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Carrier for unpackaged amps ?

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I have four large-ish valve power amps that I need to get from Torbay (Devon) to Matamp at Meltham (Huddersfield) -

I'm looking for a quote from someone who might be able to do this as a 'paid return or similar ?

Suggestions welcomed !

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6 minutes ago, owen said:

I have used Shiply. So expensive it hurt, buy I knew what I was getting into. And a quote costs nothing. 

I think Shiply pricing is very much down to availability. If someone has space on a run to nearby locations you will get a good deal. Also being flexible on dates. I've had a great price from them for car transport and some eye watering quotes for other things.

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1 hour ago, taunton-hobbit said:

^ ^ ^ This is under consideration ...... I would rather not present Jeff with a DIY kit ...

(There's a lot of valves involved)


It's the power valves that are most at risk; the pre-amp valves should be OK, and can stay in their sockets. A higher risk, though, is the weight of the transformers in there, in case of a hard knock, such as dropping the amp. This weight can rip the trannies from the chassis, or twist/bend the chassis. There's not a lot one can do to protect against this except make sure the amps aren't dropped..! For my part, I'd take the amps myself, and make a day of it..! I did this recently with my Hiwatt, taking it for repair implied a 300 km round trip. I have to go back shortly to collect my Fender Bassman 50, waiting for me after overhaul since Christmas. Now that the French curfew is extended to 21h00, I can plan such a trip. I wouldn't want to send my amps by courrier if I could do it any other way, and it's cheaper..! Your move may vary, naturally. :friends:

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