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Harley Benton PB50 tuners upgrade

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Now that the headstock has been reshaped its time to put my PB50 back together.


I found a spare set of squier (ping?) tuners in one of my miscellaneous bits boxes. These seem to be a slight upgrade from the stock HB ones. The holes don't match so I've filled the original ones and now need to make some new ones.


Then I had an idea that will help me to be able to tune up when I'm wearing mittens.


What do we all think?


Should I do it?




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39 minutes ago, Jean-Luc Pickguard said:

Perfect! I'll just need to get the angle grinder out. Then it'll be time to flip it over to handwrite a logo & today's date with a biro.


But those tuners all match... I hope at least you have taken an angle grinder to the nut.

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The tuners are reversable! Not sure this is in keeping with the spirit of the project though as it takes a job away from the angle grinder.


Maybe if I use the angle grinder to carve the tuner ears into a scrotal shape it'll get back on track. This will of course have to be done freehand so they all end up different sizes.





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Damn! mucked it up.


I tried to get the angles right on the tuners but they seem to have come out in alignment.


I couldnt find the angle grinder or my biro so I couldn't do the scrotal tuner reshape and had to put on a voodoo-decals logo.



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