a bit weird to me.

This used to be mine. It's an old European SSD which the original owner (before me) remodelled to include the dark wood mahogany inserts. A strange one that I bought cheap from him then sold on a year or two later for a similarly reduced but slightly profiting price. The next owner then sold it on again to this seller who has raised the price considerably! lol!
It's an OK bass - not as good as it once was as it's been messed with and certainly not worth what the current ebay seller has it at!
An oddity for sure...

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I've noticed a number of pictures are no longer showing, maybe due to the move to the new site? ☹️

Any-hoo, these are my current ones in the house. Sorry, not a great pic as the light doesn't show how the red pops!

Left to right..

40th Anniversary Euro... Not LX, solid flamed maple wings. Ebony board and a modded Tone Pump for pan/vol/tone

Custom built Swamp Ash Forte 5 XL Helium. Outside of the standard spec it has Hipshots, 40DC's and OBP 3 and a double S inlay on the 12th. Weighs a touch over 8lbs. I had Stuart Spector hand this to me personally at the LBGS...


Finally my NS2 Helium. Quilt maple over reclaimed water tank redwood. 9V Haz, Abalone, the whole 9 yards. Sometime I pick this bass up and it floors me just what a work of art it is. If you ever want an NS2 which shows you the difference between US and Czech built, this is it.



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