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Hohner B bass V price drop to £275

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Very nice 5 string Hohner B Bass from the late 80s/early90s with a through neck and active/passive electrics.

Bass is in good condition for it's age and has had a new set of Rotosound 45-130 strings, along with a set up and electrics checked and a coat of lemon oil on the fretboard. It plays very nicely and sounds great.

It does have a few scuffs which I have tried to show mostly near the jack socket but they are only cosmetic and the neck is in excellent condition.

Only selling as I bought it on a whim thinking I needed a 5 string and it's just reminded me I don't get on with 5 strings.

Collection from Downend in Bristol preferred and can try and sort a socially distanced trial. I can look to courier at buyers cost and risk. I will include a hard case in the cost to make this safer.

I'd prefer a sale but will consider trades especially for a Barefaced compact cab or possibly other barefaced cabs or interesting 4 string basses of similar value (no black basses though as I have enough already ta).

Trades in order of interestingness;

Cold hard cash

Retrovibe Renegade or Vantage

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro (passive ones)

Nice Jazz with block and bound neck 









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Updated trades
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I had one of these for a while.  (Not this one.)   I liked it a lot.  If I was playing fretted fives I'd be after it.

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Fabulous work horse Basses that punch way above their pay grade.

The lucky new owner will be very happy 👍👍


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Like yourself @sbrag - I keep telling myself I need a 5 string.... then deciding I don't lol

But I'd be tempted by something lightweight, with a not too chunky or overly wide neck
Any idea of the weight of this bass, and what is the neck width at the nut & 12th fret?

These look quite a bit like some of the Nanyo Bass Collection range... and some of those are quite lightweight

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Hi @Marc S

It is light weight 3.6kg or 8 lb according to my bathroom scales. String spacing is 9mm at the nut and 16mm at the bridge. Please let me know if you need any more info.

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Great basses. I got one new back in the day, still have it. I swapped the bridge out for an ABM and fitted an OBP-3. These really are excellent instruments, well built. GLWTS!

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I had one of these in the early 2000s - great bass. 
These are really playable, not too heavy and active eq to boot. Ultimately the string spacing was a little too tight for my ‘agricultural’ right hand technique.

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Couple of things I'm interested in so price drop to £290 plus postage or £275 if you collect and don't want the hard case.

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Open to sensible offers especially if you can collect. 

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    • By alexcar66
      Immaculate 2020 Stingray Special 5 string, with roasted maple neck and board, Burnt Apple finish. 18v 3 band circuit 
      Just have to come to terms I'm not a 5 String Player!
      now traded 

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      Just picked her up from Bass Direct. Light as a feather, sounds like thunder. Over the moon is an understatement!

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      Hi all, 
      Debating getting rid of this beauty as I really havn't taken to 5 strings the way I'd hoped and they've got NOTORIOUSLY fast necks, so someone should be making use of it - Especially since Michael Pedulla retired and isn't making them anymore. Made famous by Chris Wolstenholme from Muse. In immaculate condition + original hard case + case candy/owners manual/tools. 
      Debating trades + cash one way or the other for 4 string Stingray, Modulus, or Vintage Fender Jazz. Based in Staffordshire, could meet partway if needsbe.
      BODY: Plain soft maple
      NECK: Bolt-on
      SCALE LENGTH: 34inches
      FINGERBOARD: 5A Birdseye maple
      INLAY: 5mm abalone
      NUT: Bone
      TRUSS ROD: Single, double acting adjustable with two stiffening bars
      BRIDGE: Machine brass barrel, 17mm string spacing
      MACHINE HEADS: Pedulla/Gotoh
      STRAP PINS: Loxx chrome
      PICKUPS: Made for MV Pedulla by Bartolini, JJ
      ELECTRONICS: Active Bass and Treble 2 band Bartolini EQ + Pickup blend
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    • By Marc S
      The 5 string version of this bass doesn't come up very often (certainly here in the UK) - In fact, they seem to be unavailable in Europe currently too. Not sure if they've been discontinued?
      Not sure if the correct term is X-short scale, but I think it's 26.5" scale. I bought this as a travel bass, and took a punt, hoping the B string wouldn't sound "flabby"

      I was very pleasantly surprised at just how deep and resonant the B string is - I really didn't expect it to sound so good
      From memory, I paid around £230 or £240 for this bass new, that was pre import charges and sans case / bag. I'm throwing in a really nicely padded gigbag (which I think I paid around £40 for)
      In great condition - can't see any dings or scratches and there is no fret wear. In all honesty, it could probably do with a teak in the set-up, but it plays nicely so I leave that to the buyers taste.....

      Pictured here alongside a Hofner Violin bass for size comparison.
      I would seriously keep this, as it sounds so thunderous for such a tiny bass - but the string spacing is a tad too tight at the bridge end for my tastes (or possibly clumsy fingers! lol).....

      No trades - I'm thinning the herd (unless you've got a Wingbass, Fingy or similar)
      Collection / meet-up preferred.... and I've got a decent battery amp when travel is permitted.
      I have the box this cam in originally - but of course that won't fit the nice, thickly padded gigbag

    • By Dee-bass
      Beautiful Anaconda Ultra J5 A3. 
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      The bass has had a recent full service & set up by Andy Warnock. Low Action & plays superbly. Very light & comfortable, Perfectly balanced on a strap. 
      American Walnut Top
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      Hipshot Tuners
      Glockenklang Pre Amp/ Active & Passive 
      Woodhead low output pickups, very sweet sounding 
      Brass Nut 
      Hipshot adjustable bridge 
      Poss open to trades

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