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For Sale : Wal Custom mk 1 SOLD


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The time has come to let someone else enjoy this bass.
I've owned it since the 80s and its had very little use in all that time, as I think you'll see from the photos.

Its an 'Olive ash' veneer on Mahogany as you'll see on the control plate (sorry its a bit blurred on the pic).
The only mark I can see, and its been there as long as I remember is an indentation on the fretboard just in front of the ninth fret, but this doesn't affect playability at all (picture attached).

There is a case, but its not a Wal case, just a generic rectangular case.

I am prepared to post, however I would prefer collection or delivery (depending on the location).

Any other questions you have that I may have missed out, please feel free to ask.

Sorry, no trades. As much as I'd love to its time to downsize. More basses will be going shortly.


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