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  1. At college I had a Bach Straduvarius trombone. Stunning instrument. Used to care for it like it was my child. Always slick(literally) and polished. After I graduated I treated every instrument I owned the same way - like it was about to go in a shop window for sale. It was only in 2019 when I picked up my Fender precision I changed. After less than two years it's scratched and battered (but still in great shape) and I only realised recently what the difference was. It was never going in a shop window because I knew I was never going to sell it!
  2. Are we still talking about the settee(sorry... couldn't resist)?
  3. Another Spector owner chiming in though I’m surprised no one’s mention a Stingray. My Ultra Precision is VERY punchy and beautifully mellow but you may not find one with the edge you’re looking for (though the Elites are very bright).
  4. I still have my Overwater Explorer which was built for me in the eighties. In the nineties I swapped the neck pickup with a Bartolini. I got the extra tonal range I wanted out of it but still regret losing the original. May ask Chris May if he has another lying around.
  5. TrevorG

    NBD - Overwater

    Beautiful. Congratulations!
  6. Ummm... I did pick up the phone. Left a message and everything... then I came here with a simple question...
  7. Well I’ve managed to open up a can of worms!! To be honest the only thing I’ve bought from them crapped out after a couple of days and driving up there was the quickest solution. Found the guy very amiable though. If he gets back to me we’ll talk business but if anyone knows where I can pick up an Elrick five string Jazz... I would be very grateful.
  8. I know there's a lockdown on but thought I might investigate an online purchase. Left a message but there's been no response. Just curious.
  9. Been thinking the same thing for quite a while now. Bought a Fender Ultra Precision at the end of 2019. Best guitar I've ever owned despite not being a boutique instrument. Couldn't believe it. The thing is magical. Tried the same model later in another shop and was horrified. It just wasn't the same instrument; felt different, sounded different. Others I've tried since have been closer but never as good. Guess it's all about getting lucky finding the right instrument.
  10. Thanks for getting back and sorry for the late reply. I was particularly interested in the high pass filter in combination with the EQing. I own a spectrum and am very comfortable with source audio. Truth be told my equipment shouldn’t need extra EQing but I wondered what benefits there were with something as comprehensive as the EQ2.
  11. Looks great but I tried the Mercury Jazz and I think that's even nicer!
  12. Thanks. My search engine couldn't find this an hour and a half ago. Do you think there'll be any duty to pay?
  13. and the first thing I noticed was Thomann, who do the best price, don't seem to be advertising U.K. prices. Is this Brexit landing? Will there be different import duty? Has anyone tried recently? Can I get a sub £200 price over here?
  14. Ash grains don't sit that far apart normally. Alder has very little grain. I used this site to discover my Ash bass was made from Heartwood(the centre of the tree often called olive wood or Tiger wood). Try looking here. https://www.wood-database.com/wood-finder/
  15. Looks amazing!! Congratulations. How long did it take?
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