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Fenderbirds are go !!!


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Mine's got Dingwall pickups (P-Tone neck and Humbucker bridge) and a John East U-Retro, soooooo...pretty much anything, really 😀

For the tonewood types, it's an Epiphone alder body and.a Shuker Birdseye maple neck...see the first sentence, tho...

Brass nut, Hipshot hardware...oh, and the worst upper fret access in Christendom 😁

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Mine was built by Neil Shoemark of NS Custom Guitars in Baltonsborough Somerset. (Now retired) c2008/9 The finish is suposed to look like John Entwistles Peter Cook Explorerbird as it is now, Fiesta red faded to salmon pink. The body is made of mahogany and it's template was cut from John's Peter Cook original. 60s and 70s Thunderbird pickups were very hard to find then as we were still getting used to trading with our brothers across the pond. I tracked down a pair of Gibson TB Pus ceramic pickups that are essentially Gibson Thunderbird pickups and were indeed fitted to the Epiphone Elite Thunderbird as standard. They were also used on Gibson's Les Paul bass. The bridge is a Gotoh roller bridge and tailpiece. Very effective - intonates well and coupled with the custom gold machineheads keep the instrument in tune well. The electronics are 500k cts pots with vintage wires, a Switchcraft jack and an orange drop cap. The neck looks like a Fender and was bought as such from eBay in the States - several techs have since thought it to be Allparts pre official Fender licensing was granted. Gibson vintage top hat knobs and Schaller strap locks complete the tech run down. it is a heavy bass but balances well when strapped on and is a dream to play.

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Here are a few pics of a Fenderbird that Taka, the bass player from Feeder made. Pics from his instagram account, @rebirthcustomguitars. I love its look as im a big fan of the Gibson Thunderbird II basses, and the original Fender precision basses.




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On 27/06/2019 at 12:07, Beedster said:

So, what does a Fenderbird sound like folks?

Depends on the set up.

 I’m in the midst of an active jazz pickup FenderBird build.


Next build is is a Telexplorer with dual Pbass pickups. Maybe with a reverse body? Haven’t decided that part.

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On 28/10/2019 at 22:10, Meddle said:

My old Jazz bass was more Fender than Bird, admittedly.



Sounded like a smoother, darker Jazz bass. The Gibson pickups have an odd, steely 'sproink' to them that is masked only slightly by the big dose of low mids they also deliver.

I want to make one of these but with a Mahogany through neck and an angled Fender shaped headstock

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