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Schaller S


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After trying these new versions of the Schaller S I’ve today removed them from both my basses and gone back to basic “leave strap on” using BassChat rubber strap locks 


Last band rehearsal the part fixed to my leather strap starting tuning even though I had tightened them up very tight. 
Im done with them and will stick with the more basic but trustworthy method. 
Although the older Schaller had issues I think this new variant is terrible 

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Amazes me to think I first collected a load of grolsch bottle top rubbers about 1990 and basically used them since as my locking buttons failed on a European tour. I lost several sets of locking straps over the years and wondered what was a better system until I discovered these. Also the earlier strap locks never seemed to cope with thick leather straps.

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3 hours ago, Dov65 said:

Won't turn if you tighten grub screw 👍


That’s true but the whole thing still twists on a strap hence why I’ve stopped using them.

The grub screw only stops the knurled top from unscrewing ( good ) but even using a lever through the two holes to really tighten on to the strap they still moved on the strap itself by a fair bit 

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