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  1. For sale this lovely Sandberg California tt4 p passive. Surprisingly light weight- strangely weighs the same as my SL4. 70s jazz bass style The neck had a shave to jazz bass spec at the bass gallery by the original owner I believe. Bought from the Frank on the forum in June. only selling as I prefer active electronics. priced at what I paid, which was a bargain for this spec- gloss, ash, rosewood, blocks. Happy to source a case at cost should delivery be required
  2. weighs 4kg according to my digital suitcase scale
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  4. For sale 2018 Fender Classic 50s series precision bass in fiesta red. This model has been replaced by the vintera in fenders current lineup Made in Mexico Very good condition Full Photos to follow ASAP illustrating condition Currently set up with Daddario chromes Spec from fender- Body - Alder Neck - 1-Piece Maple, "C" Shape, (Gloss Urethane Finish) Fingerboard - Maple, 7.25" Radius (184 mm) No. of Frets - 20 Vintage Style Frets Pickups - 1 Precision Bass Split Single-Coil Pickup (Mid) Controls - Volume, Tone Pickup Switching - None Bridge - American Vintage Precision®/Jazz® Bass Machine Heads - Vintage Style Reverse Tuning Machines Hardware - Nickel/Chrome Pickguard - Gold Anodized Aluminum Scale Length - 34" (863.6 mm) Width at Nut - 1.750" (44.5 mm) Unique Features - Vintage Styling, Anodized Aluminum Pickguard, Synthetic Bone Nut Accessories - Deluxe Gig Bag Case - Deluxe Gig Bag
  5. Spector forte helium 4 string bass for sale. Made in Woodstock USA 2014 very good used condition . Complete with original Spector case. EMG 9 volt active pickups and aguilar obp2 preamp Spec- Weight 8.1 lbs At the winter NAMM 2014 Spector © debuted the first of its Helium™ Series, NS™ and Forte™ basses. These instruments utilise a unique combination of woods to achieve a great sounding bass with low weight. The top of this neck thru body instruments wings are carved from quarter sawn sycamore obtained from salvaged logs of trees which have blown down in our local forests near Woodstock NY. The back of the body wings is reclaimed redwood that was originally harvested in California between 75 and 100 years ago and used for the construction of water tanks which are sited on top of office buildings in NYC. They have been filled with the purest NYC drinking water for all those years which continuously permeates the redwood. This soaking with the water helps to wash out all of the sugar in the cells of the wood so that it dries more completely and in a similar way to the method used traditionally for curing violin wood in Europe. The final Helium™ element is a Spector © locking bridge made of aluminium with brass saddles. The instruments possess a full warm bottom end with a unique bloom to the attack of the notes. This construction is available in our USA NS Neck-Thru Series™ in our GrayBurst color in either matte or gloss finish, and also in our USA Forte Series™ basses in our trans black stain matte finish. Recent comprehensive setup by D Wilson Guitars with fresh set of elixirs
  6. For sale EBS DPhaser in excellent condition, never gigged. I’m original packaging Photos to follow ASAP spec- Technical Specifications Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv Input Impedance 700 kohms Bypass Bandwidth +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20k Hz Phaser Types Short (S) 4 or 6 stages Long (L) 8 or 10 stages Wide (W) 18 stages differential LFO Range min / max 0.05-10 Hz LFO Types Sine and Triangle Low frequency bypass Optional < 130 Hz Sampling Frequency 48 kHz Dynamic Range Typ 100 db A-weighted Dimensions (WxHxD) 70 x 115 x 35 mm / 2.8 x 4.5 x 1.4" Weight 480g (1.07 lb.) Bypass True Bypass Power Requirements 9 V DC Regulated, 110 mA max Subject to change without notice. Features Triple Mode Phase Shifter Short, Long & Wide Effect Modes High, Lo or Off Resonance Modes Controls for Width and Rate True Bypass
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  9. For sale maida vale precision bass pickup and wiring loom/harness consisting of cts pots, cloth wire and orange capacitor. Price includes p and p
  10. Not looking for trades at the minute unless it’s for a Spector euro
  11. In reply to enquiries weight aprox 4.2 kg according to my suitcase scale
  12. Project fretless with ESP Japan fretless jazz neck- unlined, vintage style adjustment at heel; nice dark ebony round laminate board. Side dots where frets would go. Body- not sure of manufacture, looks very 1980s, rear mounted controls , no scratchplate. Lots of wear and chips to finish - see photos for condition Vintage 1980s EMG precision and jazz pickups wired VVT with fourth knob unconnected. bridge is fender, tuners schaller Recent setup with tapewounds. Comes with hiscox Case
  13. Fender neck plate with gasket and screws. Used, some scuffing. See photos
  14. Dimarzio cliplock strap. 2 inch nylon blue strap. Large replacement fixing screws and washers. Slightly tatty , 1980s strap- see photos for condition
  15. For sale set of dimarzio model j DP123 replacement pickups- direct fit for fender and similar jazz bass. Side by side humbucker design, height adjustable poll pieces. Well used condition- see photos
  16. Hipshots take on the high mass badass style bridge. Replacement for fender 5 screw bridges. Chrome finish. Used condition see photos
  17. Set of 4 tuners/ machine heads from a mex standard. With screws. Used condition, some wear but fully functioning see photos looking for £16
  18. I’ve sourced a used hiscox case to aid shipping/ delivery if required
  19. waveydavy


    For sale Sire V5 5 string. Bought new last autumn, little use still has film on pickups and scratchplate. Passive, sunburst finish. Roasted maple neck, rolled edges. Weighs 4.4 Kg according to my suitcase scale (A little more than andertons declared it weighed when I bought it) Should be able to source a reasonably priced used hiscox case if courier delivery required Better photos ASAP
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  22. Just sold Trevor my Aguilar chorus pedal. An easy no fuss transaction, great communication . A real pleasure to do business with.
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