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  1. Prefer au natural with Maple necks though I've never owned one. Lighter colours for me all round.
  2. Rolled edges do a lot for me, on any type of rosewood. But the biggie is the sound. My Ultra P sounds great in any setting. Helps that it's good to look at too!
  3. I have a 1999 NS5 XL Issue Number 18. When I bought it there were no euros and the Warwick was just a gateway drug to Spector! Both are good bases. I suspect the Warwick is lighter but the Spector will win on tone. Spector may also have better resale value.
  4. Kudos to anyone who can build their own bass!
  5. I never had the luck of an MIM P and the American Jazz I had in the 90s was not good. When I found my Ultra which is a joy to play, look at and listen to, I was just plain grateful. There is a ridiculous difference in price but also a big difference in the luck you need to find a good instrument in each series. Ultra should be way easier. Your parents may have been really lucky. IMHO
  6. Wow! They were too close for comfort. I have Ash with maple on my Ultra. I think Ash ad Rose wood gives depth and Maple and Alder give give brightness so I'm not surprised they're so similar. Think the Alder sounds a bit tighter but not much!
  7. I’m in love. If you still had them I’d be making an offer!
  8. I’ve read Chris May and Entwistle work on a bass very early on.
  9. They built a beast called the C bass which had a 36' scale neck. Still looking for one.
  10. A little tricky to see and I don't begrudge it as it's a common fault. Beyond that the instrument's faultless.
  11. They were great with me and the bass (back in 86) only cost about £750! Finally met Chris May at a guitar fair last year. Seemed really nice. Sorry you had a bad experience.
  12. I changed the neck pick up to a Bartolini. May ask Chris May if he has an old explorer pick as I've lost the original. Otherwise it's as purchased.
  13. Still own this beauty I had made in 1986. Sounds great. Fabulous neck. Not too heavy but it's only four string. Prefer my headstock though.
  14. I recently bought a new, expensive Fender having hated 95% of the Fenders I've tried in the past. I was so shocked to find one the felt how I wanted it to AND sounded how I wanted it that I did not hesitate. It could have been a MiM or MiJ. It's clear you can strike lucky with any model from any year or country and find "that special one". There's also the fact that everybody has a different idea of their perfect fender sound. Aficionados have anecdotes and recordings to call upon to judge a bass. Novices like me just know what they like. I think both opinions are valid and part of what makes Fender a cultural icon. They're all amazing to somebody!
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